GoPro Hero 4 Black Unboxing in 2018! Best 4k Camera Deal Today?

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“Was released way back in the yester year of 2015. But today. We re gonna gonna unbox and set up a brand new gopro hero4 black. So if you know channel.

You know i love action cameras. And i love checking out to see how his technology. Come or just take a couple years old still okay let s open this thing up i m super excited about unboxing this because so i ve been making a lot of videos about the gopro hero. 7 line.

Because i m big fan of the gopro hero. 7. Black so back when this first came out i did a lot of like mountain climbing stuff like that but as a family. We couldn t afford one of these so i used to i used to browse the internet.

Just dreaming that i could afford a gopro hero4 black. One day and now you can find them for really good deals online. And i just when i had the opportunity to check one of these out i just had to do it and this packaging. I already like more than the new gopro packaging look at that learn more gopro calm be a hero check out that kit okay hold on let s not break.

We re trying to avoid breaking anything today. Okay so let s take the camera off real quick. And we ll put the camera aside for just a second because it s in its case. Because this is back when gopros came with a case because they were not waterproof.

Without a case. We ve got some we ve got some documentation you break it will replace it for two years gopro stickers. Who doesn t like stickers safety information who needs safety information. And then a warranty and disclaimer.

Okay. So something that i get frustrated. So something that i get fresher gopro with these days is they include almost nothing in the box. You saw the gopro hero.

7. White box came with like a cable and two suction mounts like that was it so this is nice to see that they actually include a couple extra accessories in the box. So you got the curved mount you ve got like a right angled mount you ve got an old usb to usb adapter. You ve got the battery.

Which does not is not the same battery that s on my which is not the same battery in my hero. 6 hero. 7..


So we ll have to use some news and you got some mounts like that s a good amount of stuff to come in a box with a gopro gopro. Learn from yourself from three years ago. Way better oh look at that camera. There is just something satisfying to look at in these old gopro cameras.

They weigh like almost nothing it feels great look at that it has the now again this is not waterproof. Without a case like the new ones. It s got the sd card slot. It s got the sd card slot.

The usb the hdmi like just it s like it s like old school good tech. And you look even there so it may not be waterproof without a case. But it s got all of its main things like covered so if you re riding on this in like a trail or you re doing something where there might be some mud a little bit of water. You re probably going to be fine.

It s got the little it s got the little connector here on the back for the there s an lcd screen that you can buy to put on here. I wouldn t cause that kind of like ruins. The whole aesthetic of the camera. Yes.

You shouldn t be worried about aesthetics. So much on an action camera. But aesthetics are important got the battery port here. So let s drop the battery in see if we got any juice.

We can do our setup or do we have to charge it first oh we have got some power no sd card 1080p60 looks like we don t have very much battery. So we ll pause here for a second. I ll charge this then we ll get the setup going on we ll probably we ll have to set it up with like the app. Hopefully it still connects to the output.

Okay we have now fully charged the hero4 black. So what we re gonna do you may not remember. This. If you ve only used the gopro hero.

5. 6. 7. Etc.

But you used to have to like cycle. Through the menus to be able to do anything in these cameras. Let s see if we can t set it up so we can get some 4k xxx..


Going so we can start. Doing a quick video test. Oh. I think we i think we passed by keep keep beep deep.

You know. It s actually easier than i remember to change all this stuff. Oh. He says is he then screwed it up ok so video yep nope ok video 4k xxx field.

Oh they were you honestly i have not used one of these gopro s in a very long time so it s definitely taking some some getting used to keep it in wrong button okay so we ve got wide and that s gonna have to be good enough now so we ve got it sent into 4k 30. It s on wide let s just do a really quick video and audio test. So if you ve noticed this doesn t have a waterproof case these are actually still used by some people because of their superior audio capabilities. Now the gopro hero 7 black has fantastic audio and we will 100 be comparing this against the gopro hero.

7. Black. But let s find out there we go so we re now recording you see so we re now recording. So okay.

So now everybody you on the gopro hero4 black. So this is the exact same setup. Exact same everything that you just saw on the c 200. Or the a 50 100 or the rx100.

