GoPro Hero 7 Black Vs GoPro Hero 4 Black! 4k GoPro Family Battle!

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“Does the 2015 hero4 black compare against the brand new hero. 7. Black is it it worth upgrading. If you already have one of the original 4k action cameras let find out what s up everyone i m the everyday dead.

And if i can figure it out you can figure it out what a great time for action and a great set of cameras to be comparing these two exists in almost separate universes back in 2015. Stabilization wasn t really a thing unless. You had a very expensive. Gimbal and waterproof.

Without a case. What is this the future with space cars and laser beams. But when 2015 did have going for it with some awesome video quality and an even better audio recording in their action cameras so maybe the ancients can t teach us something about camera design to this day. Speak to me o ancient civilization.

But before we get too far into this video. However let s cover the basic specs of both cameras to get us all on the same page and a quick disclaimer here. I ve kind of left out of the last few videos. I m not a photographer nor.

My professional videographer. I make home videos and i make youtube videos so those are the specs that we re gonna cover today the gopro hero4 black was released in. 2015 it can record in up to 4k 30. Frames per second 27.

Caves. 60 frames per second and 1080p and up to 120 frames per sec. It comes equipped with an eleven hundred and sixty milliamp hour battery capable of recording roughly one hour of footage for each charge. Now.

If you do happen to want to take stills with this it does have the ability to capture up to 12 megapixel images. And it has no stabilization at all sadface. The hero. 7.

Black on the other hand was released in october of 2018 and full disclosure is probably my favorite action camera ever made i mean. It is fantastic you can see plenty of videos about. It. Here.

Aitken recording up to 4k 60. Frames. Per second 27. K.

120. Frames per. Second. And 1080p.

At a staggering 240 frames. Per second. I love slow motion. Everything looks so cool and smooth here look at the hero.

7. White being dropped from a ladder..

At 240 frames per second. So awesome. Let s let s watch that again because i like seeing it get dropped and the slow motion is just so awesome. The hero.

7. Has a 1200 and 20 milliamp hour battery roughly capable of the same hour long recording time depending on all of the features you have turned on there s a lot of things that you can have turned on at once here we ll talk about those in a minute unlike the hero4 black the hero. 7. Black has gopros and name brand hyper smooth stabilization.

Which we will absolutely be talking about here more in a little bit suffice. It to say. It is fantastic and earth shattering and mind. Blowing and all sorts of other statements of awesomeness.

Just everything i really like it physically the two cameras are separated not only by big technical differences. But design philosophy. The hero4 comes from a bygone era. Where all action cameras came included with a waterproof case never by making it something you could always take with you whereas.

The hero. 7. Black comes from a time of ai. N t nobody got time to be messing with a case just just make sure the whole.

Darn things waterproof. We ll figure it out later make the whole kit. The whole thing is waterproof. But for what they are both feel great though the simplest way to explain this is the hero.

7. Basically looks like a hero for that was swallowed by its case. But that case also happened to have a touchscreen on the back. Wow.

That was a fancy case enough of this it s time to cover the features of a camera that turns a regular tiny camera that nobody wants into an action camera and those features are called the pillars first up ease of use ok. So these first two pillars really show how far technology has come in the action camera market since 2015. And i make sure to keep this is the first pillar in the action column because ease of use in all cameras is the most important aspect to me i value quick set up timelines and being able to change settings on the fly over just about darn near anything else. A camera can do so i stick to my guns.

And i keep. This is the most important aspect. Even though it gets me load of hate on the interwebs apparently. Most people care about image quality again these are two very different areas in technology.

The hero4 black is not very easy to use straight from the body you have to use a very archaic set of button presses to get through to change any of the settings. And it s just not an intuitive experience and i really don t like it it s way more likely that all connected to the gopro app. And change the settings that way. But then i m required on my cell phone in an easily accessible place.

Which isn t always the case. So this definitely kind of fails. The first column the hero. 7 black on the other hand has my favorite method of changing settings.

And that is the rear touchscreen interface this isn t my favorite version of the gopro user interface. But it is very easy to see what you re recording it is very easy to change the settings on the fly..

And that s just something that i really enjoy since the gopro hero. 5. Black gopro has really dialed in their user interface it s just it s it s my favorite one on the market bar. None pillar number two durability and again this is a pretty drastic shift in the direction of the construction in the two disparate generations of cameras.

The hero4 black is a very well built action camera. But it does not have the same standard of construction or durability of the hero. 7 by itself the gopro hero. 7.

Is waterproof down to 33 meters. And it has a chassis that can take a serious hit for proof check out my durability test of the gopro hero. 7. White.

It ll be up here be up in one of those. But here are seven black though has a replaceable lens cover so when you are using it in a gimbal and something flies up and cracks the lens you can easily replace it without having to get rid of the whole camera. Which is one of the best parts about this system that gopros come up with the hero4 black is missing. Most of these features.

