Budget File Server Nas Buffalo LinkStation 220 2 Bay

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” s up guys. This is sunny and today. I went and picked up a buffalo buffalo link station to. 24.

Myself and this thing was on sale for 7499. So had to pick up one for myself. So basically with both learning station. 220.

You can have your own personal cloud. Storage mass so what is math math is basically network attached storage so you can have your own little file server. Now when i say file server don t get freaked out and start thinking like woah file server mean like the big companies with bunch of server know with math if you have a little business and you want to save your data and stuff. And also you want to share with your employees.

Your co workers. Whatever you know you want to do you can have a little mass in your office. And what you can do you can create a group you can create users you can create a different different folders. Like public folder.

Everyone can share or save the data and also you can create like a folder for the users. So you can create folder for different different user. And give them different different password different different rights. So you don t really need a huge server.

If you have like maybe 10..

People and same time 10 people trying to excel access. The same folder. A mass will just do perfectly fine. You know you don t have to worry.

When there is an i picked up and mask for myself i network storage network attached storage device for myself oh every time. I m outside outside you know wherever. I m at. And i wanna um work with any of my folders or anything.

You know even do your video editing and stuff. Well personally i have to carry my storage storage device with me. And i really don t like carrying my you know like storage device me wherever i m going if i want to go outside. I just want to take my laptop and i like everything you know in that work and everything set up in my network and stuff.

You know so with a buffalo link station to 20 or any other nass device from western digital or seagate or any other companies if you know if you buy one what you could do you can set up your nass over in your network. Or you can put forward and set up so you can access your files and folders from outside your network. So if you if you re in ward. You can get into your home and set up and you can access your file.

Folders and if you are you know if you have an ass in work you set it up you can access from your home. Now you can do that by a simple thing called port forwarding. If you know what port forwarding means you can google sort and you can see a different router have different set up. But with the nast drive.

What you could do basically..

When you go to the web. Access and you could just turn on the web access and from there you know you can take the ip from there you either you can set up a dhcp ip dhcp basically a world. It s not a static ip. So will change you what do you want to do you want to set up a static ip for yourself.

If you are planning to access you re on a strike from outside your network and one more thing. I picked up to read western digital hard drive the mass drive. I didn t go for any other hard drive like westerns even blue or the green or the black. I went for the red one because the red one was meant for and math you know so anytime.

Anything happened to your data. And if you read your two hard drive. One basically red. One is basically mirror.

So any time. Let s maybe say you have to hard drive. So you can put both of the hard drive red one set up so anytime. One hundred dies your second hard drive will have exact copy of the first on track.

So. You wanna. If you are setting up an ass drive you wanna go with raid. One don t ever go with the raid zero guys and save all your data basically raid.


Will give you better performance. But raid zero will use both of the hard drive and you know both of the hard drive and give you performance. But anytime. One of your hard drive dies your whole data will disappear so do not go with raid 0 raid.

0. Is really risky you want to go with raid 1 you know you want a mirrored both of the hard drive and have brigs free data. You know backup. So the reason.

I went and picked up a budget. A buffalo link station. 220. And one terror like to one terabyte hard drive ok.

I m planning to build a free mass for myself and set up like five hard drive in three and that s later one. But for now. I just want to access my file whenever i m adding the road out of country wherever. I m at well.

I can just easily pull out my laptop as long as i have the internet. I can access all my file. I can eat it all my video i can do whatever i want i can watch my movies. I can listen to my you know music i can t do anything i want so.

If you guys are planning to save your data..

Like and dropbox and stuff guys. I do not trust. Dropbox or anything anything that you pay for monthly is suppression. And i personally don t like it because anyone can hack that and your own cloud your own master you can set up your security.

And you can make it as safe you can other than getting a drop box or any other box or any other cloud. So i just don t want to deal with anything that you fix my data or someone will hack and still my data so i personally think you guys should definitely buy your own personal nass set up and just you know build a little file of file server okay when people say file server like i said don t worry about file server. You know being like huge server and all then you can get a little personal cloud storage. As long as that thing comes with like an ethernet cable in the back.

And you can easily you know set up your personal cloud you know file server. Whatever you guys want to and if you ever buy a hard drive for your nas drive go with western digital red. I really really recommend i did use through this hard drive back before and i really really liked it and they re really reliable. That s the reason i know by what something i read again and again.

If you guys have any questions. Leaving the comment below. I ll be more than help. ” .


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