Inside the ASUS ROG G20

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“Guys drew here ins welcome back to another video on the asus rog g20. So so today. I m going to be giving you all a general overview slash tutorial how to upgrade certain parts of the g20 and while i don t have any parts to actually upgrade today. I m just going to be giving you all a tutorial on how to actually upgrade parts like the graphics card the processor ram the hard drive and etc and i will be taking out the graphics card.

I won t be getting to the cpu or a ram but i ll be showing you where it s located so starting this off to remove the panel you have to remove this little top panel of course. Which is quite simple no screws have to be removed or anything you just pull it off from the back. And there is one screw and another screw in the bottom once you remove this screw. We could flip it over and get into this and also just you know the reason.

I m making this video is because i do plan to actually upgrade the graphics card in this computer. Once nvidia releases their next generation of graphics cards which are supposed to be called nvidia pascal cards is supposed to be crazy and of course once those are released i will be showing you how to upgrade the actual graphics card with a new dual slot graphics card so once we have this removed we could put this over to the side and of course once this rog logo is facing towards you just pull the case towards the left a little bit of force will be needed and don t worry nothing will break here. We have these two cables that do power the lights on the actual computer of course. The coolest part of the computer are those lights that could be changed.

So much and once you remove those just put the panel off the side and if you don t even want the lights. You can just choose to unplug them and leave them unplugged here. We have the graphics card and up here. We have the cooler for the cpu and i guess anything that s really under there.

But i think it s just mainly for the cpu heatsink and under there under the graphics card. We have the actual hard drive the toshiba and that i believe is a sata power cable or something like that for your group your ssd or something like that and of course under the actual cpu cooler. There is the ram. If you want to get to that you can upgrade up to 16 gigs.

And it is laptop memory. Just you know so we have these four screws that we have to remove to remove the graphics card and there are two more to remove that red panel at the back which you must remove to actually get the graphics card out as it does hold the graphics card cartridge or whatever you d like to call. It a little bit more safely in place. So you got to remove this one at the top and this was the most difficult part for me.

I was trying to figure out how to remove this thing as i got the top screw out..

But i didn t know there was another one. I thought it was just simply lodged into there and couldn t really figure it out. But once you do that you re going to have to move to the bottom and get that other one out and it s quite simple and then we re going to be able to easily remove this red back panel thing that s holding the actual graphics card cartridge or cage it s inside that metal cage. Which holds it that can hold up to a gtx 980ti.

I believe i think it s a 980 at the largest it might be a ti but note you have to use a reference video card if you want this to work because a lot of aftermarket coolers won t fit you re gonna have to use blower style style cards. Which are the closed loop video cards. I ll show a photo basically how it works and unlike. The open air cards is the air only pushes out the back unlike.

The graphics card that came in this computer. Which actually surprised me i was assuming it was gonna be a closed card. But when you have an open air card like you know an evga cooler. The air goes all around the case.

And it s just going to heat up the entire pc. Which is not a not a good thing and of course. I just removed the graphics card. It is quite a struggle when you first do it you re afraid it might break.

But do not worry. It s definitely not going to break. It s pretty simple here we have the graphics card and we have that odd little elbow. That 90 degree thingy majiggy for the actual connector to the motherboard simply remove that and that s really all that there is to that it goes into that little yellow connector and the reason.

That hat the computer has that of course is unlike standard computers with a graphics card sticks out this computer lays all flat and the graphics card lays flat so to remove the graphics credits quite simple you have this one little screw. There we re gonna have to remove i remove it off camera. It was a little bit difficult to get to but then you just have to open up this thing use a bit of force. I know a lot of this stuff does take a bit of force and i think another thing.

I could say just to keep safe when you re doing..

This is have a large metal object near you i actually added 20 pound weight near me. And i was touching it every once in a while just to make sure. I wasn t all static up in the computer. Didn t blow up you don t want to have a static discharge that ruins your computer.

Here is the graphics card and of course. I m safely holding it by the plastic fan thingy majingy whatever. I don t know what it s called and then we re going to pretend like this is a new graphics card. We re going to simply put it right back into the cage and of course you can have a dual slot graphics card that will go in there and of course the next graphics card i plan to get will probably be a dual slot so it ll hopefully fit in there quite nice.

