How to ID Swap and Get Alot of Magicka,Fatigue,Health In Oblivion (Part 1)

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“Right so i got some requests about how to id swap and how to get get like a lot of magicka and whatnot in my controller song i die here but i have like people requested how to id swap items to different items and whatnot and have more magic and more fatigue more health whatever you want just more of like abilities in general and all that so i m going to show you that the first thing that you need is a completely useless item. Well. It s mostly recommended for completely useless. Item.

Otherwise you ll swap it out with something that s good or something like that and you ll be sad. I m pretty sure. But i don t know it s up to you so the thing that i paid and chose was a broom all right an awesome room and i poked cozy room. Because it s completely useless just like a cover pot and just like a pickaxe in just like a lot of other stuff.

But a broom is completely useless to me. So. That s why when you use i m going to swap a broom out with a brute. The brooms.

I have out with a spell making altar that s why i chose that s what somebody else want like wanted to know how to kind of do i think so that s what i m going to do. It s about making altar. So basically just get a completely useless item of your choice. It doesn t matter.

What it is just completely useless. Is recommended you can swap it out with anything in your inventory. Though besides enchanted items..


What no you can do and with enchanted items. Too actually no i don t think you like items that you made like that you enchanted you can t do that you can t i don t think you can i m not sure. But just don t do it alright that makes sense so just completely useless item. It s recommended and i have a broom so i have a broom and that s that s all you need right now.

But make sure that in whatever cell location. You are in like whatever confined area. So if i go up to the living area that living area is its own cell. So make sure that whatever so you have like if i go down to the wall that s own cell.

This this whole room is its own so the outside has different settles make sure that whatever cell. You re in you don t have multiple objects. So it just example. If i have a broom over here.

There s chilling here who knows all right i have a broom right there if you can t see a shoot. I lost about there this if i broom right. There that s good i have a broom right there and just said didn t know about it i saved. It iid swap.

Rehash was on it came back loaded. My save up whatever id swapped. It with would be right here..


It would be in place of the broom and that s bad on some occasions on most occasions. It is so make sure that if the npc s beside you or if mpc is in the area that just make sure they don t have a same item that you re swapping with just in case. Who knows alright. So make sure that there s no objects of the same sort in the area unless you purposely intend on doing it in that case just duplicate three million items and put them in the same room and have at it and i mean if that s what suits you didn t do it.

But it s recommended you don t unless you just one lakh fast or something anyways. Just make sure that there s nothing in the same room. And that s pretty much the end of the first part of the of the first part of the first part of the tutorial. How about that that makes sense.

What s it is there s id swapping to section. And then there s the lot of magic and stuff section. And this is the idea flapping so you re done with that and i have a different video that i m about to switch to because. My first video.

Yeah trace so you will say something about a phone call. I guess had a phone call and i had to delete this the first video. I don t know but to the next video. It is okay sorry about that that was my phone going off.

I don t take that call. So anyways. Oh shoot music again..


Okay anyways. So now the next part of the tutorial is to have to like give a lot of magica help fatigue whatnot. Yeah okay so that s that s how i m going to show you how to do that the easiest way that i think is you need to get like a eight let s see a whole cloth mint a armour of some sort just anything that you can equipped yourself. That s like clothes are like rings.

Anything like that and you enchant. It with whatever you won t like go for second purposes blue suede shoes. Okay bam. And if i wanted to have more magica that s how you do it you d bam you get that you name.

It whatever i already have something with awesome name. It s called flabbergast and i m going to fortify my magica by a lot so all you need to do basically sum this up is to get an item that you can equip to yourself that has like of no value to you pretty much because you cannot react whipped it to yourself remember that you cannot react whip this item back to yourself ever so. What you re going to do is you re going to do it you can chant it with whatever you need like 45 magica fortify health. Whatever that s what you re going to do and that s pretty much the end of the xbox 360.

Part the next part is the transfer data part where you transfer the save to your computer. Sorry what you need with that is a microsoft 360 transfer cable microsoft xbox 360 transfer cable and that s you can i i got mine from microsoft directly. What i did i called them i told them that i bought a new hard drive. And i need something to transfer my save with and they sent one to me.

And that was that was good. It s some people had to pay like the shipping port or whatever i m not sure. But that s just how i did it and you can also buy them off ebay or whatever they re called microsoft xbox 360..


Transfer cables and that s how you all you do is you just take care. A hard drive after you save up so you take it out of your xbox plug it up to you or plug the transfer capable up to four peter and then just plug that 360 drive right into your transfer. Cable. And then you have a program like export 360.

And get that and just there s your say so. It will show you all your stage. And everything that that s that some people have been wondering how you do that i would make a video of it. And but video.

Camera is not working anyways that s the end over the xbox 360. Part. So we re going to switch over to peter. Now alright.

Oh first save of course you save meant kind of remember. The number what your save is that s what you re going to ma table viously 695. So i got to remember that we re good. ” .


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