Mophie JUICE PACK BATTERY Case for Galaxy Note 8 Review

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“Of the advanced battery protective case for your powerful device. Let s find out this this is the movie juice pack battery case for the galaxy note. 8. Which has capacity of two thousand nine hundred fifty mili amp.

That can give your device an extra boost for up to 36 hours of total battery life inside. The box is the case unit and the manual. It s a two piece protective battery case that is made out of premium polycarbonate shell that has a nice smooth feel to it looking at the interior of the case..


It has these green rubber dots that cushions the back of your device. As well as the built in usbc adapter that transmits the power to the device when using the battery of the case to install the case simply pull the top cover slide. The phone into the case making sure it attaches completely to the built in usbc adapter. Then put the top cover back making sure it snaps into place.

The case also has a significant raised beveled edge on its top and bottom giving. It a nice decent lift that protects the screen of your device. When facing down..


And it s also compatible with most screen protectors looking on the side of the case as the power button on the other side of the case are the volume buttons and as well as the big speed button on the bottom of the case is the usb c. Port cutout for the headphone adapter and the door tab that covers the s pen along with the front facing audio scoops for mic and speaker. Then on the back of the cases. The raised cutout for the camera flash and fingerprint scanner along with the four led indicator to display the cases battery life or when it s charging now to charge the phone using the case simply press and hold the power button of the case for about three seconds.

And the led light indicator will move towards the right. Letting you know that the battery is being dispersed to the phone hold it again for three seconds to stop the battery case from charging to phone. Then to charge both the phone in the case..


Simply use the usbc cable of your device. And the phone will be charged to first before the case or you can just place it on a wireless qi charger. To charge conveniently in addition. I ll be putting some links in the description below on where you can get the case.

So far mophie has really dedicated their products to all consumers for an easy battery hack with a user friendly interface and since the galaxy note. 8. Is a battery..


Hungry device. There is no doubt that this juice pack case by mophie is definitely what needs to be considered for more awesome gadget accessory reviews. Please don t forget to hit like and subscribe this has been ” ..


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