How to Broadcast Stream on Steam

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“And welcome to the channel. If you watching this video then you re obviously having having trouble broadcasting your games on steam. I m going to do my best to it as easy as possible for you and if after watching this video. You still have in trouble feelsbadman.

The best ways to enable broadcasting on steam is to bring up your in game overlay when you play in the game. That you want to broadcast and from here. Select settings at the bottom of the screen..


The first thing you want to do is to make sure you privacy setting is set that anyone can watch my game. I d recommend a video dimension of 720p and i d also recommend having the bitrate set to either 3000 or 2500. If you have a microphone. Make sure that you have the chat box that s sixth.

So you re able to communicate with people in your stream. A lot easier if you don t have a microphone. It s not the end of the world you are still able to communicate with people in the stream..


It s better if you have a microphone basically and i d also recommend making sure that the boxes are checked for the upload status and the live broadcast iris. This will help you fine tune your settings. Once you ve got a broadcast up and running once you have those settings. Done you re good to go.

And this is the part where i think a lot of people are getting confused or they re having trouble seeing their broadcast to start the stream click broadcast iris from here you ll be able to see that your stream is up and running be able to give the stream. A title if you want and you can also notice if you have checked the status boxes at the top right of the screen. You re able to see if that your broadcast is live and you re able to see the bitrate and that the fps and what you running to access this menu..


All you have to do is shift and tab. So if you didn t have a microphone. This is how you would communicate with the people in chat. So they would write a message it would appear on the screen.

And then you know you d have to go to the trouble of ship and salmon. But you know you can just bypass sound. Just got microphone seriously just just get a microphone..


And that s it i hope by the time you ve watched this video you are able to get your stream up and running if not feelsbadman. I m gay. I m gay. I m gay we re totally ” .


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