How Low Can I Go With a Caddie?

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“Right special video for you today let s jump on it i hope everybody s s doing well this is gonna be a special video make sure you hit the subscribe bell. All that good stuff links below check those out too. This guy is gonna be my caddy for nine holes. Let s see let s see how much if i could do better with a caddy.

He s a good good guy and be sure to check out golf holic channel. 2. You know i m just gonna make you uh you know use your brain. A little bit more than normal and pick a club selections leave yourself with good numbers.

And hopefully you know execute when we get those numbers that we want all right. It s always good so his his mind you know thought would be different than mine so i got whatever. He says. I got to do and you re gonna caddy on my channel.

Yeah oh throw that in there and then uh also check out his the golf holux channel. Because i will be caddying for mike over there for these nine holes too so whatever i say gets to do so bounce over there see that part as well all right let s do it there we go okay mike. What do you got for me so first hole. It s 352 yards.

A little bit into the wind matt s been pure in his 5 wood. All trip long so i think he ll hit that 240. He ll leave himself about a 110 115. Going in nice little wedge for them.

And that s that s how we re gonna do it bob. What it is a lot of it good choices caddy and um. I m giving mike. I m gonna be nice.

I m gonna give him twenty percent of my winnings today. I m not a matt kuchar all right i just got the fairway bunker. I just hit it so far i don t know i should have been able to hit the fairway with that five wood. But so it s not mike s fault.

He s pushed it a little bit. I mean when you hit a really good five wood like that and it goes through everything and right into the bunker. There s nothing you can do he s got 102 left a little end of the wind probably playing like 108. I m gonna say i d like to have you hit a choke down 54.

Okay and keep your head still it was a tough shot. It was a little uphill and look like your foot slipped at 20..

Yeah totally slipped alright. No problem okay got a 35 yarder over a bunker. He s gonna want to land it right past the bunker. It s gonna run out greens are firm and it should get somewhat close to the hole okay.

I m guilty well done and die. He s got about six seven feet for par all right so. Matt has probably about a seven footer. There s not a lot of break.

I d say be aggressive with this one and straight in straighten all right good read. I ll take that par good to have a caddy especially one who can read greens. Really well second hole here at quintero is a par 5. We re playing it from 520 and so it might gave me a driver off the tee thanks smoked like to get my yardage for me.

It s kind of service. I like feel like i ve been heading for him all day shooting the numbers getting them the slope all of it he s got 164 he bombed this drive so i don t know if he hit a speed slaughter. We were a little bit forward and the t s tell me. But now the ones kind of shifting a little left to right so 164.

I m gonna have him go with an 8 iron. And anything right of the pin is good. I was a smart play you know he missed to the right like he was supposed to a lot of room. There and easy up and down the right side all right so matt is just off the green.

I made him choose a putter and he s been rolling it really good so a little 3540 footer. All right third hole 369 from here par 4 water. All down the left hand side mike has given me in my 5 wood. Which i like so try to find a fairway he just told me not to hit it full so a little like little three quarter guy here you go what i got your money all right so it s 124.

I think it s playing a little bit extra. So i m gonna say play it like 127 is the right number to carry it there s a little bit of wind. So i m gonna have him choke down on a pitching wedge and kind of trap draw it in there mmm crisp eat it okay middle the green with some spin. He s probably got about 25 feet okay number four par 4 401.

Yards ish mike wants me to hit the drive so i mean i want to brag about my caddy skills already but the guys you know two through three it s not bad. I told might save them a couple shots. You know per nine easy earnest. Keep already you know i think things are going well between us here s my ball there s the flag.

I don t know what mike is gonna have me do all right so he s got 120 yards right here. I m gonna have him try and hit a field goal..

I m gonna have him hit probably like a little i m gonna say. 7. Iron and i want him to kind of trap. Draw this leave it in front of the green right there or in the bunker worst case scenario.

And then you know work for his up and down and try and make part of the old fashioned way all right so i want him to choke down on this one of them to keep his hands forward and commit to a shot trap drop and just a little trap. Draw don t get super aggressive. It s only 120 yards. So you know probably landed about 90 and let it run out now it s really important to commit okay.

