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“Guys you re watching to the reverend today. We re giving the through the case case of shopping challenge at five below so we ve done this before and now re gonna do a part two so basically we go to piper low. And then we re having a limited time so we can take how long we want and we have picked out three cases. We re doing it again cuz.

We have different phones. I don t know if i have enough emily has the same phone. But i have a different one i have the xr now and emily has the eight. I actually gave my eight to my dad and he shattered the whole back of it and he didn t know until i looked at him.

When i was like dad did you shatter your phone and he was like no and then we took off his case. Because yes when i like the waterproof ones. And we took it off and the whole thing was cracking out like oh. But yeah we re gonna show those two and i ll just means me us being on the description.

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If you guys left on these collections to give this perfect thumbs up so let s go table. Okay. So we re gonna have an eliminate amount of time and we are going to have to get three catches or gonna go first no i mean at the same time oh so plain. But i like this clear one.

I m getting clear don t hurry because we didn t so cute oh right here this was kind of cute. I really like this one. But it s not for my phone wait this one s for my phone oh i like these 3d cave. I don t know if i m gonna get the turnout so i m gonna save it i m gonna grab all the ones that i like him and i like yeah.

No pictures please i don t like look at this one so cute is this xr. I m gonna do the same thing. This was just a mere phone case with the moon on it and it said stay wild child and then i had this unicorn. One that i showed you and then i got this one that s just brown and has roses on it this one s it not only and then i got this one that s too clear.

And it has a bunch of gold and blue arrows on it in this phone keypad slide. So it s don t hurry be happy. So i have this one which is black and white this like this tree one and then this one it s like balloon was like watercolor and i really like the clear windows for anything so i could put stuff inside nothing..


I m gonna go with the b string. There no already i got my three so this whole piece that i have on right now is just this sunflower or like rainbow sunflowers in a sense. Oops a daisy survives. This right here says.

They and had this right here. So you can cuz. It comes with a lanyard and i got this from a challenge from claire s and then i had on this case. Which is like a two piece thing so it has up a bumper and then i have something look you can change the back and highlight.

Difficult bumpers and i got this from a company that just sent them to us and i have like a few of them they re really cute. But i decide to turn on my phone. So now we re going to put on the new case that we got i got the watercolor kind of blue. One the clear one and then there s like tree puncture.

One. I have a phone case. I have my pom poms around it and then i have this unicorn one of those and then i have this sloth..


One that says don t worry be happy has that in green. So now i m gonna open these up and put them on myself okay so you have to open so far. No no okay so i have my three phone cases open so i already know how they re gonna look cuz they hide a little back then just like my phone. I m going to try on this one first now try on this one first.

Okay. I didn t even think about the phone case off so. This is how it looks it looks really good. So.

I has a black bumper around it and then it s just pink or like white purple. With some like plum trees and leaves on it it s a card and then here s my ass bunch of rainbow pom poms around it and it s just black on the rim. So then my next case is just this blue like watercolor one. And it s also has a black bumper and it s also hard on the back.

It s like lossy. So like they re both glossy on the back. So it looks really nice and i ve had one similar to this it was actually pink inexpert when i had that bone and i gave it to someone it s just clear what the unicorn on it and then when you flip it a bunch of hearts with different colors come down so the last piece..


I have is just as clear one days probably which one i m gonna like keep on my phone and then i m gonna decorate the back of it because i finally want to do that so yeah. It s just clear and it s basic and it has like sup right here so that when it drops. It ll be all gucci so those are my three cases. My favorite is probably the clear it was just clear basic and i like it and then i have to clear one again.

And it has a sloth and you re a branch and says don t hurry be happy. And it has a bunch of sparkles that are green. My favorite one all this lost bees and a sloth is weird. What is i haven t want out of yours is probably that one it s like the cutest yeah.

This one s my favorite. The my favorite out of yours is probably this one it s really cute it doesn t needs to have another light. So those are our two briefcases from this challenge. So we hope you guys enjoy i ll give this a big thumbs up if you liked it and we ll see you guys next time bye.

” ..

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