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“Welcome in this time. It s time for endless legend and i ll be showing showing how to change research and money and resources. Another resource right ok that should the sound. It s really hard searching for values in the memory and endless legend like it takes time it takes around three or four turns just to find next research.

So researching is best done through through the so speak legal means know just focus on improving on improving just the city thing. I think i ll need to skip this loading screen takes quite the while yeah okay it s gonna load soon there go oh stick the movie well it doesn t just matter just blow up the city down anywhere send out the boys justice scope things out woman and first thing i m gonna do is i m gonna search for dust right here because that that value is on the screen and we ll use float will use value between 50. So 49 51. Oh.

Right. And it opened the process first its endless legend through the whole memory. First 75000. Results and the turn actually now assigned something some kind of research.

So tough. We ll need some only some food resource and research as well so and the turn first hopefully. The boys will discover something useful for me hopefully. This this option also works fit to increased so unfortunately.

There is no way to change the money so it s one of these six. And i think it s this one talks about oh god all of this matter. I can just you know up close and open it for some reason backed out so i ll just add address manually won t hopefully because i practiced it girl assign it to something high like 81 8100 no 800 dead know what 810000. Yeah.

So see it s already in the bank and to update. It if you really need to you can just oh now so it s reset back. But after opening and closing research screen for set for some reason it it then works so just changed again open. The research screen.

And then you go there go on does this well. Now you know we can go ahead and buy all these things to increase the the output. The research output and the the the rule. The tongue is here is if the technology takes less than less than three turns or you know three or less than three turns to complete.

And don t bother even searching forth because by the time you and you arrive at the value. You know the the research was the completed in international way. So basically the research doesn t show you doesn t show you what you know how much is is done it only shows this and be you know unclear percentage in endless space. You got a lot more detailed to how how much research goes into where from where it s produced.

I can always just you know inside the city. You can hover over these things and you can find out what what gives you it gives you science. But there s so i made a spreadsheet that calculates. 13 of this number or as shown in this like tooltip.

It s 56 for technology. So i don t know which one is it exactly. But i ll just you know in my little spreadsheet. It s nothing big it i ve got this number 55 seven.

I got percentage. Thirteen and then i got minus one on this one and rounded value and also it represents the 56 have built it and 55 of phenomenal research and then i get these intervals. It s just a percentage calculation you know simple simple stuff. But it gives me the value of this to search for civil use for example five point one five point eight to eight point two for example.

Because i really it doesn t show you you know and guts. Eight eight hundred thousand results this does not know where to filter filter them out. But only one of these is for research. Oh yeah so i ll end the time make the research advanced.

See this troop is moving automatically exploring this these guys standing still and mmm the broken lords faction. You can actually actually by population straight away. But deforming based ones need food and you can adjust this guy to be on research or whatever. But let s see so now now that we have another value to search for results change.

It to 25 and then i ll search for a range of this value so first increase and then filter out the big numbers like i ll search from twelve point seven to fifteen over seven point..

And i m just covering all these numbers in an interval. No so i still got 73. Results and when i hit and turn now or hopefully. We will have caught the value for research and what of quest from 38 38.

Would be 21. Let s see it could be one of these because it shows the previous well you know it don t be this can t be ds. And it could also be this value no right now. 21.

Yeah. It could be one of these twenty ones could be days. So we need another turn oh could be l. Also this actually i think it s exactly this one because because of this value going into sun.

Yeah. So see there s a lot of guessing because we don t know the game doesn t show exactly what value have you seen the memory. But i m pretty sure this one is the is the right one. So i ll just take this number.

56 minus seven. Now just choose for example. 53. Close the research screen open it up again ya.

See it updates. And it shows. That 53 plus. Seven will be 850 56 to complete the research.

So just you know next turn. I ll have another research. Done and the point of the early game c. Research complete.

The point of the early game is to or not not the early game. Just the early cheatengine way is to try and increase research through natural means and then increase. If you use food increase food production. Because you will as the as the cities grow you know you can add more boroughs as the cities grow you get you know if you level level of the districts you get a lot of oh.