All the same stuff. All the same lighting. And so this is the audio and the video in a low light situation with the gopro hero4 black. I don t know what this looks like it s actually really crazy to be talking to a camera with no screen whatsoever in any way shape or form just looking at the blinking light to see that it s actually recording that s so i really so i think gopro.

I think gopro hero. 4. Was kind of like the pinnacle of the gopro line and i m just really excited to see how this looks ok. So we decided to jump out of the office to do our quick.

Little vlogging test slash initial camera impressions of the gopro hero4 black. And something i wanted to bring up real quick that i don t normally talk about when it comes to gopros is the app. So so like i mentioned inside. There s no screen on the back so you cannot frame your shot up at all unless you connect yourself to the gopro app.

Which thankfully you know even though this camera was released in 2015. It still works so you know even though this camera was released in 2015. The app..


Still works man. I hope you can see that here we re hiding underneath the tire. So that you can see it so even though this came out in 2015. The app.

Still fully work and if you re trying to review your footage. That s the only way it s going to work so technologies move forward since the hero4 came out we re gonna see if the image quality is still any good. But i do really really miss the display screen on the back because i m not really a. I m not really an app person okay let s turn it on try it out okay and here we go so now we are on the gopro hero4 black.

I am cheating a little bit. I ve got this in a gimbal. I ve got this in my fav tech g5 because with the hero4 black. They didn t start doing the electronic image stabilization.

Until the hero v. Black. So we re kind of cheating a little bit. But i hate shaky footage.

This way keep a gimbal around now one of the problems. I m having right now is i have no idea. How long. We re gonna be able to record because the battery that came with it this is actually the next day.

I ve let it charge all night and even now it s showing me that it s dying so if you re gonna get a hero4 black. You may need to buy some extra batteries cuz who knows how long they re gonna last. But this is 4k 30. This is the image quality you can expect to get out of the hero4 black.

This is the audio that you can expect to get now what i m most excited to go back to the studio and check out is how good is the actual audio. I ve heard time and time again that the hero4 was the pinnacle of the gopro audio. Because it s not in a waterproof case. You are straight the microphone is going straight into the camera.

There are still people that only use the hero force for their action. Cameras. Because the audio superior now. I personally think that the audio out of the gopro hero.

7. Black is fantastic and thanks for the commenters. Letting me know that apparently gopro updated the membranes that cover the microphones and i think it sounds fantastic..


But let s also i m super excited to see how this sounds because if this sounds good i may you know use one of these as like my scratch audio or my audio gathering action camera. When i m out doing stuff because i ll use a ye light. All day long. And it doesn t have a waterproof case.

So maybe. The gopro hero for this image quality. Good is the audio is good maybe we ll just start using that. But yeah.

I m really using this thing is like a blast in the past. It s actually kind of you know a mini dream come true like i said inside when a few years ago. When before i started youtube before i really had any disposable income to start trying out tech. I dreamed about having a gopro hero4 black.

But so my wife the everyday wife bought me one of these for my birthday one year. But we could not afford it as a family so i had to send it back which broke my heart. And you know kind of ticked her off so now just having it with me and its it schools you know to check out it s it s kind of like a full circle dream coming true so i really hope this footage is good when we get back here s a little more challenging lighting. Situation for the gopro hero4 black.

You see the sun s behind me i probably am not exposed. Very well. It s just good stuff. I just am excited to try this camera out i hope everybody s enjoying it as much as i am again we re definitely cheating so i really kind of one of the things we you know one of the things.

We already mentioned is technology has moved way past what this was except in the image quality department. I think the image quality. The audio which are two very big parts of having a camera everything else is kind of moved past the hero4. But if it s that good and you can find a really good deal on it i m excited to see if it s worth it.

That s what like that s the whole point is is this tech. That is you know three years old. And you can find for a steel is its 4k 30. Is it s 1080p 60.

It can only do 1080p 120. Which was amazing at the time it s all of that worth it these days. That s what i m excited to find out and that is what we will find out as we ” ..


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