Humble Bundle and Steam Refunds

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“Ladies and gentlemen. It s the historical gamer. Once again well not really once again. Again.

It s been a while since my last video sorry about that guys i been a little bit busy with school lately. I m in a summer class taking managerial economics. Right now and it s an accelerated course. So it s only six weeks long which means.

It s lots and lots of work. But that s not why i m coming here to you today. I m coming here to you today to talk about a couple of things first. I just wanted to mention real quickly the humble weekly bundle put on over at humble bundle calm.

Which is a website where they bundled all together games. And then you can choose to make your purchase go to charity. So there s kind of a default ranking where the developers the site and charity gets a certain percentage and they have different games that they bundle together in this case. This is the first week that they ve actually put together a slytherin bundle.

So you can actually get conquest medieval realms. Which is a android game you can also get frontline road to moscow. Which is similar to frontline normandy. Which i showed off in one of my earlier videos battle academy.

Which is a game. I have not looked at. But it was pretty popular so i d like to take a look at that rise of prussia. Which is an aged odd game so if you re familiar with those games.

If you ve seen to end all wars that i ve done previously it s similar to that although it s a bit older. So i d imagine maybe doesn t quite have all the bells and whistles still it s an aged odd game. I believe running in the same engine quadra. I m sure i m butchering the pronunciation.


An interesting kind of horse racing management sim during the roman times. He ll which is kind of a not really sure what hell is i haven t really taken a look at it. But it s basically some kind of fantasy war game and then the gem or the creme de la creme of the pack close combat gateway to con which is what you are looking at here on the screen right. Now is a little bit of gameplay from that game the close combat series gem and true classics of the wargaming series gateway 2 con is the newest of the series.

It s i believe it s a remake. But with a lot of polish and work done on it bring it up to up to par and certainly well worth it now the way this works is essentially you get to choose your price. So you can put a dollar in and get the first four games. I mentioned conquest frontline battle academy and rise of prussia.

If you put at least six dollars and you get those four games in addition to quadriyyah and hell. And if you put at least ten dollars in you get all of the games including gateway to come altogether the games are retailed on matrix and slytherins website for over a hundred and forty dollars but you can get them for as little as ten dollars with your money at least a portion of it going to charity in addition to the developers and the humble website and you can adjust what you want to go where as well so that s kind of a neat feature for the charities involved in this our charity called charity water which basically helps get safe drinking water for people doctors without borders and then also they included the wikimedia foundation. Which is kind of more of an educational focused type group not a charity in the traditional sense. But again making at least.

The foundation is behind a lot of things not just wikipedia about trying to educate and bring people education. So i just wanted to bring that up because that runs for about another three days and they ve already sold over twelve thousand three hundred units thus far. But figured my viewers would be interested in that because it s a great way to get some really high quality games rise of prussia and battle academy over to games. I really wanted to look into just never got around to it but for this price.

I couldn t avoid it. And then a gateway to khan. Was something i was looking at getting but kind of holding off for a while i think that games over 3000 just by itself. So i mean just ten dollars and you re already making your money back.

But i swear this isn t a paid promotion or anything i m not getting told or asked to do this or anything just figured that again my viewers would enjoy enjoy the game or the games as far as the rest of what i wanted to talk about there just a short little kind of discussion and i guess more so would than what i m thinking. I was curious what you guys thought of the new steam refund policy basically steam has implemented a refund policy on their site for the first time ever. Which allows customers who purchase a game to request a full refund on that game the refund either goes to their steam wallet or to the the type of purchase you know so like if you paid with a credit card theoretically it could go back to that and what the refund the way the refunds work is essentially if you played a game for less than two hours or if you ve played over first of all you have to have owned the game for less than 14 days. So.

If you have the game in your wallet for more than 14 days you can t refund the game. And then you also can t have played the game for more than two hours in order to get a reading so the idea is you know someone tries it out and it doesn t work on their system. Then they can go ahead and they can request a refund or if the game wasn t as advertised that s the idea behind it oh boy. Suppose.


It erratically allows people to try games out as well and decide whether they like them or not i was curious what you guys thought about it because i think there s no doubt it s good for consumers assuming. It s not abused you know there s a lot of sometimes advertising that goes into games. Especially i think bigger studios tend to get blamed for this more of just you know false advertising. I can t say i personally had any bad experiences where i bought a game and it wasn t what i thought the spirit of war game was probably a game that i would have you know that certainly wasn t what i thought it was going to be i don t know if i would have requested a refund.

But that was really the only example i ve had on steam where i purchased a game it had serious fires regretted. But i think it s an interesting return policy because steam really thrives off that impulse buy when you purchase something you see. It s on sale. Oh.

