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“Everybody thank you for joining in oconee tech and today. I just want to congratulate congratulate everybody we reached over a thousand subscribers. Yay well. I m sure the excitement.

The outside as much. But believe me i m really excited on the inside. So today. We re gonna actually be covering just what i promised about using in brand new unactivated t.

Mobile sim card and getting unlimited data off of it now there are a few limitations for instance you can access certain websites and you kind of have to set up your own server or use somebody else s and i ll get much further into it. But believe me this is actually pretty nice loophole that we were able to find in the t mobile system so stay tuned. And we ll go over this right now alright. So when you take an inactivated tmobile sim card and put it into a phone smartphone.

It could be android it could be an iphone it doesn t really matter once you actually put it in there you ll notice that the very top. It has a signal and it says lte connection in the in the very top section of it once you have a connection you ll probably try to go on to a web browser thinking hey i have data but instead you ll get this page right here saying that you don t have any data. And you can go ahead and sign up for by clicking on here. There s always work where you can actually sign up on their link their systems.

Know all the way up and running. I think for the past like 10 years it works on and off. But either way once you try to actually access the data and it blocks. It and it doesn t really matter.

What device is usually about the same on each one. Now. What s kind of nice about t mobile. Is yes their lack of having some of their system.

Up also is the reason they have this loophole so if you pay close attention to the beginning of the url. It has you doc web to go calm..

But the way they re filtering works you can actually change or in use the beginning of the url but have your own website. So for instance if i go to you dots. What to go calm okay chuck it ll actually open up my website. So i created a quick custom website that able to use on here and it actually fully opens up and i can go on here and use it even though if i try to use almost anything else it won t work.

So i made a low application lecture. There s a different person who s in chinese that made the application like a custom php youtube. So it s if i look all the way down out the credits. You ll notice that it says powered by u2 php and credit goes to him.

But mostly was in chinese. So i can t translate it into english and just called the opening tube instead of having a youtube. But you ll have access to actually look at different videos. If i were to go on here and type in ogni tech and click go you ll notice that my videos comes right up.

And including the latest video that i have made and i can actually click on here and click to watch on not very hard and you know depend on how you code the application or the website. You can do all kinds of different things now i keep in mind that when you actually have this site. Main. It has to be all inclusive meaning that if it s getting resources from a different url on a different dress then that part might be blocked in the page might not load properly.

So you have to actually code it where all the stuff that it needs to get are within led to go type of domain. And then it can actually grab it all right same thing with iphones as well when you put in a new unactivated sim card you ll have signal with t mobile getting an lte connection and when you try to go to a website you ll get this. Page so if i try to type in abccom. Click go it just automatically gets redirected to this page now if i go ahead and input u.

Dot web to go dot com. Dot. Opening e te. Ch and click go you ll notice that the page fully loads to my server.

Just the way that filters it and i can go ahead and click on opening tube. And have where i can watch all the youtube videos..

I want so right here slides at the very top. I could just go ahead and go to trailers at the very end click on a video and that s about it and i can actually just turn this on and watch a youtube video or click search. I could search again for my channel or some other channels and see the pages and this is actually very neat that you re able to access. It now also on here.

I can also do websites so if i go to the opening proxy. This is from another person. I did php proxy and you can type in a different. Any website that you like too.

So if i go and put an apple dot com. And hit go. You ll notice that the website loads up now. There s quite a few limitations mostly with this as well.

If you try to log into different websites. And when i keep it i wouldn t recommend it mostly because it s not going to be very secure as well all of this would be able to be intercepted so this is just a kind of basic usage. If you just want to you know if you don t have a plan you just want to watch your limits a youtube or just do some regular web browsing then it works well. But if you want to do for anything secure or use this as your regular plan.

I wouldn t really recommend it so just here s just the basic functions of it and now i m going to show you how you could set up your own server on there and start actually using it because with my server. More than likely that s all counts after a. While it won t be really worth for me to keep it up. And it s going to get slow if there s too many people i probably want able to support more than like 50 or 100 people out is at the same time so i d recommend setting up your own server.

