Learn Flash CS4 for Beginners – Your First Animation

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“A tutorial by tech studies today. We re going to be showing you real basic basic animation in flash. And getting you familiar with flash. And i assume that this your very very beginner as in you just barely got flash and don t really know where to start and if you re anywhere past that i don t really recommend sticking around for this tutorial.

Okay. It s going to be very simple so go ahead and open flash. I m using cs4. It s okay.

If you re using an earlier version that s fine too. But cs4 is going to look a little different if you re using a previous version. But if there s anything that s you know really different now go ahead and make a note of it for you so go go ahead..


And open a new file and this is flash off to the left do you have your tools. Some basic some advanced so you ve probably seen before text tool line tool pencil tool shapes tool up here at the top is our time line get more into that later and off to the right is our properties panel along with a few other things like color options alignment various information about what you have selected and stuff. And this is our stage right here in the middle those. Where all the work is done and all the drawings so we ll go ahead and get started with the first animation go ahead and select your rectangle tool.

Now if you want to use a rectangle that s fine. If you want to use a circle or oval or a different shape you can click and hold the little triangle at the bottom right of that and you get a couple more options an oval tool and we ll go with the ol tool color. Just do orange out and green hand side that s fun so we will create a circle. There s our circle select.

It and before we can start animating it we need to convert it to a symbol and there s a few different types assembled there s a movie clip. Graphic and button and for today. We re just going to select a movie clip..


So to do that you can hit f8. Which is the shortcut for it definitely something to remember you re going to be using that quite often so here s where you can choose what type and we re gonna just give it a name they may become semi important later on but for now it really doesn t matter what you name it it s all how you choose to name it okay. So now it s converted and we re ready to animate. It okay so we need to look at our take a look at our timeline.

Just a brief explanation by default is set to 24 fps. I think in previous versions default is 12. It can t be certain though but it s okay if it s not 24 just means 24 frames per second which means every 24 frames that ll be one second and you can you can change it to whatever you want however how you want. But know that that will definitely affect the speed of your animation.

So we re going to right click on our symbol and click create motion tween and of course by default since it s 24 frames per second. It will automatically assume that the shortest animation will be one second and put you at the 24th frame. And you can always move that to however you want but we re going to go back to 24 for now and so right here s what it will look like at the beginning right here..


So i wanted to look like at the end so if we want to move it just across the stage. You can do that and you ll see this green line. I ll get more into that in a second if using cs4 and to just test what you ve done you can just hit enter plate. And there we go right that um definitely moved across the screen.

Like we wanted. And i ll play it again. That s one and so we can shorten it down to about half that put it 12 you know go half you know a little faster. We can put it at 70.

If you want it course it a little much slower. It s definitely something you just play around with and get a feel for the timeline. How much you want how fast you want your animations to be so we ll go back to 24..


And if you re using status for i want to point out a new feature. Which is definitely definitely so much easier to use if you ve used a previous version of the flash. You know i m talking about but if you haven t considered self lucky. This is just the path to screen lies a path that it takes and you can alter that path so if we made it arced like that it ll arc like that and play through if we bring it up here.

It ll down so for this side. Now you can just play with it every ever you want to move it around you can do that so that s your first basic animation in flash cs4 hope you enjoyed the tutorial and if you did feel free to subscribe for more and make sure to check out the next part of the series. Where you will learn how to do shape. Tweens and hopefully get you progressing.

” ..

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