My goodness at 60 off and gotta get that i got to get it now so i m sure. There s a lot of purchases that people make impulsively because some things on sale and then figure wait a minute. I didn t really want this or this isn t what i really wanted and now this offers people an option to refund the games or you know get their money back. Now theoretically.

This is really useful because you know it ll encourage developers to make higher quality games that aren t really quick. I ve seen some concern from some developers out there who are basically pointing out that some of the indie games that aren t very expensive on steam could theoretically be played in two hours. And you might buy a five dollar game. That has three hours a game play you ve already got almost all the money out of the game.

And then you go ahead and ask for your money back. And this has the potential to hurt smaller developers more than bigger developers. I actually saw one developer on twitter. Saying that they already have 17 of their purchases already who are being requested to be refunds.

Which is astronomical and i m not saying it s a bad thing. I don t know i m curious because a lot of retailers out there for physical goods. Do have you know the ability to go ahead and you to purchase it have it for up to 15 days. And then you can return it.

But then there s other reads and other items you purchased that you can t get a refund on you can t get a refund out of house obviously that s a ginormous purchase. But it s not like you can just go back to the bank. And say just kidding same thing for a car. And i think especially in the case of cars that s because they lose so much of their values.


So quickly you know you drive off the lot. It s already worth thousands of dollars less so they re not gonna give you a full refund there in the case of consumer goods. Though that s definitely the case you know you buy a phone with multiple carriers. You ve got 15 days to try it out or a lot of other retail products.

So it s interesting that you could theoretically do this now with a digital product. Which wasn t something that was possible before and i again. I do think it s good for consumers. I wonder what kind of impact.

It will have on the industry. Though. I wonder is it going to inspire developers to make better games higher quality games. Because they have to because let s face it whether you like it or not steam.

Commands the pc market in terms of games. They are absolutely by far and away the largest outlet. There so if they make a change that sends ripples throughout the entire market. So you know is this gonna change.

It and make people make better games or is it going to hurt indie developers more than perhaps big studios. You know is this if you make a small indie game that doesn t cost very much should there be different rules for refunding like a four dollar or a five dollar game. That might only have two hours of of playtime in it you know it s there s some really interesting questions from a business standpoint that i find fascinating to be honest and i think it s gonna be really interesting to see how the shapes up i see a lot of pros as a purchaser. I can also see again some some potential downsides for a developer that wouldn t be all you know all oh.

My goodness they just want to make as much money as possible because anything like this any kind of change like this you know this this could theoretically if this doesn t work out for developer. Caused them to go under and maybe make a good game. But it s a short one and people will be using the system and request a refund despite playing the game. So i think that s really the concern that a lot of small developers have expressed is just this sort of know wait a minute.

This is going to be abused and at least according to some developers. There s just one i forget the name on twitter. I ll see if i can you know throw it up there for you guys to see in the in the description. But basically just talking about how they re concerned.


This is gonna be abused. And there is that risk you know retailers at least theoretically have the ability to charge a restocking fee to prevent people from just purchasing something using it and then returning it now theoretically the restocking fee is there to prevent someone from basically just abusing the system and protect the retailer from the fact that well they sold it it got returned. You can t really resell it as brand new because it is used so you ve just lost a big chunk of that items value digital goods don t have that same baggage you can t sell it as well the restocking fee is to offset the loss that we have because it s no longer a new good you could argue. It s just to penalize people for our for returning the good.

But i that would probably not fly so again. I think. It s interesting i mean it s easy to rush to judgment and say it s great for the consumer. Which it is and therefore.

It s great for the industry. But i do think it ll be interesting to see how this shapes up because from everything that i ve seen publicly you know i have access to any kind of additional information. I don t know how steam communicates to their developers. I wish i wish i was a developer and knew.

But everything i ve seen this was kind of a shock for people you know steam just kind of did this and didn t really tell developers. What was coming so a lot of people s livelihoods are on the line. And i think that underscores the risk of having a giant company like steam absolutely dominate. An entire industry.

So you see my sherman just get lit up there. But it really kind of underscores. The fact that steam really is close to a monopoly on not literal monopoly. Because there s certainly alternatives.

But they have a huge control over the pc gaming industry and changes that they make like this can be the life or death of small studios you know it s not gonna kill ya or anyone like that you re a one stop shop and alliance team and suddenly and not even this policy suddenly they change a policy that you know doesn t benefit you you might be out of a job. So i think it s interesting again i m not saying in any way it s a bad thing. I think it s really good for consumers. I don t know how it will impact the industry.

I hope it makes games better. But i guess time will tell anyway guys thanks for tuning in and watching check out the humble bundle link that s in the description here and until next time this is the historical ” ..

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