Classic Game Room – HALO SPECIAL EDITION XBOX console review

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” s a lot of green surrounding. The xbox logo. It s the halo special edition. Edition.

Xbox from microsoft. And you know it to be true. When it s green says halo special edition. Right on the front.

This was originally released in 2004. And came with a copy of halo combat..

Evolved an excellent game worthy of its own xbox for sure. I think this green. See through one is extremely cool. It lets you get a glimpse at the magic hiding inside of the xbox.

It s also just a cool color well i get the dull original one. When you could get this make your friends green with envy that you re playing on the zabbix. Wait sorry. Always have that problem with this thing xbox.

This is actually the first original xbox that i ve ever owned and a special thank you to mohammed in qatar for donating the halo special edition. Xbox to the show because there s a number of games that aren t compatible with the xbox 360..

And the original xbox is the way to go and playing them let s open this up and then you could take your copy of halo insert it into the drive and play the game. This isn t hooked up to a tv. Right now. But you would insert the disc like halo to shut the drive and start playing after you insert the controller to actually play the game.

There s not many reasons to buy an old school xbox these days because most of the xbox games are playable on the xbox 360. Now some of them have issues like alt run. 2. Which doesn t play perfectly on the 360.

So you might want an original xbox for a game like that and let s be honest. If you re going to get an xbox you may as well get the halo special edition..

Xbox. Because it looks really cool. And says halo special edition. Right on the front.

It s also a really nice green. It just brightens up the room here s the back power cable goes. There av output is there and that s where the ethernet cable plugs in the xbox is a giant game console. It s extremely heavy and certainly feels like you re getting a lot for your money not that you ll have to spend all that much to get one these days in fact they re relatively affordable.

There s a lot of them out there. Even the halo special edition..

Xbox is not a rare item. But it is fun to have for collectors approved by the mini mate s version of master chief. It s the halo special edition. Xbox.

I think see through game. Consoles are cool like the see through blue dreamcast and there s the grey. One there s a whole bunch of different x boxes you could collect them all if you have the room you could use these things as weights. They re so heavy and to get a workout.

Lifting them building muscles like ” ..

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