Razer Lachesis Phantom Gaming Mouse

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“What s up youtube. How are you doing today. I m shawna dee. The techno techno dad and in this video.

I m gonna be checking out the nvidia shield and we re gonna get into it right after the jump and i m back now if you re new to the channel. My name is chan and i love all this new 4k resolution and high dynamic range going on in the tv and home theater space. So if you want to learn about 4k tvs and 4k blu ray players and 4k streaming devices like the nvidia shield tv. You ve come to the right place and you should consider subscribing alright so i received the new nvidia shield tv and you know lucky for me.

It s actually on sale right now it s down to 139 from 179. So i decided to pick it up as a lot of people have been asking me about this streaming device in particular. And i ll put a link down in the description. If you want to check it out on your own alright.

Let s go upstairs and get into the unboxing. So this box is pretty small. Which means the shield should be somewhat small as well sliding the top off of the box. We are greeted with the shield and it s remote.

It is pretty small and has a great look to it with both flat and glossy black panels. The remote that comes with it is also very small and thin. It s very easy to hold in the hand. And it also has a combination of flat and glossy black sections.

We also get some instructions and a power adapter. I gotta say this thing looks pretty sweet. The front doesn t have much on it except for the green led that lights up now that s pretty cool. The back panel is where all the connections are made from left to right we have two usb ports.

An hdmi output ethernet port for wired internet and on the far right. We have the power port. So i disconnected. The apple tv 4k and plugged in the shield.


Fairly simple fairly straightforward. I really like the way it looks. It s a very sleek little device now one of the things a lot of people were saying to me is that the android os in the nvidia shield tv is is way better than the one built into the sony tvs so i was super excited to try it out once we turn it on it asks you to sign in and then we pick our favorite apps. It shows you how to use the remote then does the update and finally when it gets back it tells you all the cool stuff that it can do jumping into the main interface this looks great and it s very snappy like super quick.

This is awesome. It s leaps and bounds better than the android os on sony tv s alright so let s go into some movies on vudu. I was glad to see that my 4k purchases were available in 4k and some of them did have ad mos. What i did not like to see is there is no dolby vision support what i did find was interesting was the netflix app.

Did not support at most but it did support hdr so i m a little confused about the streaming device alright. So initially. I was kind of unimpressed by this device. So i looked into the amazon fire stick 4k.

Which is only 49 bucks. Supports all types of hdr so from a home theater or a movie standpoint. I think the shield is a pass unless they get dolby vision along with dolby atmos. Support for the netflix app.

So i did buy the amazon fire. Stick 4k and i already have the apple tv. 4k and i have an xbox one x. So i think i ll make a video comparing those three with the nvidia shield tv.

So i got a question for you guys. Which one do you have or which one do you plan on buying once you let me know down in the comments. So yeah. I m not really impressed with this device as of yet.

I was hoping to really like it. But not just yet so i ll check it out some more and compare with the apple tv 4k and the amazon fire stick 4k and definitely check it out and test. It against the xbox one x. Now.


If you have any questions for me go ahead and ask them down in the comments below or on whichever social media. You like to use the most well that s it for this video. It s pretty quick wasn t it wow all right if you like to go ahead smash that like button. And don t forget to subscribe to my channel using the button in the middle of your screen once again my name is chyna d.

I am. The techno den. I ll see you next time hink it a little light on there for you that s the profile button. I kind of like that it s under the mouse.

Because there s no way you re going to bump it unless you wouldn t you know intentionally pick up the mouse. And press. The profile button also there s that third. Gen sensor.

Now this sensor is 16. Bit. What s a 16 bit mouse gives you a much wider data. Path and this one is capable of 60 to 100 inches per second.

That s a lot of data also the polling rate on this it ll its standard 500. But it ll go all the way up to a thousand in the software. So that s a thousand reports per second that s that s fast a thousand hertz randy now another thing is nice about the mouse. There s 32k of onboard memory.

Now what does that mean well allow the other might select your profile s. You go in and make all the different profiles and that sort of thing. But if you take this mouse to another computer or to a laptop. You ve got to redo all of those profiles well with this one you can keep some of those profiles right here.

So whenever you go to a different computer or a different if you go over your friends house a land party or you just take this mouse anywhere else those profiles are going to be in there so when you re playing those games. You re not gonna have to worry about reconfig. You know each game every time you change computers. So that s another bonus with this now.


Why do these guys not use. A cordless mouse. You re not going to find a razor cordless mouse well corded is really the way to go for gaming. You don t get near the reports per second.

As you would with a cordless device again. It s all about speed and being able to deliver those silky smooth results in games. Now i put this beside my death adder at home won t you take a look at the differences here you can see the done well obviously. This is the white one.

But it also comes in the blue like the death that also comes in the red color as well but side by side the deathadder looks nice they re very similar the deathadder is very comfortable in my hand. This one s a comfortable as well. It s got a little more of a swell to the backside here. I mean.

He s a little higher in the palm area. Some people like that some people don t like that it s all really personal taste. But the one thing i do really like about this it s a true ambidextrous mouse. So if you re left handed.

And you ve been looking for a mouse to be looking for a high quality gaming mouse. A lot of lefties email me randy i get it all the time they re like why do we never get any love they re always like you know made for right handed guys what about the guys who want to frag with their left hand. Well this is your mouse and it s also as the highest dpi have any mouse on the planet so you re not getting a second rate mouse. You re going to get the best mouse out there and it s going to be for all you lefties and anybody who is a right handed guy too so that s another nice feature as well now in the games.

The former performance was nearly perfect. I actually frankly i think i like the feel of the deathadder on another back go back and forth because which one i like better they re both very comfortable mice. But this one was a little smoother in the games that i tried out so i was playing team fortress. 2.

And it was a little easier to get you know clear head shots. And it did feel a little smoother. All the way around when i was moving this mouse on the screen. I also try out crisis and the same was true in crisis.


I also like the fact that there are so many programmable buttons on this one there s more than the deathadder as well so with this one. I actually set these buttons on the side to my different nanosuit functions like you know maximum speed maximum bo. You know that sort of thing. I set this over here so i m not always fooling with the middle mouse button.

Which is a button there you can depress that but this mouse all around is a great mouse now what comes in the box. Well you get some razor stickers you can put these on your cat you can put them on your computer. I recommend putting them on the cat. It s hilarious you re wrapped around the paul.

They re like oh. Why do you do this to me. And then i peer. There done that just look up at your like why would you do that to me i m your cat you saved me.

But then you do this these things you get the quick start guide in the box. I got a little pamphlet here with some of the other raise your products. I m gonna get all excited about those we got this a certificate of authenticity. This is an authentic razer product randy you got this i m not really sure what you call this.

But it s just a little kind of a guess you can frame this it s the bringer of silent death. And then you ve got the little guide here the master guide and inside there s your driver installation cd so all that comes in the box. And you re ready to rock and roll you guys have any questions about the razer lachesis. The bringer of silent death.

Send me an email logan at tiger tv. I ll see you next time for more information on the razer lachesis bring your silent death and go to tigerdirect tintype. R99 dash 1074 into the search. ” .


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