Mass Effect Trilogy Review + Unboxing (Xbox 360)

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“Guys. What s up this is ship master. 239. Here with a review and unboxing unboxing of the mass effect trilogy for the xbox 360.

This is a very very 3 pack. I really like this you can get this at best buy or generally many places like game stop as well i got to sit best buy for 60 bucks. This is a very very cool pack. If you are a fan of mass effect.

I absolutely love mass spec would have to say it s probably my favorite game of all time. And i didn t mind going and getting this. I just really really wanted to get the trilogy pack as well because i really liked it i think. It s really really cool.

I did end up going and trading in mass effect. I had played the first one i had both the second and the third one when traded those in but i did that so i could get this because i really wanted the trilogy and i liked it a lot so anyone on the front of it just has a picture of shepherd and the game cases of one two and three you can see right there then on the back. It says a complete mass effect saga with over 300 awards. And it s just pretty much the back of it as a mature for all the things.

That is right in furniture. For which is all the goodness of this game..

So then you take off the sleeve and note. This is not a steelbook it would be really nice if it was but it is not but nonetheless. It is still great you can see a picture of shepherd here looks really cool on the back you have the normandy sr2 looks really awesome open it up right here. And it says n7.

How cool is that looks really really nice. So i argue larly like this box. Then you open it up again. And you have all the goodness.

You have the original mass effect mass effect. 2 both discs and mass effect. 3. Both discs as you can see the discs are actually slightly different than discs from the actual games.

If you buy them individually the thing. That is different. If you can see is it has the n7 stripe down all of them so our camera won t focus there you go. But it has the n7 stripe down all of them and on the disc.

If you get it in the right light. Even looks like it has the textural look like shepherds armor does in the game..

If you ve seen how it kind of has those little dots and stuff all over and stuff to give a textured look. It also has this so it really looks cool. I really like that also just to note this does not come with any blc as i am sure some of you are probably curious about it comes with absolutely no dlc. So do not get this thinking you re going to get the trilogy and all the dlc that comes out because it s not going to happen it would be really awesome if they did i think they should have but nonetheless.

It s fine with me personally. I already actually have the dlcs. So that s not a big deal for me. But i really just think this is a cool a full box set if you re wanting to get into mass effect.

Which you should does it s great it does actually come with codes. Though so what it does come with is it comes with this says to download the extended cut inning. You should. It is absolutely amazing.

I know there s going to be a lot of people who are somewhere probably in a comment and sam stupid about that i absolutely love the ending of mass effect. 3. I know there s people out there who agree with me the main domestic three. I don t know why people gripe about it that i personally think that they summed it up properly.

I don t see any problems with it i love it i think. It s a great ending..

What it comes with this on the back fit also which i m not going to show. But it s it has the mass effect to cerberus network code and the mass effect. 3. Online pass code.

Then it also comes with this little warning pamphlet things. None of them pamphlet. It s just dual sided. Things.

Just says you know pretty much genius. You re going to have a seizure or something if you play this game. Because it s too awesome. But on it comes with those two things and then as i said all the discs so overall.

It is really really cool if you re wanting to get into mass effect. I would highly recommend getting it if you do not already have one through three if you already have one through three you don t necessarily need to get this. If you don t want to if i can get this sleeve back on um. But i personally really want it i thought it was really cool.

And i had to get it so very glad i did you can get it for the xbox 360 or the ps3 well if you can also get for the pc. But um very very cool pack..

I am really glad they came out with this as i said it would have been nice if they included all the detail seat for it. But it s it s fine with me as i said i have them. But for people who don t that might be a deal breaker so just so you know it does not include them. But it does have all three of the games and has pretty much the bare bones of what they were trying to give you it is still really cool.

If you have any questions on it let me know or any comments leave them down below. I personally really like it mass effect is the best game ever in my opinion. I love it next to halo 4. I think i think all the mass egg games are really really great so that s pretty much it with the unboxing of mass effect trilogy.

As i said i picked this up at best buy for 60 bucks. You can pick this up anywhere. Else i would recommend going to best buy or to your local gamestop and picking this up. If you would like to as.

I said. If you have any questions comments leave them down below. And i would definitely say this is very advisable to pick up if you do not ” ..


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