DJI Mavic Mini Sound Test: DJI s Quietest Drone?

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“In here again and today very quick video just comparing the sound of the mavic mavic mini. It s one of the things that struck me. When i first fired up was how quiet it was now the you maverick air is a noisy. Little drone has to be said and matic.

2 pro. Was much quieter because it actually has a lower pitch. Because the props are rotating at a lower speed so before i actually got hold of the matic mini. I was expecting it to be even louder and more wasp like because i was it s much smaller drone and the props are spinning much faster so i was incredibly unpleasantly surprised when i first fired it up to see how quiet it was so today has to be a little bit of fun can t really be too scientific about it because we re outdoors and db meters are notoriously bad at fluctuating.

What i thought i d actually do is just fly. There matic air and the mavic mini over exactly the same location have the same distance to the sound meter. And the microphone as well and just compare the two side by side so you can hear the difference in pitch. And the difference in sound level and come to your own conclusions.


And hopefully. Ted won t be adding to the sound. Too much anyway. Let s let s get them up and see how they compare so first off.

I m going to be flying the mavic air. Now it should be said. I m actually flying the medicare with the master air screw stealth props. Which are a little bit quieter than the standard mavic air props and i was quite pleased with them and actually did the review on that a few months ago.

So i ve left those on so this is as good and as quiet as thematic air can be let s see how noisy. It is get the remote. The correct remote each other it s a trouble with them. Looking.


The same teddy. Come on ted. Yeah. I know so i ll gain.

The db meter. Around 1214 inches away from the air coming through it s 70 db. But anyway here s the pitch. Now let s try the mini right so now let s try the mini with crazy tokens everywhere.

But hopefully you can hear the difference in pitch. There i ll put the ld be about 12 inches. Way respect for jet plane to go over so very interesting. That s about 64 db.


Now five six decibels quieter like i said. This is not inside a studio. But in the absence of any other factors basically the air was reading 71. And the mini was reading 65.

But that is a very impressive difference in my opinion that s such a difference. I want to throw the navigator back up again this morning. So maybe go under the same conditions with the stealth prophecies 72. Db.

Get him down on the table. So i have to say that is actually really really surprising. I did think the maverick mini would be as i said even louder than the medicare. It s not only a lower pitch.


It is a lot lot quieter and in my basic little test. That s a good. 6 decibels quieter. Which is a huge huge decrease in in noise level.

So very impressive stuff. I think anyway as ever you like these vids click the old thumbs up subscribe and ding the dong ahem until next time have fun happy flying got my coffee cup to go and i m gonna. ” ..


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