But humble. I believe i believe you can hold up to a 980 in here maybe a 980 ti reference. But i m not sure about that and of course just close this up you put the screw back in and this were done i need the ti. I don t know who exactly would put a 980 ti in this computer.

That s that s a little bit crazy i would say but if you want to do that you can and of course. We have to put on that little 90 degree elbow. Like connector or something like that so you could put it back in and of course. The process of putting this in was actually quite difficult for the first time you have to make sure of course that you line up this little connector and line up the actual cage of the graphics card is in and once you do that you screw everything back up.

And there s not much else to this video. Really of course you have that cpu under those two fans and of course. If you want to remove that you just remove a couple screws. It flips right up you have them ram.

Under there. And there is the actual hard drive now we re going to take a little bit of a closer look at the hard drive. I mean the not the hard drive. But the motherboard.

Oh my goodness i m messing up..

I don t i don t know i m sorry guys. But in here. We re gonna have to do one thing. We see there s this little jdc.

11 connector that we re going to have to mess with to do this and jdc. 11. As you can see is right over here this this little thing. All you have to do is just simply pull it off and as you see there s one spare little connector you pull it off and you move it over to the left this little thing and when you put the new graphics card in i believe what this does is activates that second power supply connector or something like that and i will actually link the 180 watt power supply down in the the description.

If you guys would like to get that of course. I m going to be getting one of those as you need that to upgrade to higher end graphics cards and here are the two power cables that came with the actual pc. If you have that in the box. I hope you kept the box in those that will help you quite a bit you connect those and you connect the graphics card and you re good to go this 750.

Doesn t require those two power cables as it can run off of the power just coming from the motherboard. Because it doesn t use very much wattage and of course here is the very difficult long hard process of putting this damn graphics card back in it s probably the hardest process of this you have to actually line up the cage. And then you push it down and of course. Make sure you have that graphics card connected into that little yellow porta.

I don t even know what it s called some sort of power and of course. It connects to the motherboard and now you re gonna put the screws back in and there s not much else i could say for this video of course you want to put the back panel on you don t actually need the back panel. But it ll make it a look a little bit cleaner at the back. There of course.

You just put it back in there we put all the screws in and there s not much else to this of course. If you d like to see a specific specific tutorial on the inside of this computer. I guess i can show you all that but i d prefer not to really mess with the actual fan on the cpu because you know it s just a little bit difficult. I m scared that something s going to break and of course you got to pray that this computer starts back up of course.

It s worked for me as i m still here and making this video as you know i guess..

But basically of course to stay safe make sure your anti static. I m actually on a carpeted surface. I was wearing socks while doing this and i had no issue just touch a heavy metal object of some sort and you re pretty much good to go it ll take all that static out of you and we re gonna have to put all these screws back in i don t know should i give you all a step by step process on how to do this i don t know i don t wanna make you all feel dumb like you i know you guys aren t dumb. You re probably smarter than me and of course now to put this back on we want to connect these two little cables that power the light.

If you want to connect them. And one thing. I could suggest just to keep these out of course of the cpu fan. You don t want these getting caught in there that would be a problem and of course just not to block any airflow or anything like that in the case.

I just suggest kind of pushing it into that little crevice there it ll help i guess with the airflow hopefully overall in the case and basically just to put this stuff together once again you just have to do the opposite of what you did at first. I suggest being somewhat careful with the case. I actually had a little trouble here. I think i somewhat bent the actual case and it was a little bit difficult to get it back on.

But it s back to normal. It is perfectly fine you simply put it on there and you slide it to the right you have to put a little bit of force in it don t be scared. I know i ve said it a couple times in this video. You do have to put a bit of force into it i was i was scared.

It was really the first time. I ve ever opened up a gaming computer and of course. This is my main driver. If i lost this i d be in trouble you put these screws back in and this was the most difficult process.

And i didn t even show it because it literally took me about five minutes to get this screw into the top. There because i didn t have a magnetic screwdriver or anything like that and there you go you have it all together and you ve got a new graphics card a new cpu grant and a memory and everything and now just pray that it starts up again and i ll catch. ” ..


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