Echo Spot How to Change the Clock

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“Guys when hear from these two tech videos today i want to show you how how to change the clock face on your echo spot. It s really simple right. The device. Just go ahead and swipe down from the top go to the settings go down to home and clock and go to theme and here you can select if you want an analog clock.

A digital clock or if you want to use a personal photo. The personal photo option you will have to do it from your smartphone in the alexa app. Because obviously that s where your pictures gonna be but for the built in clock faces so for example if i hit analog. I can actually go through and see some of the different options that are available this one and this one those are my two favorite right there so if i wanted to select that one i would just hit the check swipe down go back home.

And there it is my new clock face. So there s that let me show you a couple of the digital ones as well settings home and clock theme digital and these are some of the options..

There which i don t like as much as the analog clocks coming it goes better so there s that let s say. The peacock theme as part of the nexus. One there and home. And there we have it real simple digital clock.

So really easy to change that and lastly. I will show you how to change or how to add a photo instead of using one of the stock themes. So i m just going to change this back to the stock one and now we re going to switch. I m just going to go to my smartphone alright so we are in the alexa app.

And what you re gonna do is go ahead and hit menu and go down to settings. And you re gonna find your echo spot..

So. If you didn t change the name of it it will show up as echo spot. I did rename mine bedroom. So have one bedroom and here we go you re gonna scroll all the way down to home screen background hit choose a photo and now it ll basically allow me to go through my pictures and find a really nice picture to make the image for the background.

So let me go ahead. And find a quick image here. This was just open the app crashed all right sometime that happens. That s okay.

Let s try it again menu settings bedroom. Choose a photo..

Hopefully. It works. We ll just use this little heart right here just to choose something simple so we re gonna hit upload and hopefully they have doesn t crash and crash all right so now that we ve uploaded that photo. We now want to go back to our device here.

Oh. So it does automatically change for you. Which is cool. So that s basically how you use your own photo to upload and make it the background for your echo spot.

So hope you guys did find this helpful make sure you like favorite share. If it was helpful more videos are to come just got this today so we re just playing around to try and see all the different things we can do with it so leave a comment..

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