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“Everybody welcome to heart for games my name is tony and i m super excited excited to be here today because i finally found a nintendo npd p. Reader so the heck is this thing why does it look like a gamecube. Why is it important i have all the answers for you stay tuned. So in one of our previous episodes we talked about this guy right here in npd p nintendo dolphin g dev unit and an n p dp nintendo dolphin cartridge just in case you don t know if you re new to the channel.

What is the nintendo dolphin. It was basically the codename the project name for the gamecube think of the nx and a switch right so for the last year or two. We ve known the nintendo switch as the nintendo nx that was the project name. But now that it s switched no pun intended over to you know being closer to production.

They re calling it by its official sort of retail. Name essentially so that the dolphin is basically the gamecube you know. When nintendo was having their developers work on games. You know oftentimes.

They would get development units..

And you know maybe the aesthetics of the final system weren t complete maybe the you know technical specifications for the hardware weren t complete so they didn t really have you know game cubes to give out to everybody. So they d use these you know. Np. D.

Pg. Dev. Units. And they would use these cartridges to store up to four games.

There s basically four different slots on the hard drive in here. And you could basically write to this and kind of cycle through those four slots for development purposes. Now i would assume as it got closer to production. People would have access to these things i don t really know when these came out in comparison to the g dev unit.

But i would assume because the aesthetic is basically finalized that these came out a little bit later and this thing is just weird basically it is a gamecube but instead of a disc or disc reading capabilities..

It has the n pdp like hardware just like built right into it look at this thing. It s like it doesn t seem doesn t seem like it should really exist. I mean. This is just the weirdest the weirdest thing ever this is like the tallest system.

I ve ever seen let s take a little closer look at this so again. You know looks like a gamecube on the side. We have a toggle between the us and japanese regions and on the front. We have a lot of the same switches that we had on the g.

Dev unit. Right. So you have an error disk change open close and of course over on the sides. We have our reset button and our power button the open closed button like the open closed button that s on normal gamecube doesn t do anything obviously because it doesn t have that like optical disc reader so let s go ahead and get this thing booted up basically you boot.

It up it has the same screen as last time it says..

This is property of acclaim. But when you start to switch between the slots. It goes to a traditional gamecube menu so for example here. What i ll do it and press open.

Close. This is at simulating me opening up the lid of a normal gamecube and switching discs. So then i press the disk change open close again. And then as you can see with the little lights here kind of switches to the different discs.

Within the n. Pdp cartridge itself. And you can kind of go through them all see. If there s anything on the disk in this case.

There s nothing on my disc..

I think that they wiped it before they got rid of it which would make sense they probably didn t want people like me discovering it years later and finding some unfinished game that maybe they weren t so proud of or something like that who knows that would be my best guess. Although i am currently in the process of trying to figure out if there is any remnant data on this thing then maybe it just there is data. But maybe it just does boot or something like that kind of like what i did in the videos on metal jesus s channel for the n64 disc drug so again guys i just wanted to show this off to you today. Because it is just like so strange and weird looking like a nice little odd oddity.

I guess is really the best way to put it just very bizarre. But pretty cool and i m glad that i found i ve been looking for it for years now that said let me know in the comments below. If there s like a prototype or development system or something that you ve seen in the past or seen online or something. Like that that you would like me to cover here on heart for gamers other than that thank you very much for watching.

And we will see you guys next time. Thank you again for watching if you enjoyed this video feel free to give it a like and a share. ” ..


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