I ACTUALLLY Found “GTA 6” At Gamestop!

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“He seems worth it while the feelings sophisticated. But he was so astray all right right boys. What is going on is your boy soldier back at again with a new video and today we have gta. 6 boys.

It is right here as you can see this is just like the big chunk is video basically what i did was here. I have some footage from earlier. But basically i made this cover art of gta. It s all gta.

5 on the sides it s gta 5 on the back of gta. 6. Is on release as you guys know basically what i m gonna be doing is i m gonna be taking gta. 6 to game stops at target to walmart and i m gonna place it in there and i m gonna try to buy it so i m gonna see if they ll actually sell me gta se and yes gta.

6. Ladies and gentlemen gta 6 baby it s out our guys so as you can see i m at the game stop from the last video hopefully. These ladies with the dreads are not there. But we are gonna find out we re gonna pull in with gta.

6 ladies and gentlemen yes you see it here first we re gonna see how this goes down honestly not too sure it s gonna go bad. But we ll try target targets on the street. If not but yeah let s do a game stop ladies and gentlemen as i said this is about to go down..


So let s get it you have a nice selection of games here i don t know is that gta6 real. I don t know we re gonna have to go find out just a blank test. He sees i walk dean. I was absolutely disgusted the look this guy gave me will haunt.

Me for the rest of my loft is on the show someone just put it there something no the look he gave me. When i tracked about gta. 6. Made me feel flat out stupid.

They caught it fell right off the vibe. So basically i just stole gta. 6. From gamestop.

They didn t say anything so i just walked out with it they said like it wasn t their game or whatever so i just pulled out with the gta. 6. Pretty lame reaction from the guy who s just not having a good day bro like he was just like no. It s not real hun.

It s like dude dude. You re in working in game. Stop..


Should. N t that be like the best job of your life like holy shit. We re gonna go down the road right now we re gonna go hit up target and see what the guys in the back thing see you guys there guys we are in target right now we re gonna keep our voices down basically i got it s my waistband and we re gonna go to the back and we re gonna see if they will sell us gta. 6.

At target. We cannot get caught doing this basically we re gonna wait for the worker to go up there and be alone so just in case like we re not trying to get ganged up on we re not trying to disturb the public or anything. So let s do this i didn t you as hot gc6. The other thing.

It s not started food what thank you all right. It s just done a shaffer yeah no this man ought to be stupid. If he think he s gonna steal more copy at gta 6 by all means he was not gonna steal my copy of gta 6. I hope i see this man later on in life.

So i can give him a taste of my own medicine got that back on it all right well i got your faceplate don t worry hey stay up bro no you got my channel. If you want that dude was fuckin huh. He s like you can up my channel. If you uncheck it i wanna just salt gta.

6. To some random dude out here are those do you wanna buy my gj. 6..


Gj. 6. Bed yo show me this okay. It s like 54 months.

All right. Thank you i have a great day. Hi guys. So we are out here back on the streets.

With gta. 6. Of course target nor game stop wanted to sell me the game just like always we re gonna see if we can sell gta. 6.

To somebody here who that girl was like yeah. So choose my life hi. Bro. All right guys.

So the turnouts for this game. People obviously. New gta..


6. Wasn t real so that so that kind of sucked that really sucked um. They wouldn t sell me the game. And it was it was a disaster people so anyways guys if you guys can go smash.

The like button. I want two thousand likes on this video right here right now make sure to go comment down below. What you think is gta. 6.

Coming soon. And what are your opinions on the game anyways guys. That is one minute for me. Thank you jack for being in this vlog god no from his yeah.

And yes guys those minute for this video peace out soldier up and salute. ” ..

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