Obama AND Bernie Sanders ENDORSE Joe Biden, Doesn t Matter!

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” s everybody doing my name is anthony brian logan in today. We gotta talk about about quite a bit. I ve not been able to make videos for about a and a half because of a tornado that hit here in tennessee on easter sunday night. We re all good in the house everything s fine.

My neighborhood is a mess. But we re good we got power back after about a day and some change and there s a lot on my mind so i ll leave that right there for now let s talk about joe biden. Basically becoming the nominee for the democratic party. He s not officially becoming nominee.

But he pretty much is because bernie sanders went ahead and dropped out now i call this a while ago. I knew that it would be creepy joe as a nominee and i knew that bernie would do okay in the primary. But ultimately he dropped out and then he endorsed joe biden. Now i did not think he drop out and endorsed him right away.

But then again. I can t be surprised. This is similar to what happened four years ago in 2016. When hillary clinton was basically robbing them every primary election.

Bernie drops out and then burned it goes ahead and endorses hillary clinton. Although bernie sanders purports himself to be the opposite of hillary clinton. The opposite of the joe biden. He goes ahead and endorses him anyway now i m seeing the reactions on twitter.

They re hilarious the bernie bros are losing the mind they re burning the bernie shirts up there going on camera screaming into the camera. It s a bit crazy mess. But i predicted it i am not surprised and for him to endorse joe biden. Is just how to democratic party operates.

This is how bernie sanders operates. He purports himself to be independent he s listed as an independent. But he behaves as a democrat. This is what democrats do they go out there on the campaign trail talk about how much they hate this guy hate that guy.

But when it comes down to it they re gonna ride with the ship. So anybody talking about oh bernie s anti establishment. He s different from the democratic party..


I can t tell where how was he any different. I see no difference at all the exact same thing that everybody else in the democratic party. Did frumpy bootie gig. Amy klobuchar.

Andrew yangyang. Gang. They all have placed their support behind. One.

Joe biden. Matter of fact bernie sanders. Even did a live stream. With joe biden.

When he said that he was gonna endorse him which was crazy a cringe phil mess anybody that once joe biden to run should be ashamed of themselves you see this man. But your own two eyes. You know something may right you know he s not all the way there it s not even cool. It s not funny.

It s not something to even be you know a laughing joking that guy is not well. He s ill and every time not just sometimes not just an occasional slip or a gaffe. These ain t gas every time you see this man. He s not all the way.

There. A gaffe is when you say a thing people get offended by and you got to come back. Later and say oh i didn t really mean it that way my apologies. I love the lgbtq abcdefg community.

You guys are something like that when you make a quote unquote gaff. What s happening right now are not gas. They re not stuttering is under that what s happening is cognitive. Decline and we can all see it in the live stream.

There was a clear example of that that s another issue but we re gonna finally achieve comprehensive immigration reform as well put millions of citizens on a pathway to citizenship. Including so many we re on the front lines right now how are you gonna have citizens be on a pathway to citizenship. He says things like that all the time this is not the first time or the second time or the third time..


There s like a thousand of times. We say things like this or done things like this and they can t paint row. Because it s not all the way there is really a shame now after everybody in the democratic party. Has endorsed joe biden and bernie sanders drops out to endorse.

Joe biden. Officially with a live stream. Barack obama throws his name in the hair. As one of the guys that have now endorsed.

Joe biden. Now the elephant in the room. The trillion dollar question is barack obama. Where have you been this whole time you know this man could have you know really you should help when he was out there trying to campaign went before this whole virus kerfuffle took over and he s not being able to campaign out on the trail.

He could have used your help you could have said a few things positive about him and some of these interviews have been doing i know you and your wife get the whole netflix thing cracking and that s fine that s great congratulations and shout out to you. But at a certain point you could have said hey. My. Former vice president for eight years.

Two terms. Joe biden. Is running for president and i support him. I like him.

Now. His quote unquote official stance is that he would not endorse anyone until the primary he s overweight. But i mean. This is kind of an important election.

