Kingdom Come Deliverance – Robber Baron (Chivalrous Combat Route)

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“You what do you want i m captain bernard zen. Boy. I m here to to parley. I trust you i m unarmed.

What harm can i do try any you ll regret you understood you have my word who do we have here. What s your name boy henry. I m a messenger from i know from my beloved cousin sir bernard of a lesnar so what exactly is your message. Let s settle.

The matter. The chivalrous way you and me man to man. The victor takes hold and the loser. Why should i agree if you win my men will go and leave the loot here.

But what if i win i doubt bernard will admit defeat on your account you ll have to see won t you maybe you ll gain nothing by winning..

But at least you won t lose the respect of your men. You re a clever one it seems a waste to kill you but i accept your challenge giving up already you ll get it all right come here. Yeah. What s my what s the matter come on don t wake your the knees have you i m gonna enjoy this cool that i cut that all you got oh okay cool that i come back so you what are you doing well.

I never pictures up living water the lord be praised. I went to parley with wolfman so how did that go he s dead what how did that happen i challenged him to a duel and he lost you challenged wolfman of cambered to a duel jesus. I don t know whether you re braver out your fucking mind maybe a better base what about the others. Most of them scattered and burner can take care of the rest.

Well now this calls for a drink. I won t tell you the whole story. I m happy to tell it my god. What happened to you you look like you ve been assaulted.

I ve just come back from wolfing captain and in one piece..

I say that s something at least. But i doubt you achieved anything it depends how you look at it wolfin is dead. What he s dead captain i challenged him to a duel in one i sent you to parlay not fight. But at least.

I don t have to put my men s necks on the line so something good came out of your rash disobedience. But we re still enough to hunt down the rest of his gun. They re less of a threat now scatter. Without a leader.

We ll take care of them you ride the rat eye now and report. The sir honish. Next time you do as i ordered is that clear yes captain readings. What do you need i have news from the camp.

Sir hannes..

Speak. I persuaded captain bernhard to let me parley with wolf lip bernard agreed. I m surprised say with art. But in the end.

We settled it the chivalrous way. I challenged him to a duel. Sometimes more than enough so wolfin is dead yes. And his gang scattered around the woods.

Captain bernard and his men are hunting them down. Now. I must say henry after all that s happened recently. I m glad something finally turned out well so am i sir.

But i think you deserve to be rewarded for your efforts..

Thank you sir. Who do we have here come on what s your name boy henry. I m a messenger clock. I know from my beloved cousin sir bernard of a leshner waste to kill you if you win my men will go and leave the loot here and the loser.

There s no denying. You re a good negotiator lad. You re a born diplomat. Henry.

Don t be so modest. We have to drink to this and henry nice work and i think you ll just have to be ” ..

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