Greedy Monster Cartoon Story Bedtime Stories Collection for kids Infobells

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“Upon a time in a little village named locke. There were two children matt and and tammy max and tammy lived in a little cottage by the side of a blue lake now every week on monday. Which was market day in the town of markey max and tammy would go there shopping on monday. As usual max peeped out of his window before they could leave for marquis what a fine morning.

It is to go shopping yes. It is looking out at the sky. They went in to get ready when all of a sudden they heard the rumble of thunder. What is that asked a me looking suspiciously at max.

That s surely not my stomach. Then they heard the sound of thunder again it came from outside the window. I hope. It s not going to rain and spoil our shopping trip.

Oh no i hope not i ve been looking forward to this trip come on let s hurry before it starts. Raining coaxed tammy to cheer up max tammy and max got into their little red car and drove to market in a hurry. The town of marky was over the hills and far away so it would take them the full day before they returned home. Then a little while later the same sound of thunder.

Was heard a gigantic head appeared out of the lake. It was a monster. The monster wriggled out of the lake and sat on the shore. Oh.

I m so hungry. But my tummy is rumbling. I need to find breakfast soon he started to look around and spotted a house nearby yippee this roof will do just fine. As my breakfast.

He roared his husky voice. He licked the roof with his long hyung s tongue. The monster fed and started eating the roof of max and tammy s house. The monster.

Ate half the roof and padded his stomach my stomach is full. But i can t resist the remaining part of the roof. So he sat and ate the remaining part of the roof that was indeed. Delicious said.

The monster. Satisfied at last when max and tammy returned home daddy and we were surprised to see their house without a roof. Oh my our roof has disappeared. How did that happen there must have been a terrible storm while we were away i m sure i heard the rumble of thunder.

This morning that s what must have happened it s too late to start repairing the roof. Now let s start the work early tomorrow morning. Let s go to aunt barry s house and get a tent for ourselves. Said tammy aunt.

Mary s house wasn t very far away so they returned quickly and put up a tent. Then they lit a campfire and sat in front of it hey tammy let me play all the tunes. I know on my guitar trying to make the best of the situation and started playing hey that sounds wonderful tammy said and joined max by clapping and singing along they played music and sang for quite some time till they dozed off to sleep. Now in the lake nearby the monster was struggling with a tummy ache.

After having eaten the full group. Oh. My tummy hurts. I m never going to overeat again.

However delicious it may taste cried the monster a pain. The next morning max and tammy started to mend the roof. Seeing the two children working hard the monster felt sad for them the monster men decided to secretly help rehearsing tammy while they went to have their lunch at aunt. Mary s house.


The monster built the entire roof in a flash. Max and tammy returned home to see the roof of their house magically mended. They were surprised and that s when they noticed a slip stuck on the door of their house. Which read i am sorry for the roof.

Hope you like the way i fixed. It your friend m. Max. And tammy were extremely happy seeing the kind gesture.

Mr. Kept guessing who it could be couldn t after a while they heard the same thunder sound. Once again guess who made that sound yes. You re right.

It s the monster again. But this time he was it was the saturday after christmas. Max and tammy went for a sleepover to aunt mary s house by late evening. Max couldn t sleep so as mary sat by their side as they lay in bed.

Aunt. Mary can you read us this book. I got for christmas. Yes.

Sir. She started reading the story once upon a time. There were three cakes. They lived in a small cottage.

Now in the neighborhood closeby lived. Mr. Wolf. He always tried to catch them for food.

One day. The three pigs were walking to market when mr. Wolf came running by but didn t even notice them that s strange. He didn t even notice us.

It is very very strange indeed he seems to be in some sort of hurry let s follow him so out of curiosity. The three pigs followed mr. Wolf. The first pig ran fast and then stopped suddenly nearly throwing the other two pigs off their feet.

They peeped out from a corner to see him waiting at the bus stop. Oh. Perhaps. He is going away.

And he will never bother us. Again ha. I hope so. But this is very very strange indeed.

There s another wolf getting down from the bus. Hello sister. I hope the travel was pleasant. It was his sister miss wolf.

Who had come to visit him oh yes. It was her sharp teeth. Gleaming under the sunlight. She looks very fierce look at her teeth.


And claws. She must be strong as well. She looks fine to me shall i go over and say hello to her oh. No you will do no such thing.

Giving. The second pig. A knock on the head let s go home before they eat us up for dinner. The second pig nearly fell down the thought of them as dinner.

Scared the three of them and they ran home and feared nearly tumbling over one another they were out of breath by the time they reached home if they both attack us what do we do we will need to think of a plan to stay alive. The pigs. Thought and thought hmm. Oh come here.

I have a plan they spoke about the plan and agreed to try it out that s a great plan and was quite sure the plan would work out well the next morning. The three pigs went to mr. Wolf s cottage. Mr.

Wolf came out and was surprised to see his prey at the door. Today is my lucky day exclaimed. Mr. Wolf.

His face gleaming with joy lulu isn t it brother. Mr. Wolf was about to grab the three pigs when miss wolf appeared at the door. Wait.

These flowers are for you sister wolf for me why thank you these are the most beautiful flowers. You are a guest in this town so we hope you have an enjoyable stay trying to shake paws with miss wolf. But instead caught her sharp nails. These chocolates are for you sister handing out some yummy chocolates to miss wolf.

How sweet and this basket of fruits. It s for you and your brother. Miss wolf. Thank.

You thank you so much nobody has ever made me feel so. Welcome. Anywhere the next day. Miss wolf went to the pigs cottage with her brother.