Yes. Joe biden is the guy. That s been the guy for a long. Time.

You should go ahead and endorse him if the objective is to keep the house flip. The senate and of course take the executive branch. The presidency then you re gonna do whatever you can to make that happen not wait into the zero hour..


When nobody else is running if bernie were still in the race. It doesn t really matter if he were one point behind or 20 points. Behind. I think.

Barack obama. But neither the endorsed joe biden. Until the very end and like after the convention okay if it goes to a contested convention. I think at that point after the convention that ll be when my rock.

Obama would endorse joe biden. And why do you ask well. I m glad you asked that s a great question the reason why is because barack obama knows was going on knowing barack obama maybe a lot of things that we don t like he may be kind of a far left as he may be kind of a stooge for the deep state whatever you want to say and that s fine. But one thing i m not going to say that he s a total moron he can look at a person and see decline mentally physically anybody can see so can he especially.

Barack obama because like i said he was in the white house with joe biden for eight years. When joe biden. Was a vice president so you around him a lot you re able to see him up close and personal for eight years you know this man. Whether you re friendly you re not whether you go to others houses to hang out and play parcheesi whatever that s a different story.

But you around him enough to understand what kind of person to use what kind of temperament. He has and if he s having a bad day or a good day you d know that something you see him out there in the campaign trail barely able to get from point a to point b. Don t really know what s going on always says the wrong things totally out of context appears to be having some serious mental problems you can see that so why would you go ahead. And put your support behind that man you know he did it now because there s nobody else running and if he doesn t do it it makes him look bad barak obama that is it make barack obama look bad because it s like okay you re not honoring your legacy you re not supporting another democrat it ll make him look bad in dc because be clear barack obama michelle obama they stood wouldn t it be indecent making things happening so this is more of a pr move if it did not come to the endorsement hurting or helping barack obama.

He wouldn t do it if it didn t hurt him he just went and do it okay. But since it wouldn t hurt him to not do it then he does you understand i m saying hopefully that makes sense so i don t really see a lot of enthusiasm from anybody. That is endorsing joe biden. Because they all know where we know that he s not really capable of being the president and it s a shame.

You know i d rather have bernie sanders in there because bernie a far left is a communist. A nutjob crazy and he s also physically not really will had a heart attack at age 78. But i digress i d rather have bernie sanders in there because at least. He is somewhat mentally sound.

He is still relatively sharp to be 78 years old much sharper. Than joe biden. Obviously so once he gets into a debate with donald trump..


He can at least hold his own and bernie sanders. But with joe biden. I mean trump can come out there. And say what do you say recently in response to a question about a tweet from joe biden s account.

You know some negative stuff. That a reporter. Was saying. That joe biden.

Tweeted. Trump was like no he didn t write that he doesn t sweet. He adds. Democratic operatives to do that for him he s not even really watching this press briefing right now and if he is watching he doesn t understand what s going on he came at it from a realistic point of view as in talking about joe biden s cognitive decline but also not even from a humorous front of you you re not trying to poke footage that s being real and that s what we all should do as long as i close i m gonna say this the burning centers endorsement the barack obama endorsement it does not matter you can have everybody in the world that matters on the left endorsed this man.

It s not gonna make a difference you re still gonna go out there and campaign. You ve still gotta do the base you still have to speak to people. He s not been able to do that very well his track record is really spotty with the crime bill and then in the 70s being against integration. Things like that are gonna come back to hunt him as well as what s going on right now.

Which is a man that is in mental decline. But i think i ll leave that right there for now and what s there you how do you feel about barack obama and bernie sanders. Endorsing joe biden. And by the way.

The barack obama endorsement was like 12 minutes long when i see their i ll link to it in the box. It was long. But do you feel about that will it make a difference how d feel about barack obama. Coming so late to the game to endorse his quote unquote friend and joe biden.

Whatever your thoughts are please let me know in the comments below and as all i got to say for this video. If you like what you heard please comment rate. ” ..


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