If you actually want you which could be as low as about two and a half dollars maybe five dollars a month. But hey it is definitely cheaper or if you share with somebody else you can really reduce the price. But you don t have to pay tmobile anything for it so that s kind of the point of the whole video. So let me show you how to set it up all right you all need three things a domain web server and dns records first we re gonna go ahead and get a free domain from tk go ahead and choose a domain that you d like put in the ip addresses.

You want for the main page to go to and then just go through the process of review and check out once you complete the order go ahead and go to manage domain and to manage the dns records. This is where you can put in the dns record for the domain..

Now what we re gonna also do is sign up for vulture. If you already have an account. It s great if not you can use the link that i provided below it will give you a fifty dollar credit for the first month that you can use for this and once you go to a link just go ahead and put in your email and password that you would like and as you can see on the right side. There s a fifty dollar free credit go ahead and put in your credit card information to get started all right now i m just gonna go ahead and choose chicago since that s closest to me and then we want to choose application lamp and choose cent s os7 for how we d set it up now i m gonna go ahead.

And do a little bit more expensive because i expect a lot more people to connect to it just to try it out then go ahead and choose the server hostname and click deploy. Now it will take a couple of minutes for it to go ahead and show up. But what we could do is we can already get started on adding a record so go ahead and put in the host that you like you don t have to include the domain. Name itself just the beginning portion of it and then refresh the page and you can click on it.

But it might take a couple minutes you can already see the ip address on there. But we ll go ahead and go into a page and then we can go ahead and click to copy the ip address and we ll put it in right right under target and let s change. The ttl to 360 just to make a update. Quicker that would be time to live go ahead and click save changes and then one side.

The changes have been saved. We can go ahead and go back and try to go this url and we could see this is the page that comes up currently on the server well we ll go ahead. And do is that download a program just to connect to a server called bit vice and you can just search for it in google type in bit vice and then click the download link and we want to download the client it ll take a few seconds for a few minutes to download. And then just go ahead and go through the installation process once the installation finishes.

It will go ahead and bring up the program. So we re gonna go ahead and close this out go back to vulture and copy that information over so we can connect to it so to copy the ip address. Paste username is root. And then copy the password and we ll go ahead and save it in the file.

So that way we would able to do is save and reconnect so easily go ahead and click accept and save. And what we want to go to is a slash var slash and then go ahead and open up. Html folder. And those are the files that you currently see when you go to the ip address.

Now what you will need is that why i put in the link. Description below is the t mobile free web file..

Which you can go ahead and click on the link download it and copy over to the computer go ahead and extract it and then we re going to go ahead and find it within bit vise. Which i have on the desktop open up html folder and copy all these files over first let s delete the old other two click yes. And then just copy it over this might take quite a few minutes once it finishes. We re going to go ahead and open up youtube and then we re going to look for the config file.

So oh go to config dot php and open it up and we can open it up in notepad and what we want to do is we need to change out the api key. What s the one that you would get from google. I can t share the one. I currently have that s why i have it currently blurred out.

And then you can change a few of the other things like email and site name once we have saved that file then you re ready to go you can go ahead and go to the url you have set up now keep in mind. It could take several hours for it to update online for it to fully link the dns records. But that s all you need to do like always thank you very much for watching this video. If you liked it please leave a thumbs up if you have any comments concerns suggestions leave a comment below and also if you haven t already subscribed go ahead and click the subscribe button and the notification bell.

So you d be notified as soon as a new video comes out now keep in mind all these videos are educational. Only so we re not responsible the way you use it and if you get in any trouble with any company and hopefully you won t since. This is more of a loophole not an actual hack. But just keep in mind that we are not responsible the way this video gets used or abused also upcoming video.

We re going to be working on ttl which would be programming. Any router that s you re able to use just like in our previous videos. Unlimited hotspots worth on abling to detect it and also i m getting a new type of antenna for lte data. And i m hoping we can actually program on the antenna itself everything you need for ttl so that way you can plug in any router.

Any device and it would already handle all of it on one device instead of having to gets multiple devices and programming. Them outs. So stay tuned be sure to subscribe and thank you very ” ..


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