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” s up everybody my name is jess. Jared and welcome back to another. No man man s sky video first off. I apologize for not uploading video.

It s been two or three days. But it was easter and it was crazy the last couple days at my house and my blue yeti microphone picks up everything so i had to wait until nobody was home for me to record and finally that time is now so with this video. We re going to be talking about cross platform in nomads. Guy.

Now currently no mask. I and hello games have not announced whether or not their game will be cross platform meaning. People on ps4 will be able to possibly see. Other people who play on pc.

People on ps4 can see other discoveries made by people who play on pc. Now i want to know what you guys think about this do you guys want cross platform..

I personally think the game is too big right now for there not to be and by that i mean if ps4 players could only see what ps4 players discovered and could only possibly see ps4 players in the game. I think it will take significantly longer for people for players who want to find other players to actually find other players if you give it up saying meaning. If all the gamers who play on ps4 and all the gamers who play on pc or together. In the same shared universe then chances are you re small chances of finding another person in the game are being doubled.

Because you have two systems of people playing now. I know there s like some people might not want cross platform. Only because there s that whole console or this gaming wars. Where there s xbox.

One group of gamers. Ps4. Group of gamers. Pc.

You know masteries people over. There..

I am personally a ps4 player. I ve never been in the pc gaming. Only probably because i never had a good enough pc to game. So i ve been on consoles all my life.

So i ve played you know consoles on my life. That s why i like consoles. But i kind of want cross platform and like i said because i know there s a lot of players out there who when they look at no man s sky. One thing they want to do is find another player in the game.

Even though. Sean murray and hello games have said over and over and over again it ll be near impossible to do so. There are people who just want to do that and believe me when i say it there are more than you think. And i truthfully.

I don t see the i guess the all i and like trying to do that i mean i guess it would be an accomplishment. What you do truthfully it does not matter to me finding another person because i like to feel like i m alone in the universe..

That s what i want to feel kind of like the sense of just the world is my you know canvas kind of deal even though that s kind of a bad kind of a bad reference. I don t know okay anyways. I won t be looking for other people. I guess you put it that way i won t be searching for another player in no man s guy.

That s not the way i m going to be playing the game. And there are a lot of people who are and i don t i don t say that i m not saying that s stupid or anything i totally see your opinion. I see you know maybe how people want to do that because they say it s seriously hard too. But that s why i think cross platform is going to be important because although i want to be able to name everything i discover i kind of also want to run into a planet to run into you know spaceship that i find that s already named by someone else.

Because that would be insanely cool that like that first glimpse of other real life. You know actual people in the game. There what they ve done in the game. That i see i i think that ll be really cool to find a planet that somebody s already been to not necessarily find a person.

But find a planet that someone s already been to and if this game is cross platform. That everybody s discoveries will all be uploaded to the same kind of net..

So everybody will see everybody else s discoveries and giving you more giving players the higher chance to run into things like already discovered planets or possibly other players i want your guy s opinion on this because i know i do know there are people who probably will not want cross platform. This is just my opinion. But so far hello games sean murray said they haven t announced yet they still don t know at least when i watched whatever video. I watched about it or article.

I read i don t remember it was but they still do not know if it s going to be cross platform hopefully. It is but let me get it let me know what you guys think about it sorry. This was a short video. But they ll be more up now that easter is passed and i have this whole week to record when nobody is at my house thank the lord anyways guys i m gonna leave this video here if you guys liked it make sure to hit that thumbs up for me and subscribe for anything.

And everything no man s sky. My name has been just jared aka. The no man s sky guy make sure to check out my last video. Which was on five cool facts about no man s sky make sure you check that out in the outro.

I hope you guys i have amazing and awesome day and i ll see you guys next ” ..

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