LG G4 OtterBox Defender & Commuter Series Cases

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“What s up to everybody so. If you just went out and bought yourself a a brand new lg. G4 and you want to keep it in pristine condition. And re probably looking for a case with the best protection that money can buy.

Luckily otterbox makes that and they have here the commuter series and the defender series. Probably the best protection you can get for your smartphone. Now before i get into these cases. I just want to give a huge shout out to autobots to send them out for review.

I must also state that these cases do not work with the leather backing of the lg g4 so if each case. You are gonna get something a little bit different with the defender series..

You re gonna get the case itself. As well as the belt clip holder and with the community series. You re going to get the case itself as well as a single screen protector which i found to be a nice little add on and when it comes to designing these cases. Everything was done perfectly the cutouts are all done so that nothing gets in a way the volume up and down as well as the power bond are all accessible on both of these cases.

The ir blaster as well as the microphone all dumb decision as well so nothing s gonna get interviewed when you re trying to use these features the flaps on the bottom are also going to act as an extra feature. Which is gonna help with keeping your phone dust resistant. So both cases are made up of a two piece material a soft rubber on the inside. Which is going to help with any type of shock absorbent.

If you happen to drop the case and then a hard plastic on the outside for any type of physical damage now in order to install these cases you simply remove the soft rubber on the inside. And then place..

The rubber within the hard plastic shell now. I actually found this to be very simple and easy to install. But the only part that was a little bit tricky was actually getting those bottom flaps to come out through just have to mess around with them. A little and then they should come out through and then the case is perfectly installed now removing the case is just as simple you want to pretty much just remove the hard plastic shell.

First and then the soft rubber. Would say we offer the phone and that s pretty much it now when it comes to the defender series. It s a bit more rugged and a little bit trickier to install and has a screen protector built in and the rubber coating on the outside of the casing. It s actually a bit thicker than that of the commuter series.

So you re gonna have a bit more protection than that of the other case as well now within the rubber. You re gonna find a hard plastic casing like you did with the commuter series..

But this time it s a full casing and a few clips you re gonna have to unlatch in order to get it open on the inside you re gonna find me foam material that s gonna happen type of scratches that the case may call it s to the back end of your phone and in order to install this you pretty much just want to put your phone in it place. The screen protector over that and then make sure that all the clips are securely locked. Before you place. The rubber coating back on top of it make sure you firmly press down on all the edges of the casing and that s pretty much it.

The case is installed and you cannot have the best protection for your smartphone. Now the last thing that i cover is the functionality of the screen. While you have the case and add a screen protector on and honestly it doesn t mess around the screen whatsoever. As you see here it functions the way it should be and the screen protector is just gonna give you that extra protection that you need all right today you got obviously defender and commuter series cases for the lg g4 by otterbox if you re looking for the same type of look and style.

But a little bit less ruggedness to it then you can go ahead and check out the asymmetry series case. I ll leave a link in the description down below to that as well as these two other cases..

But for this video. That s pretty much it i hope you enjoyed it if you did feel free to hit that thumbs up button leave a comment in the section down below. If you have any questions regarding these cases. I ll answer them to the best of my abilities.

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