Is The Buzzard Worth It In 2020?

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” s going on guys before this video starts i just wanted to mention i m m still doing the shark card giveaway for 500000. I m so thrilled to tell guys that we are actually growing as a channel right now we are currently 60 subscribers. That s just like i don t know it blows. My mind.

What s up guys web wallet is here and i want to sincerely apologize for not uploading yesterday. The reason for that is i did have some kind of party of sorts. And i took like kind of like take apart my setup. So i kind of had an extra bed in my room for something sleeping so uploading on monday.

This is not gonna be part of my schedule at all i will also be doing my regular upload tomorrow so yeah as you rewrite this title. This is going to be a review. If the buzzard is worth it in 2020. So as you can see here the buzzard is just a little bit above 17.

Million dollars. Which is crazy expensive especially for new players for new players. It s really hard to cough up money like that but i will not get the buzzard. If you do not have a ceo office.

The reason for that is ceo office are really expensive as you can see here the base price of a ceo office is a million dollars here..

I got the one like the bundle. So it s free. But just take my word for it it is a million dollars. The cheapest one if you do have a ceo office.

It does unlock the ability to become a ceo and have secured a serve and those secure server options include ceo vehicles. And if you have the buzzard. You can call it in at any basically any point of the map. If there s like a road near you you can call it in and it ll be right next to you there is a little bit of a cool down on this it s like two minutes.

Which is basically like no time. But like if you re in some sort of battle scenario that does take a little while so to do one little. I just wanted to see how long it would take me to do a headhunter mission. And i have done headhunter missions before in the buzzer.

Before i got the pressroom are to if you don t want to watch my presser with mark to guide it will be at the top right corner and this little icon to click that if you want to see my review on the pressure mic to you. But i have done the headhunter missions with the buzzard and the fastest. I ve done it was like three minutes. But the buzzard is a really big vehicle compared to the oppressor pretty garbage missiles and it also has a cool down on the missiles.

So if you are doing headhunter..

You do have to wait for the targets to be parked at a red light or while it s turning really slowly for the missiles to hit because for some reason. They just like blow up right behind. The vehicle. Which is really frustrating one beneficial thing about the buzzard is it does give you cover compared to the pressure mark to you so.

The buzzard as you can see here does have this kind of like metal cone behind you like a helicopter and npcs can t shoot through that but as you can see here. While i was doing this kind of like doing the client job where you steal the diamonds. I was getting shot in the back by the police and it did start smoking up at the end. And the problem with the buzzard is when it smokes up eventually the engine starts dying.

And if you fly low. You re just gonna smack into the ground and either blow up or just like turn it to black smoke. Which black smoke is never good. Number one rule to gt.

A black smoke is never good. But so anyways. I did that headhunter mission in like four minutes. Which was a little a little long.

So i also did another test..

I did did the diamond shopping client job. This is the same clip that i was just using a second ago and this client job is it s kind of wonky because you had to like park out from the in front of the in front of the like the vangelia diamonds. So it was kind of hard to like land through there and in front of the van joker diamonds because they re such a narrow place and i did kind of like get my blades caught on this lamppost here and i was trying to adjust it and while i was doing that for some reason it triggered the npc seceding. But um.

I i did the i did the normal mission. I didn t blow up the two guards in the front. I just didn t want to do that because i feel like and hopped in my buzzard. It was smoking from the incident with the poles.

But i started flying over to the drop off location. And it did take a little while to get there longer than it normally does and i did complete it in i think like four and a half minutes. Which which normally it takes like three. If you re quick also sometimes what rockstar likes to do is since buzzer.

The buzzard is an old older vehicle on holidays for example christmas and stuff like that or i don t know some kind of like holidays. They do give away the buzzard as a free thing as a free gift. If you don t really want to like buy. I guess you can wait for that but i don t like the rocks are usually never like has some kind of calendar.

Where it tells you what s gonna like to release or not if you do have the money for an oppressor monk to with missiles..

I would suggest that if you want to know why again just click my video. My review on that buzzard is a sort of a must have it s a really great way of getting around the map. And since it does have unlimited missiles not the best missile. But it has a limited missiles like you are pretty powerful and you can get your job done really quickly.

But anyways. I do say this in every video. These videos do take a really long time for me to make an edit. So one like or one subscription.

Really does help me and really does motivate me to keep doing this we are at sixty subscribers. Which is great we need to go faster because at this rate. It s gonna take months before we can start doing the giveaway and personally i want to do this giveaway. I want to gift you some money one of you lucky lucky viewers.

So um please tell your family relatives whatever to subscribe so i can slowly grow. But anyways. I really hope you have a really great day and yeah peace ” ..


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