Quite a lot of research out of out of those districts. So it helps boost this number and what i m aiming at i need to complete i need to research six more technologies to complete this circle and the no one want a new era and in the new era. This coin age research unlocks. The marketplace and stockpiles first stop falls it won t do you much.

But it it s a it s a good start you know to boot start boosting early on the villages. By the time you get here to the first serious stockpile or later here the final stockpile. Which gives 800 a pop you know. It s just from here you would use a stockpile and dramatically will boost you know population growth.

If your based on food. So well that about covers it you know and i i ll just load up a a different game you know i can you know the same way you didn t put this into your spreadsheet 33. This value your the just a percentage and try and search. But for these values and you know this is not definitive it could be it could be five.

It could be no actually it can be but sometimes i ve tried to search you know very close to these numbers. But you know somehow it gets filtered out and also a big notice you know to take note of where were the previous research address sat so it gives a you know it gives a good guess as to where the next value might sit so i ll try and search for let s say i ll try one two six action i could try and locate c3d yeah so thank you yeah that too many of us seven million eight million also just complete the turn these guys are not not more suffer die. So the research 14. Gives us this soil search for increased value.

Because it s increased will filter out unchanged. Now let s see oh or got 65 thousands was it 3d eighty eight. So it could be anywhere. Now you know because usually the game spawns the next research unit in a close by our location.

But since it s not here..

Then either i have already filtered it out. Oh. Oh. Let s see valley of between 9.

And those i ll even use as much as 13 here okay and the time because there s nothing much to do in our lagoon. Because the food doesn t grow as fast and this business botanist is a bit bugged out. I don t know so let s see a shortcut for research is f3. So that s why i am opening it opening it so fast.

So let s see 22 increase. 58 results could be generals 1520 just for our speed. And yeah. See it s falling the next research.

Quite close so that s also a guide you know where it could be but it also it all i ll try to edit it for 280 close the research screen open it up again yeah so we hit we hit where the research is but it took me quite a while to figure out you know exactly how that works. Okay so i ll cue up not give up i ll just add expanding a district gives a negative shake. Today. What s called with the approval.

So i m just gonna you know go through through this first. Error with cheatengine. Let s see there s nothing food wise. Oh.

Actually i ll need. Oh oh actually yeah. I ll go like this. Well.

Hopefully. I ll be able to show show off the resources through marketplace. So it s the zero. Oh oh.

Let the zero go just end the turn. Oh they re started moving automatically. That s very good what s your research. Nine out of hundred twenty six.

So i ll use an interval of seven to two actually i ll use twelve maybe i don t need to use such a big number. But you never know too often i ve filtered out the results. And it s just a waste of time if you if you specify do it too small or off on what s called interval so let s the research again 18. Increased i ve changed 6000.

Results so value 18 to 23 and also yeah. I think this is our research has to be quite lucky. I don t know why for some reason girls will be this you know no. But i ll gamble for this this one first so.

Let s change. It 215 for example. Close. The research screen open.

Oh yeah cool because sometimes it spawns in in this range of addresses. Its just spawn me almost through the entire memory. But for now the game behaves so it s spawns. Quite close see these addresses it s it s quite close in the memory and also i cannot wait yeah i ll get the market when you search for dust this address helps you to search for for other resources you can use exact value on the strategic resource.

So i ll use these reign ranges well. He was seven and three three speed well doesn t that just to you know speed up the search for progress because all your resources are very close together in the memory. But you ll need to find which which you know which region it it houses and so let s see i got the through the research. No oh no right of course.

I forgot it s only it s only this research coordinates right actually i ll progress through it and then i ll get to coin agent that i showed also the audrey and everything else yeah..

And so again just to give you i m very close takes quite a while just to give you an idea how to search for new technologies. 98. Oh. My complete turn and just expanded to places nothing nothing much.

But at least. I have at least. I have more didn t order that yet at least. I have more into research.

I m up to 62. Now so let s see 40 to be this value 46. Well could be this one could be that one i don t know i ll skip another turn my turn to anyone so oh. So this one was it this one was the real one well you see yes.

It did well the game. Did put put technologies in a sequence in the memory for this for this session. But you know i ve seen it jump around you know misbehaving a lot just to verify. Yeah.

