How to Watch Netflix in The Range Rover Velar!!

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“Guys so welcome to training reviews today i m gonna be showing you how to to get netflix on your in control screen in the range rover villa what you going to need is a laptop and a hdmi cable. So i have my macbook with me and it s going to be pretty straightforward and i m going to show you that now so the first thing is if you open up. The panel. Here where you have your ports.

Now you ll see that there s a hdmi port. There so the first thing is you re going to do is connect one end to the hdmi cable into there and the next thing is you re going to connect this to your macbook. So i ll show you that now okay so just connecting the hdmi port to my macbook. So the screen flash.

So the first thing..

I ll do is open up the system settings. I ll go into displays and i can see that there s an option here. Which is jlr so that is the range rover in in display screen. So i can see that s connected the arrangement.

I left it as the mirror displays now if i go back into sound settings. Now i need to make sure that the output is also set to jayla because usually by default. It will set it to your internal speakers to your laptop. So that is selected now i ll close that the next step is to simply go into your screen panel here click on the media.

Option that component..

If you select source. You ll see there s an option for hdmi now so if you go ahead and click hdmi. It s now basically started to mirror my laptop. There now if i just go and play for example a video from netflix.

I have this option here for 13 reasons. Why let s go ahead and play that and i can make that full screen you can see that it s now playing on the actual range removal off screen as well as my laptop. But it s also playing for the the class speakers. Which is good so this is very useful for when you re on a journey somewhere.

And you stop and you want to watch something..

But of course you need an internet connection for your macbook. Now the car comes with inbuilt wi fi hotspot. So if you have a sim card with data in there you ve you must have probably inserted it from the beginning you can use that to stream off of netflix and of course. You ll be using a lot of your data.

So you ll have to make sure you have enough gigabytes to support that and so obviously last you for the rest of the month. As well or if your parks in there somewhere where you can reach a wi fi hotspot then that s even better you can stream it off of that but in addition to netflix you can also watch youtube videos on on your valar screen as well and also any videos you have downloaded onto your internal hard drive so that s a really cool way to connect to your screen. There and one other reason why this is a quite useful is if you want to pass your laptop to anyone sitting at the back. And then they can watch the video as well as the people at the front watching it on the front villar screen.

So that would probably be the biggest benefit of it and that s having to say if you don t have the in screen entertainment on the back of your head rests in your car..

As well. Which i don t in this car. So hopefully that was a quick demo which you ve liked if you think that was useful then please do give it a thumbs up otherwise. If you have any comments and then please leave a comment below and be sure to subscribe.

I ve got some really more cool is coming up and some reviews on this car as well and so until next time ” ..

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