I mean oh gosh that was so close to being great. You know what i really wanted him to do was just kind of bounce it out there and leave it in front now get too aggressive. But he did pure it i was right at the flag. I think another foot or two that definitely could have hopped up and been really good all right matson that front bunker.

He s got about you know 20 25 yard bunker shot just got accelerated through this going with a 60 degree. Oh yeah yeah that s an a plus yeah well done there all right good one and was half like 85 commitment. But it was enough that time all right good caddy job. We got it in a good spot winging it up and down good read.

I probably my reads are always way outside the hole. And my creed s are a lot less and they re better like that all right fifth hole. 3. 20.

A pill. Mike s having me lay back with a 5 wood. Here. Let s do it all right so.

We re gonna have matt draw an imaginary line from the flag. All the way down to this ball that s gonna be his target and he s gonna stay committed to it coaches giving me my number all right 95 99. With the elevation a little bit of wind probably playing 102. That s the number i want you to hit so i want you to grab your 54 choke down an inch and a half and swing full.

I would do something different. But i m going with coaches shot selection. I would go like a 60 and give it and give it all i got just to try to stop it. But i m going 54.

Choke down inch and a half and see what happens feels weird already. But now like a nice 80 swing..

No i crisp eat it good good shot. I don t normally play that one a good one so we grab your 60. And see how you do now. Let s not okay so this mike s ball.

I m caddying for him on his channel. He s counting for me on my channel. And this is pretty good got me right here maybe 15 feet for birdie. So it s a good call.

I thought i might have gone too long with his shot choice. But worked out just fine in high a little downhill. So probably like 90 95. Percent.

Oh. 3. Under oh man. I need i definitely need someone reading my greens mypods for me to give me lines.

I m. 3 under okay the sixth here par 3 158. Playing 140 and mike has me hitting 9 iron to the green. I like it okay mike has given me my 5 wood.

Thanks mike mike s giving. Me. My number here. I drove down the left side of the fairway in a nice shady spots.

What you do out here in the desert. You ve got 101 playing 104 and the winds pretty stable so i m gonna have him do the same shot as he hit before the 54 degree choke down an inch and a half 80 percent swing. And maybe make another birdie all right the good news is i feel confident about this shot. Now first time.

I was a little uneasy clipped it good just going a little right distance control look pretty good. Though okay money. I had right edge you had it perfect huh for birdie. I would have missed with my read yeah.

I had the i had to break feeling this way. But mike saw it from that side look good for him..

So i trusted his read. He s been right on the money every time. I go right in i love it good stuff okay. Eight hole here like 500 yard par.

5. There s a ravine. We gotta watch out for so mike just has me laying back with the five wood making it a three shot hole. What do you want all right matt hit a great five wood right there.

I m gonna have him hit another five wood laid up to probably a good 90 yards. And then maybe good up and down go. 5 under on you guys boom so good i m gonna hit this my next shot okay so it s a tee playing 85 right here. I m just gonna have him hit a lob wedge and stay committed to it i think it ll land right around that number it ll probably hop up spin back a little and be good all right hmm.

Well played okay. About 20 feet all right one more. I told us if we can get another birdie all right a whole nine here is mike s gonna tell us about it 140. I m gonna throw a 9 iron at matt and have him hit it solid you want to be short.

So even if he misses it it ll still get on this one looks good okay middle. The green well 30 footer. I got a look look at a fifth birdie. I think all right there we go thanks for the caddy mike late for under um man.

It was just easy golf right. There this guy s reading great putt. So i think i learned that i definitely need help on the greens and with my shot selection just to process everything and feel a lot more confident. Yeah.

I thought you did really good you know part of it is just executing out on the golf course. And you did that really well. And you know you made a bunch of putts and for under is pretty impressive. You know so i give myself maybe an eight pathetic at least a few of your shots.

That s for sure be sure to check out golf holics channel link in the description below love you guys thanks for tuning in and make sure you hit that like subscribe do ” ..

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