Come on brother. It s time. You helped my new friends. Oh.

No she made mr. Wolf. Do all the chores for the three pigs. He mended the roof painted the fence and even mowed the lawn.

It s my way of saying. Thank you to my sweet kind and charming friends their plan worked now the wicked wolf would never again think of attacking he takes his sister s generous friends. The pigs lived happily and without fear on a fine sunday morning town and far away lived two children max and tammy boy and girl were preying on a swing in the garden outside their house. They were both waiting for their favorite aunt.

Mary. They had made this plan of going for a picnic with her almost a month back and now finally the day had arrived they were so engrossed in their play that when they heard a loud beep they got startled it was aunt mary in her flashy yellow car and area they shouted in excitement can we go for the picnic now yes let s go for a picnic children yippee. We re going to have so much fun jumping up with joy. But where are we going you know when i was about the same age as yours i used to go to rumble tumble hill for a picnic ramble tunnel hill.


Where is it and why do they call it rumble tumble hill tis. It rumble like max s stomach oh no come let s find it for ourselves. Both max and tammy were overjoyed as they zoomed off in their aunt s car. All the way to rumble tumble hill.

They soon reached the foot of the hill. Then they climbed up the lush green hill until they reached the top there were bushes everywhere aunt mary walked to a clearing look here children a perfect spot for keeping our goodies. Spotting a place. Where there was a bench goodies.

Oh no we forgot to carry the picnic goodies. Don t you worry children here. It is tata showing the backpack as if by magic. She carried the backpack all the way to the top of the hill.

Oh. And you think of everything aunt mary opened. The backpack and gave the children sandwiches hey. This is our favorite sandwich.

Not just that i have a surprise for you guys as well. Both the children looked on curiously as aunt mary took out a huge dark chocolate cake from her bag. This is the biggest chocolate cake. I have ever seen aunt mary was very happy that they liked the goodies crate.

Now all we need is a cup of hot tea. She said digging into her bag for a matchbox. Where could the matchbox have gone. I m sure i put it in my bag.

Max and tammy tried being helpful don t worry aunt mary. We know how to light a fire. We just need a few sticks. The children gathered a few sticks on the ground max rubbed.

The sticks against each other he blew so hard that it made tammy cough. Then suddenly the sticks shook tammy tammy. Did you see that the sticks they shook of colors they will shake if you blow. So hard then the ground below their feet shook tammy did you hear that rumble and it s surely not my stomach.

The rumbling grew louder and out of the bushes jumped. A fierce looking dragon max and tammy held on tightly to aunt mary s hands. She was not surprised at all in fact she was happy to see the dragon. She consoled the children don t be afraid.

He is a friendly dragon. He won t harm you the dragon with its fire lit. The sticks on the ground aunt mary kept. The pot of water on the burning sticks.

The dragon purred as he drank tea with them max and tammy looked on in surprise. They could not believe that a dragon would be so friendly he even burped loudly when he finished then seeing the cake in aunt mary s hand. He came closer shaking his tail and happiness would you like to have cake. The dragon s mouth started watering.

He came to sniff tammy s plate oh no you are not eating my cake max. Gave his cake to the dragon. The dragon swallowed it in one gulp and disappeared into the bushes. He came back again with some shiny stones and gave them to the children it looks like the dragon.

Likes you too the children returned home happily. Admiring the gifts given by their new friend. It was a cool summer evening and auntie mary had come to visit. Max and tammy hey children isn t it a beautiful night to go camping camping at night.


Yes camping and start bathing. She replied aunt mary brought along her tent. So the children helped her set it up that evening. They slept on the grassy floor outside their tent and looked up at the stars in the sky.

Max. Said. Aunt mary pointing to a bright star can you see that big red star that is mars wow. When i become big.

I am going to go to mars as they looked at the stars above max. Soon fell asleep. While in dreamland tammy. Was busy packing her books.

Hurry up. Max. Carry your sleeping bag. Quickly.

Just. Then. Uncle. Ben came in oh.

Everything is in order. It s time you left. He said huffing and puffing the two brave astronauts walked to their big silver rocket as they waved out to uncle ben max and tammy strapped themselves to their seats. All engines checked starting countdown.

Ten nine eight seven six five four three two one blast off. They both shouted the two brave little astronauts shot off to mars in their shiny silver rocket a few minutes later they were in space heading towards mars look there tami that s mars let us prepare for landing roger that they landed on mars and looked out through their little window. Wow we re here at last. This is so exciting come on let s explore mars the two little astronauts were there heavy spacesuits and walked all over the surface of mars.

Leaving huge footprints with their enormous space boots then max whizzed off in a space buggy while tammy gathered a bucket full of sand and rocks they looked around. But there was no one to be seen then suddenly they heard a loud growl tammy. Quickly hid behind a huge rock hide. Max hide.

There seems to be a space animal here. But max stood and laughed that s no animal that s my stomach. I m hungry they went back to the rocket and as they floated they ate all the delicious goodies they brought with them to mars then max looked at his watch. It s time we go back let me plant a flag to prove that we were here on mars as tammy got busy carrying the rocks into the rocket come on it s time to go home.

Uncle. Ben will be waiting for us they got back into their spaceship and with a blast. It took off they zoomed back to earth and splashed down safely into the sea. We re back from mars shouted tammy with joy waving a flag.

Hey. Where did you get that flag yelled out max catching tammy s hand. Some careless person left. It on mars.

Leave. My hand. Max max max. Max.

Get up leave my hand shout. It tammy max got up with a start to see tammy shouting and aunt mary. Laughing heartily at the two ” ..


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