I got the right value and go ahead octi. I m keeping something in production because the game gives an alert before ending a turn. So yeah in this age. I got the exciting coin edge research let s see next.

I will do well there s no stockpiles yet so actually this research helps quite a lot at exploring just get a fast unit. You just you know sail around map out the continent and then you ll get pretty much the idea of how the map is structured just you know the general feel for the map. Let s see what they want to do maybe another settler. What all right i need to put something into the research first because searching for zero is very hot man.

I didn t assign here too bad. That s the research 549. One is it 549 550. Oh boy 39.

That would make me here it would be nice. If it displayed the previous value of the previous search you know because now it displays the same thing blacking out 205 and would say 220. So the previous research. Sat.

In this address. So could be this one ops. Right 540. Oh walkie.

In my previous playthroughs. I didn t get so lucky maybe i improve my skill or something so you have a dis research and what something exciting becomes available. I can demonstrate you the strategic resources. So let s see if and i ll i ll get something something that uses glass steel or something.

No i have something no nothing. Oh crap maybe. No that s so sad why s that now so i don t have anything to spend them on. But basically what i wanted to show you is now you have access to the market and for example this this resource or for research moon leaf or buy one now it s in my inventory.

I ll search for it and because i know where my dust is i can use this address to search for it faster. Just you know i ll define the intervals. What did i use two six two three it doesn t really matter just speeds up speed things up a bit and you want to search for exact float value and just buy it again there you go it s it has three addresses. But you use the last one you update it give description so you remember it for example only update it to all 600 for example.

I ll never use this much oh there we go. It s 600 from the empire screen you can apply the bonus and whatever research. We had we just doubled it but still seven turns to complete this researches. It s not where we want to be so.

Just you know just you know order a new settler settle whatever region..

Because even if you don t settle. The first city perfectly just salt the earth and then later went with the stock falls you know these give 25 a pop. But the next research. Which is this one unskilled labor.

It gives you 174 further stockpile over than anything right and then the last one gives you 800 something this unorganized labor. So it takes quite a while to lock. It oh you know so so starting out this is slow. But once you can apply for example to this city.

You could apply that 800 something food. And then the population growth. Would always be a turn one until you get to population for example 10 or something then oh. Then you can just you know create your first trying triangle city.

Which would level up you know this region this district and this district. Because it s surrounded by once twice and three times. All these three regions are surrounded by other four regions. And it gives a little love and level to is maximum per district.

It used to be higher and beta. But they changed it for balance issues. So yeah if you if your city doesn t sit right just you know sell it and rebuild it you ll lose all the population everything all the upgrades. All the watchtowers everything.

But you ll have the settler and he ll be able to move again and that about covers it i think because we did everything else for example you need collodion not a distance. But for example titanium you buy one search fault you buy another one and hopefully. It will be the only resource left oh i mean you know just update it to something ridiculous you ll neither quite a lot of titanium and there you go and i would suggest selling one just to make it more you know just to make it right. Though the other two addresses the correct value because i ve seen you know this actually i can select this whole e resources walters.

So that helps a lot as well yeah. So that s how you get resources just up unlock. The marketplace. You know you can apply dust or chill.

For example. Only what else spices give food. Why and give happiness. If you make too much cities.

And all these give a little bit of happiness as well. But this thing gives bonus to fits that s food industry dust and science. This one gives bit to influence so and these of course that are for buildings and for example. This research.

See the academy in this is super academy you know this one it costs 25 titanium on fire five pmc and so for example. If you have eight cities and you want to build eight these buildings you need so eight cities. Well you need two hundred titanium 404 440 hyperion. So you know just edit the values and and through the dust by out you know this small button.

And i ll just increase the the research. Exponentially and and you ll be able to keep very close to this number. So. All your research will complete in one or two or three turns.

So you know you won t have to search for for the values. So tediously as as you do in the start for the first or second year. So yeah. I i suggest getting the marketplace well 25 isn t much.

But you can try and apply. It today to the city. You know double the amount is always nice just by starting out to get the population rolling because there is no way to transfer population between cities. It would be would have been quite nice so that concludes this tutorial thank you for ” .


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