How to Unlock Sprint Samsung Galaxy S10, S10e, & S10+ (Plus) – Use in USA and Worldwide

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“Guys johnathan here from tech majesty calm today i ll be showing you how to to unlock your sprint samsung galaxy s 10 the phone was just released today and m going to show you step by step how to unlock it through this easy process now. I m going to show you this on the samsung s10. But this method will work on the samsung s. 10 plus s 10 e and all others sprint samsung phones as well our sprint samsung unlock will unlock any sprint samsung phone regardless of any outstanding balances financing blacklist status contracts etc what makes our sprint samsung unlock special is the ability for the phone to be used both domestically in the us and internationally with any gsm carrier what that means is that once we unlock your sprint samsung phone you can use it with any gsm carrier in the us for example at t t mobile metro pcs simple mobile cricket etc can all be used on your sprint samsung phone wants me unlocking besides being able to use the phone in the us you can also use your phone with any gsm.

Carrier of your choice internationally as well the unlock will not affect your warranty. It will increase the resale value of your phone. And you ll be able to use the phone with any gsm carrier of your choice to unlock the phone. You will need a windows computer and a usb cable.

Now that we have all that ready let s begin. The first thing. We will need is the 15 digit imei number..


Which you can get by going to the dialer of the phone and dialing star pound zero six pound. This will give you the 15 digit imei. So now that we have the imei number of the phone. We will go on the computer and open the internet browser to go to tech majesty calm.

Once we are on this website. We will go ahead and go to the samsung unlock code section then we will choose the samsung galaxy s. 10 since that s the phone we re unlocking today then for the carrier option you will choose the carrier your phone is locked to at t sprint boost mobile team xfinity mobile etc. Then after that you will go ahead and enter the 15 digit imei.

Number that begot in the beginning of the video. Then you have the option to choose these two optional services. This option right here will make your phone work on verizon..


Plus. All other gsm carriers as well if you only want to use the phone on gsm carriers after the unlock. Then no need to choose this option. Then the second option is the blood pair removal service.

Which will remove all carrier branding from your phone and make it into a stock. Samsung phone again both of these services are optional and are not needed for the unlock then you will click on the add to cart button and go through the checkout process to complete your order once you complete the checkout you ll receive an email within one hour. Informing you that we are ready to begin the unlocking process for your phone. The email will look like this and say order and closed the email contain a download link to the usb redirector.

Which is basically a software our technicians will use to access your samsung phone and complete the unlock the email will also contain a link to our live chat. Where our technician will be with you during the entire unlock process. The whole process will only take about five to ten minutes for our technicians to finish unlocking your phone..


All you have to do is plug in your phone to the computer. And we take care of the rest now i ll show you step by step how the process will work so this is the usb redirector software. I was talking about earlier. The first step will be where our technician will ask you to plug in your phone to the computer.

Using the usb cable. Then step two and three will involve the technician working on your phone s unlock. Then the final and fourth step will be your phone being permanently factory. Unlocked.

Now that the phone is unlocked you can restore upgrade or do anything else to the phone and the phone and will remain unlocked. So now that the phone is unlocked. I ll insert my at t..


Sim card into the phone and show you guys that it s working here s the 1880. Simpler and there you go as you can see at t. Is listed at the top left hand corner of the screen. So that means the unlock worked perfectly so guys.

It s as simple as that to unlock your samsung phone and to start using it with any gsm carrier of your choice in the us or internationally. If you have any questions or comments please leave them below. And don t forget to subscribe. If this video helped you thank you so much ” .


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