Hotspot Shield Review – Brutally Honest Review in 2019

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” s it going my name is james and in this video. We re gonna be be taking a closer look at hotspot shield vpns free service. And i m gonna with the assumption that you know at least a little bit about vpns maybe you re someone who has vpn experience. But you never use hotspot shield.

Before and you re thinking about pivoting over or maybe you ve never used a vpn in your life either way. I hope you find this video useful so for starters hotspot shield. It s free vpn offering it follows the freemium business model like many other free vpn versions out there and that it shares a lot of the same functionality as its premium cousin with the caveat being it has obvious limitations. Which we ll get into as far as features ago.

Though by their admission. Hotspot shields. Free vpn offers military grade encryption ultra. Fast vpn servers and secure internet connection on demand.

Which is pretty much everything you d expect from a vpn service with ergot speed. Hotspot shield vpn. Utilizes their own proprietary. Protocol.

Called catapult. Hydra which they claim is 24..

Times. Faster than open vpn when it comes to long distance. So take that as you will with a grain of salt in my testing. Though the free vpn had decent connectivity as far as actual numbers.

I ran the vpn through speed test by buchla. I hope i didn t butcher that name as far as numbers go whilst connected to the. Vpn i had a ping. Of 14 an up and down speed a.

32 and 60 647. Respectively. Sorry i m looking at all this on my computer. I took notes in.

Comparison my baseline was 11 paying nine point five nine upload and 655 downloads. So in my particular case here we re looking at a 22 decrease in ping. 66 percent decrease in upload speed and a marginal increase of 15 in download speed so moving along to the actual application itself it s available on windows mac ios and android hotspot shield in general is insanely easy to use and the free vpns client is almost a carbon copy of the premium version obviously you re gonna have some freemium features there by features i mean there s ads and whatnot. But you re still getting the same no frills.

Minimalist and very elegantly designed user experience. Which is one of my favorites..

As far as vpns go. And it s just super simple to use i mean as far as connectivity. You literally hit connect and you are connected to the vpn. So when you hop on the app.

You ll notice off the bat that one of the biggest limitations of the free version is that you re limited to 500 megabytes. Vpn connectivity. A day which if you re using the vpn for 30 days a month that roughly equates to 15 gigabytes of vpn usage. Which is actually fairly decent when you compare that to some of the other top free vpns out there like wind scribe.

They give you 10 gigabytes of vpn usage. A month. So 15 gigabytes is pretty decently generous in my opinion another one limitations of the free vpn is the fact that you can only connect to one server hotspot shield will automatically assign you a vpn somewhere within the united states. But as far as connecting to other vpn servers out of country or even within the country you d have to upgrade to premium so for instance.

If i wanted to connect to a vpn server in barcelona. Spain well i d have to upgrade to premium for that so if we hop on over to the settings menu. Much like its premium version. Hotspot shield.

Vpns. Free version..

Doesn t have a whole. Lot of features again. It s a no nonsense. No frills vpn service.

Some people don t like that i personally like the simplicity of it all one thing to note. Though is the inclusion of the kill switch. I think that s becoming more of a standard in vpn services out there for those of you unfamiliar with what a kill switch does essentially it does what its name implies it pretty much cancels all internet connectivity in the that your vpn connection drops. Which is useful for instance.

If you re transacting with your bank online. If you re doing so through a vpn and the connectivity drops. Even for a couple seconds your connection will slide back into the open network and you don t notice the connection because it s seamless. So what a vpn does in that scenario is it ll cut the internet.

Until you reconnect to the vpn. Which is very useful. Especially if you re dealing with some very sensitive information that you don t want to be spied on so one last thing. I thought i mentioned is the fact that on hotspot shields.

Free vpn you can actually access sites like netflix. Which might be a deal breaker..

I know it s very ubiquitous everyone streams on netflix with that said you can access netflix through the premium version so to wrap things up i think that hotspot shield. Offers a more than decent free vpn service. Obviously limitations aside if you re looking to do a whole lot of torrenting or downloading. That 500 megabyte cap.

A day is gonna be a hindrance. But an effective 15 gigabytes of vpn usage. A month. If you re using it for 30 days 500 megabytes.

A day and you re looking to just do some fast private and secure web browsing you really can t go wrong. That s an added layer of protection to your browsing and because it s free to try there s no reason to not give it a shot especially if you ve been wondering how hotspot shield works or if you re someone who s never used of vpns before i would totally give it a go so with that said. I hope you found this video useful. And if you did enjoy this review.

If the erratum you could drop the video a thumbs up let us know in the comment section down below. What other vpns you d like us to take a closer look at and if you haven t already done so make sure you subscribe again. I m james and i will catch you on the next one peace. ” .


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