GolfBuddy WTX+ GPS Watch Review — An HONEST Opinion

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“This video. I m gonna be reviewing the golf buddy w. 2x. Plus gps watch watch and talking about whether or not it s worth picking up.

So what were covering in this video are my first impressions of the watch how it actually performed how is the quality. Some pros and cons and also the best place to buy so if you just are looking for the best and cheapest place to pick it up i will leave a link down below at the time of the video that was the best place. We could find us so you can go check on the current price. If you want plus sort of my first impression.

So i ve never owned a golf buddy product. Before testing the sound. So i was definitely really curious to see how i d perform. I did find it to be a little bit bulky on most gps watches art and that s kind of the reason.

I m not the biggest fan of wearing watches. There are over thirty eight thousand courses pre programmed in at the time of this video on they re always adding more and they re from around the world. So pretty much. Wherever you are located there s a good chance.

The other courses were going to be on there..

I was pretty easy to set up and i m all of my stuff took about 30 seconds so after you log on to the course. And then it s gonna show you the distance to the front back and center of the green. So what does it actually track and the wta s plus is gonna show you the shape of the green along with a distance to the front middle and back of the green. Just like pretty much any other golf gps watch.

If you swipe to the right. It s gonna show you a full map of the whole. So you can basically see where all the hazards are and we re the 100 150 and 200 yard lab spots are it doesn t come with any around analysis or stats. Or anything.

Like that i m like a lot of the other ones do i mean also doesn t come with a scorecard. Which is definitely one of the major downsides to it. But was it easy to use what i did like about the wtx was that it was super user friendly to use more so than a lot of the other ones on the market. It was fairly um.

I had a fairly big screen to it as well and we didn t have any issues reading it in direct sunlight. I m overall you know said it was pretty basic watch. There isn t a whole lot to understand. Which makes it definitely really simple to use which a lot of people are going to like.

But how did it perform so the most important thing when it comes to these gps..

Watches is that they actually are accurate um. The accuracy was actually pretty good and was close enough for me. It was always within about five yards of my laser. Which is gonna be pretty um.

It s pretty standard generally from the gps. Why does that test before jenny. There oh. It always within like three to five yards.

Listen was definitely in that range. Which isn t too bad almost not as accurate as a laser rangefinder. And there are watches that are more accurate as well um. But it s gonna be better than some of the ones.

I ve actually tested. I m the only thing i didn t like about the performance was that the battery life and also the charging time so it didn t take about four hours to charge. It and then it s gonna last about six to seven hours um. So you can you know probably not squeeze two full rounds.

I never get to charge at for every round..

That s kind of another major downside to it. But overall not too bad as long as you charged after every round. You should be good to go let s talk about some pro. So the touch screen makes it really simple to use it has a full color display and is easy to read in sunlight is a rain resistant and it s also fairly comfortable to use like oh saying before i m not a huge fan of watches.

I don t find them to be very comfortable abba. This was fairly comfortable it was definitely more so than a lot of the other ones on the murders was definitely nice to see cons um. It doesn t come with any stats or around analysis. It doesn t have the longest battery life either.

So let s cover some frequently. Asked questions. So what fitness features does that come with it has a pedometer that tracks cycling running and walking can you receive text messages on the watch yes you can and then what s the difference between the wx and the wt x. Plus.

On the plus is faster at like locating um. You know the course you re on and i m you know giving you the data on the distances that kind of stuff so it s pretty much faster and then it allows you to connect to your phone. Um for notifications that kind of thing. The breakdown performance will give it an eight press will give it a seven qualities for of an eight my personal score is seven point five.

Which is definitely not the best for gps watches..

But is it worth it you know taking a con. All the pros all the cons. I would say in my opinion. It s a fairly solid golf watch.

But there are definitely better options out there in its price range um. It s pretty accurate and simple to use. But it doesn t have any of like the stat tracking or digital scorecard like the others on the cheapest place. I could find it is down below in the description.

So i ll leave a link there at the time of the video that was a place i could find it and i will also leave links to some of my favorite golf gps watches. If you are interested in checking those out as well. But if you have any questions about this one or any other one just leave a comment down below get back to you as soon as i can and i will this mission or monthly golf game boy. So.

If you want to enter and all you have to do is subscribe the channel. Then comment giveaway down below simply do both and you ll be automatically entered all right so that s going to be it for the video hope you enjoyed and ” ..

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