Hp Portable Hard Drive Review

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” s tyler from everyday tech stuff and today. I m reviewing my new portable hdd. Hdd. It s from hp and it s a one terabyte now opening the case it came with it s been very protective.

You ll see on the right hand side your hard drive and on the left hand side your cable that goes from your computer to the hard. Drive it is a usb 30. And that is very fast so taking the device out it has a i don t know i want to call it a metal material with plastic on the side. It s very strong plastic not cheap anything and it has rubbers on the bottom so it barely slides around or i fall got your cereal stuff on the back.

And it s very simple..

But it also looks very nice and will fit anyone s desk. Very well once it is plugged into your computer right now i have a laptop. It will show a white light. And when it s doing something it will start blinking.

It s very simple to setup. And i found it very useful taking it to friends houses and other events. Now once you re in your. Computer and you have your portable hard drive hooked up hopefully through usb 30.

So you get the full capabilities..

You ll be able to navigate to your hard drive. I am in windows 8. But it should be the same with windows 7. You ll see your files and your hp stuff.

If you have the same portable hard drive as main. Which you should or should be buying if you re watching this review or you want to compare it to another one. But that s not the point. I have that folder minecraft videos everything um.

I have the mac os on this kind of steam games..

And it s still only 890 gigabytes free of 930. So it s a it s a really good hard drive. I d recommend this for any average user like me or even if you want to install games. And i go if you want to install minecraft battlefield black ops.

2. Borderlands. 2. Anything like that you can just install it on this take it to a friend s house and etc you can even rename it on here.

Yeah you can somewhere i think now you can format it though oh yeah..

There is a rename option you can rename it code. Tyler s portable. Hard drive or whatever. And this has been tyler from everyday.

” ..

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