LG V20 vs LG G5 Quick Comparison: The V20 doesnt need any “Friends”… Pocketnow

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” re going to be a few personal opinions delivered in this video and right off off the bat. I can t remember a time where i was more conflicted about company s products when looking at gadgets released in the same year. The g5 was an ambitious experiment in introducing consumers to the idea of modular hardware plagued by build quality scandals. Lg s greatest sin might have been poor communication with consumers about what the g5 was really made out of following the lg v10.

Which was my personal favorite phone of 2015. The g5 was at best underwhelming. Now the v20 arrives looking to address the concerns. We had at the beginning of this year.

The premium primer paint is gone the v 20 has a legit metal back both phones have quick release buttons on the bottom corners..

But the v 20 has a more traditional rear panel granting access to the battery sim card. And microsd. There s a continuity of design as the forehead and chin taper away from the display. But the v 20s lines are noticeably more aggressive both phones have dual rear cameras in great manual modes for shooting photos.

But the g5 removed all video options where the v. 20. Is an absolute beast of a video shooter and though both phones have single front cameras the v. 20.

Retains the trick of shooting either a standard field of view or an ultra wide like the rear camera..

And when it comes to powering these devices the g5 battery shrank over the g4s. But the v 20. Gets a modest bump in capacity over the v10 and the audio. Oh the audio.

We in the united states were denied the bang olufsen friend for the g5. What we were left with was one of the poorer performing headphone jacks on any phone released this year. At almost any price point the v 20. Headphone jack.

It s good..

It s really good no modular design. No gimmicks just built right into the phone. V20 owners in the states might be denied the bang olufsen ear buds because of carrier influence. But the hardware built into the device should still save us from poor audio playback.

The fingers crossed at the end of 2015. If you d asked me what i would have wanted for an lg g5. I would have said i of v10 mini that s obviously not what we got now playing with the v 20. And it s still early days and testing this phone.

But we have a much better feeling about this device than its g sibling..

If lg were to continue offering only one line of devices to consumers. I think you savvy viewers watching this comparison might be able to figure out which one we would prefer as always thanks. So much for watching be sure to subscribe to this channel for our full coverage of the lg v. 20.

And help us out with some sharing on your favorite social networks for pocketnow. I m juan carlos bag. Now some gadget guy on twitter and instagram and i will catch you all on the next. ” .


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