However does come with a waterproof case that will give you some additional toughness you will lose a majority of your audio recording capabilities when it s in the case which really stinks because the audio is one of the biggest selling points of the hero4 and 2018. So it s pretty disappointing. But it s understandable for a camera released in this era next up is compatibility with gopro style. Mounts and accessories.

Well they are roughly the same shape and both will work perfectly well with accessories that require the camera to be shaped like a gopro because hero for gopro they re both gopro surprise. However the big differences between the two is that the gopro hero4 black has a little more versatility when it comes to things like audio adapters. We mentioned this in the monday video. But the gopro hero 7 black requires the gopro audio adapter.

Which is a huge brick. If you want to be able to have an audio inject whereas. The hero4 black. Only requires a cheap little cable to do the same thing pretty darn good little advantage.

If you are looking at this to be more of a vlogging type camera. And less of an action type camera. Next up is one that honestly evens the playing field between the two cameras in my opinion. And that s image quality.

Both cameras have fantastic image quality really they both do which makes it more striking in my opinion that the three year old hero4 is able to hold its own against the brand new camera with all of gopros proprietary tech inside of it now. I mean. It s not perfect. But let s head outside real quick and do a vlogging test to see.

Which is the better all around camera cool double jump okay. So this is the video audio test of the gopro hero. 7 black versus the gopro hero4 black now something you ll notice is that the gopro hero4 black is in a gimbal and the gopro hero. 7.

Black. I m just hand holding because the gopro hero. 7. Black has fantastic electronic image stabilization.

It might be the best electronic image stabilization. Ever made i mean in all intents and purposes..

The only reason i keep this gimbal is to do stuff where i use action cameras that are not stabilized. Like that s the whole reason. Why i keep it like the electronic image stabilization on the gopro hero. 7.

So good and here you ll also be able to tell the difference between the audio. So this is the audio coming out of the gopro hero4 black audio test one two three audio test. One. Two three and this is the audio coming out of the gopro hero.

Seven black audio test one two three audio test one two three in all fairness. These. Two cameras are some of my favorite cameras like on the market today like i have never the gopro hero. 4.

Was a dream of mine that i wanted to use forever. I have one on hand right now. Which is so great the hero. 7.

Black. That was one of my favorite action cameras ever made i mean i think it might be the best action camera ever made which is frustrating considering the rest of the line is straight garbage. But they re both really awesome cameras. There s also some wind out today so you will be able to hear how the two cameras handle wind a little differently.

But yeah fantastic fantastic cameras they re both set to 4k 30 frames per second they re both set to wide the hero4 black can only do 4k 30. Whereas. The hero. 7.

Black can do 4k. 60 and electronically stabilized at the same time. Which is next level. Good.

Ok. Let s do a running test running action action action. We re gonna say action. All the time right action.

Action action action action ok back to the video. Ok and we re back seriously. The audio in the hero4 is striking. I know i keep mentioning this but i cannot over how good it is that might be a reason by itself to pick one of these up when you see how much money video.

People spend to get good audio. Having an action camera produced these results is fantastic last and most sadly stabilization. This is where the hero. 7.

Black does pull way ahead like we mentioned during the specs part of the introduction. The hero. 7. Black has gopros hyper smooth stabilization built in and while yes.

A fully balanced gimbal will do better it won t do better enough to justify the weight or the extra hassle of bringing a gimbal. It s the hero..

7. Black has changed how i get shots in the future for example on the monday video. I was easily able to show that the hero4 black was in a gimbal if i was gonna get that shot prior to having the hero. 7.

The way that i would have personally done. It is i would have used my cell phone in a gimbal. But instead i just turned on the hero. 7.

Black recorded it and i was done in like five seconds. That is the power of hyper smooth stabilization it just it changes how you use these cameras and the hero. 7 black crushes. The hero 4 here in my opinion the hero.

4. Would always have to live in a gimbal. Which you know like i said. I don t like bringing extra gear long so that s a severe hindrance for me if i wanted to use the hero.

4. So on right so if you already have a hero. 4. Is it worth getting the hero.

7. And if you have a hero. 7. Should you add a hero.

4 to the stable. So let s answer. The first question first matt. I do think there is enough of an upgrade that if you have the funds available.

I would recommend the hero 7 over the hero. 4. But if you don t have the funds available and you already have a hero 4. I can stick with it this is an amazing camera.

I see no need to upgrade from this unless you need electronic image stabilization and good electronic image stabilization. At that this. I still think is one of the best action cameras out there period. This just happens to be better than it on the other hand.

If you already have a hero. 7. Should you also get a hero. 4.

If you want a second camera and can find an awesome deal then sure bottom line is the hero. 4. Is still an awesome action camera not even an action camera. But it s just an awesome all around camera to this day that i think is worth a purchase if you are in the market for a small portable awesome.

” ..

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