Plantronics M70 Bluetooth Long Term Review

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” s going on everyone welcome to my youtube channel today i want to go over over my plantronics m70. I ve had this for a long time now. This is second one the first one worked fine it just ended up going through the wash. And the dryer so that is why i am on my second one here.

But i wanted to do a review of this because it has works so well and it s very nice. It s very simple as a minimalist design. Too as black and white scheme. There and i noticed it was still available at walmart from the store itself and walmart calm.

And it comes and at a very budget friendly price so with that being said. I just wanted to recommend this and how to do like a quick review of it and just let people know a little bit more about it so the first thing about this bluetooth is that you can still get it at walmart. It actually comes in about 28 dollars..


And it s also a best seller on walmart calm as a four point four out of five whatever we like about this is not only does it make calls. But it also plays your music allows for status alerts. And it can also activate siri and google. Now now.

I don t have an apple iphone. But i do have android and it works perfect with google now just by pressing this button there. And then it will allow google now to come up so again this comes in a black and white scheme. I didn t see any other colors.

But this is very nice. It s very minimalist got like a curved shape to it it s got like a shiny piano finish right on that button there this is more like a solid black and it follows through on the back. There with the same black and then we have the earpiece that meant hardware that s what i call it anyways..


I like this here it s like a robbery flexible finish is actually conform to the shape of my ear because i wear it so much. But when you first get it it is more like this shape. Here. And then you have this optional clip.

Here. You don t have to have it on. But i really enjoy using it and it comes off fairly easy. The only con about these is that if you take this on and off too.

Much i have had one where it did break there because it s a tight finish along this round piece. There where it goes. And it just snaps right on just like that there is a tiny bit of play on it where it snaps in but otherwise..


It s it s fine it fits very well and this hardware allows it to actually stay on your hair. Really well and it s easy to put on your ear without really looking pretty good you can pivot it around if need be get it to a comfortable position and i wear everything the whole day basically because i will listen to music. I will listen to updates from my phone. It s all my ear.

The whole day. So basically all i really have to say is i really love to headset. I really just want to do a quick video on it again i got a while ago. I want to say i ve had it for at least a year this human anyway.

But i probably had this product for at least two years and it s still available from walmart the store and walmart calm. I ll actually try to get a link in the description below of the plantronics m7e headset. So if you have any questions make sure to leave them down in the comment section or if you have any other bluetooth headsets..


That you recommend also comment down below don t forget to like the video and subscribe. If you haven t already i would love to be able to do more videos about more tech. Hopefully higher price tech in the long term. But for now.

I m just kind of doing like budget friendly stuff. Because that is what i can get my hands on so liking and subscribing will definitely help me get to that goal and that s all i have thank you for watching and until next ” ..

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