How to install LED light strips behind TV (USB LED STRIP FOR TV)

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“Everyone welcome to jumper mantech and today. I m installing led strip lights. We have have my tv now let s get to it so here s a realizing i gonna be using when we open up the package here s our remote super. Powerful.

We have two sets of instructions led lights is there 118 inches long in the back of it. We do have a 3m adhesive. This small piece right here is actually our controller and it s powered by usb. 5.


Volts. So here s a back view of my tv. I actually did have led lights here previously the way i did have it was it was just going across the top. But only in the top today.

I m gonna be going across all four corners. So that s the idea here and we re gonna be shining a light from all sides. So there s a few ways to make this possible the real quick makeshift way would be just to curve your leds and continue just like that i do want my lights mounted flush against my tv. So what i did is i bought these l shaped 90 degree angle connectors and they get locked into place with these two clips and i ll show you how it s done once you find the length needed to go across your first top row.


You re gonna look and search for this symbol and if you can see down the middle. We have a symbol of a scissor and you can simply cut these down the middle. See you have four conductors in the back. We have 3m adhesive tape and on top of you can look closely we have waterproofing material that s clear so we re gonna do is we re gonna peel back adhesive and we re gonna peel back the waterproofing next.

We re gonna open up our connectors to get to the contacts and when you do this is what it s going to look like so the way this works is if you look closely right here. There s a little opening. We can slide in your leds. The contacts will go beneath these contacts there s this little sharp metal plate here so when you lock it into place you hear a click and it s gonna grab onto your leds.


As well as make the connection to make a tighter connection simply press down in these contacts. So once we have everything locked down and secured. We re going to slide his card and just like with the leds and we re going to tie in our connections. So next to do the same to the opposite end of your next usb cable make sure everything is lined up positive 2 positive 2 positive 2 positive and so forth and the stop basic idea is how it s going to look like bucket down here to click.

That is how you make a right angle figure out the next sizes you need and continue the pattern. Until you have a square around your tv. So here s our controller not everything cuts the size so you come up here. I m gonna make our turn role cross calm down come back around and i just ends off right there all right so it s officially nighttime.


I have everything set up and ready i m gonna hit the remote and let s see what happens wow now that looks crazy see. If i get a clear shot switch. A few colors this really lights up the entire role if anybody found this video helpful please drop a like comment and subscribe and i ll catch you guys next time ” ..


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