Breakpoint VS. Wildlands, Which Is The Best Ghost Recon? Graphics, Story, Gunplay, Levelling (PS4)

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I would recommend going right from hp um. And that s about it this is tara force. 88. fle.

I didn t change my weapons throughout the entire game. I played all the way through it all the way through to the final fun guy with the same sniper rifle. The same assault rifle. And even now.

When i m playing it on a hop taking away things like the spotting and the detection clouds. I still use the same sniper rifle assault rifle. But in break point you don t have to do that you gotta have to upgrade. It you can have to swap it out division style for more powerful weapons in order to take on these more powerful enemies.

These more powerful drones and that kind of takes us on to the story as well at so looking back on it now i know i ve mentioned this before in another video. But it now seems like the story in wild lands. Was actually quite plausible and i think isn t it i think. Without a doubt.

The american cia have sent operatives down into south america with the idea of assassinating and damaging cartels haven t they in in south american drug cutters. That s definitely happened and ok maybe they haven t seven groups now to completely kill thousands of cartel members in the way that you do in in well does. But gundam is kind of plausible and the way that you doing. It where you go and brown turned you were assassinating people and kidnapping them to find your way to get to the central hub to get to el sue o.

And take him out kind of make sense. I know it got repetitive a bit..

But it kind of makes sense and when you went in once you got some basic skills and basic perks underneath your belt. You were you were pretty powerful. You know as long as you were careful and didn t try to brute force. The the army especially you and you were normally alright.

But then there was always the situation where if you did get involved with the with the bolivian army and they they would send reinforcements after reinforcements and you would have to fall back no you would get killed and i d seem to crack that was actually quite realistic you know in inverted commas. Now in breakpoint. What s happened is this specific island husband. Which has been bought by this billionaire who s now trying to turn it into utopia with a self sufficient like factories.

And that they re making these high tech weapons high tech drones something s gone wrong this other group called the sentinel. The security company have come into taken up to take over the islands gone dark. Nobody knows what s going on an american ship was sunk just off the coast. The ghost was sent in by helicopter to find out what s happening all their helicopters got shot now most of them are dead a few of them they re alive and you ve now bait bob virtually by yourself a finger to follow the story of what s happening.

Who are the wolves. Just the wolves are these guys who who x ghosts. Who hunt you down as you re wandering around you know what you know what s going on basically. There s all these story beats you ve got to find out.

Which is much more science fiction. Based than ghost recon wildlands and whether that s your cup of tea or not i don t know i mean the thing that i keep coming back to you is when you actually do play the game. And do the basic gameplay loop. That we do in getting ghost recon in in wild lands and and in break point.

It is basically very simple you know you scout out an area and you can use stealth to get in. But you ll probably end up getting into a firefight and you use snipers and assault rifles or submachine guns to take out enemies at range blow. Things up lay down mines. You see for all this sort of stuff.

And that s very very similar. I mean you can see both by the game plates. It s very very similar and these other bits that have been tagged on like the rpg side of it like the slightly different story. Once you move past those it s it s it s very similar you know.

It is it s more of the same and the same was good in in wild lands. As well we ve now got like a central hub area. Which can go to which are the they re called the homesteaders. So the idea is on this specific island you had all the people who came in with the multinational corporation to build the drones.

But then he also had people who were there before not indigenous people people who were there from the 1990s and they re hiding out in the secret base that you can go and you kind of have these silly things. Where you have to buy weapons off them in only you think well i see that wouldn t happen a simpler half thing happened in wild land with the horde mode which really annoyed me so wild lansing hammock played it there s a horde mode in it now where you have to defend objectives and you start off with like a pistol. But in between rounds you have to see this woman in the shop. And she sells you stuff.

It s like no no that wouldn t happen you know you would have the stuff. There and you would just use it maybe a supply plane come in and drop better gear..

But you wouldn t be buying stuff if your life was at risk. You d be going no give me that assault rifle now or otherwise. I m going to kill you sort of thing. And that realism.

I think is what wildland is all about so i think we re sacrificing. Some of that with with with break point. And it s different setting in the way that they ve they ve set it up with the fact that as the top tier secret special forces operators that you are as a ghost. You ll buy yourself now you know they re in wedding reality every single satellite.

That the american military have would be pointing at this island to find out what s going on to find out where you ve gone just you know see who kicked the hornet s nest. If you like annoying. The united states of america so does this thing come down to the fact that you know is this is this a bad game and at the moment. I don t think it is i think if you re really into ghost recon wildlands.

You will find something very enjoyable about playing in in breakout in break point sorry now will i be getting it ice. I don t think so cuz not at this price not not really supposed because it s yeah. I think it s it s too expensive because i ve gotten lots of other games. I m playing a moment.

I ve got podgy. I ve got daisy. We ve got the new call of duty alert sort of stuff that s what i m spending my time on and breakpoint didn t grab me and hasn t grabbed me in the way that wildlands did when the first trailers came out and when the betacam out where i thought no i have to have this i have to play this game. Because it s so good.

It s so different to almost anything i ve played before on the playstation. 4. And the xbox and it s an experience. I want to have whereas.

I think probably i ve had this experience with wildlands and i don t need a breakpoint right now i mean i definitely get breakpoint when it comes out in the so in a couple months time when it drops down to sort of 20 pounds or 25 pounds. I definitely get it because it s a good at good tactical experience. And you know all you ve got to do really is whack up that difficulty level get rid of some of those detection clouds. There probably do a permadeath version.

As well and all of a sudden you ve got a sniper elite ish more realistic stealth tactical shooter. That and they re incredibly enjoyable and incredibly rewarding to play so there we go if you re a really big wild lance fan you ll sing something here. And if you ve got the time. The cash definitely get it you re going to enjoy.

It just kind of look past this different setting work past the rpg parts of the game. And your love. I think i think you ll have a great time anyway. That s not for me put your questions in comments down below.

Thank you very much for watching and well i ll see you again ” ..

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