LG Stylo 4 Themes & Wallpapers

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” s up tech inc stephane here from tech. Right today. I m gonna be showing showing you how to change your wallpaper and or theme. Stay tuned.

Alright guys. So may have just got the new lg styler for from either cricket. Wireless or metro. Pcs.

And you would like to change. The theme of your phone. And or wallpaper. And this is going to be the easiest possible way to do that so first thing you want to go and do is actually hold on the screen.

So three two one and you re gonna get a pop up right here..

It s gonna say a wallpaper and theme. So we re gonna go ahead and click right there now this menus gonna come up and it s gonna say wallpaper theme icons you can actually customize your icons. Which is pretty cool so say you want to go ahead and put a new wallpaper on here say you like anime you like chain strike or whatever you re gonna want to go right here. And you re gonna want to go ahead and download.

This now keep in mind that some of these do cost money. But most of them are actually free so after we download. It we re gonna want to go ahead and press set and click that set wallpaper and we do have the chain strike wallpaper on here now and this is actually a pretty dope wallpaper. Yeah.

That s how you change the wallpaper. Obviously. There s a ton more wallpapers on here as you guys can see right here all free if you guys want to go and change the theme you guys can go ahead and download any theme. You want there are top paid and top free ones as you see right there.

I have three themes that i love this is one of my favorite ones..

Looks really really nice your theme is then applied and as yes and see the icons and literally everything changes the wallpaper as wall changes. And it just looks all around more personalized and honestly i like it better so if you guys want to download any themes you guys can go ahead and take a look at top free top paid or new let s go ahead and look at the new ones. They have some pretty awesome themes on here actually if you guys don t want to use a launcher to slow down your phone. But yeah these are some nice themed if you guys want to download them guys the last thing we re going to show you is how to change icons.

Now. This is one of my favorite aspects of the phones. This is where you can like basically personalize. It to to your heart s content right here.

There are a lot of different icons right here that honestly catch my eye. But if you like a beach theme. Obviously it s the summer right here. If you like the beach theme.

Let me go ahead and go back..

But yeah. If you like the beach theme obviously it s the summer. So you guys can go ahead and click on that and you ll have a beach themed wallpaper. We ll have stars wallpaper will have a rainbow garden wallpaper pink shoes mesh metal all this all this awesome stuff.

Honestly these icons are really nice. If you guys want to go ahead and download him all you have to do is click on right here. Let s go ahead and download this one this one s called sunshine. So we re gonna go ahead and download.

And it s gonna only be about 5 megabytes at the most so don t worry about that so once it s downloaded it s gonna say install complete we re gonna click apply and it s gonna be applying it it s gonna take a little bit longer than a wallpaper as you guys see it s gonna take a few seconds. So you just have to wait. And there you go the icons are about to pop up right now and they re gonna actually load on the screen. So there you go we have some really really nice icons as you guys can see some fresh and new icons.

And honestly..

This is something that you can do to make your phone fresh and new because a lot of people get super bored of the phone. But if you re constantly changing the icons wallpapers and themes. I really think it you know gives us a phone. A more refreshing experience.

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I do upload without further ado. This one s stephane from tech right peace out taking ” ..

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