RCA RTR3260 32-Inch Roku Smart Tv Review using outside Antenna & Apps Netflix etc

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“This is cooking with doug i m still at mom s house guys or should should i say my parents house. I ll do even daddo anywho. I want to over real quick this new tv. I got for my mom for christmas.

Although it is slightly after thanksgiving you know with my parents if i don t hook. It up it s just gonna stay in the box. And we just can t have that so since i m here i just hooked it up early and what this is guys is the row cool new addition to their tvs. Rca is now having roku tvs and so i got this from qvc.

But i ll leave the link in the description on where you can get it on amazon. This is a 32 inch. And it s replacing this toshiba. I believe this is a 22 inch or a 24 inch.

I bought this for mom probably 10 years ago. But it has died tvs. Don t let tvs out here outside here last about ah about seven eight years so it s been dead for about two years. So it s time to replace anywho.

This has three hdmi inputs in the back. Including a rc. It has an optical input as usb and i believe it has component as well. But i have this hooked up oh and also guys i have a antenna hooked up to this and we re gonna demo that as well so let s go ahead and get it on i already hooked it up so we re pretty much good to go.

This is the remote volume. I has a headset jack somewhere. I don t know somewhere in here..


It has on i ll find it later. But yeah. That s what it looks like when it turns on so what i m going to do for you i m going to go to the antenna because i hooked that up so this is our free channels that looks good now some of them don t come out as good. That s okay i notice.

The later channels come out better coming from 60 down is that but this is the cheap antenna that i have guys that boy at walmart like 10 years 10 years ago. So we ll take what we can get the antennas that they make now much better than this. But hey. This is all free all free enough of that we ll go home just wanted to show you now my mom is very much into politics.

So of course. I had all the apps for that so she could watch her stuff really quick so this is cnn go somehow it detected that we have directv so we re able to watch live. So let s go ahead and watch live. We know about featured stuff so we re gonna go we re gonna watch a lot of cnn and of course.

This is all based on what s just an all my life. She s based on how strong your internet. Connection is this is off of wi fi. So sorry for the glare guys.

But at you know when the sun is down of course obviously. It s much better. But it is what it is let me turn it up i m contradicting the others what they have in common is a remarkable lack of evidence of fact so this is cnn life facts to bear on a debate on emotion and conviction. So that was cnn live go all right so we won t go to abc or nbc.

Those are good too. Let s go ahead oops. Let s go ahead and go to netflix let s check that out well you have netflix of course..


This is a paid subscription. So you get a free trial. But obviously after then you ll have to pay i don t know how much it is cuz. I ve had netflix for over 15 years and that keeps going.

Up i know when i first. Started it was like 799. Hanging. I know it ain t that now because i think i have the hd version.

Anyway you get in there. Oh. She s watching the christmas thing that movies corny don t watch it. But i m just gonna put on anything that looks good.

I don t know anything let s just put on that i m just showing you how fast it goes. And i m gonna turn it off as soon as it gets on i just want to show you how it moves and again this is just based on your connection. Anyway so if your connections faster than mine you go faster. If it s slower then it ll go slower.

But it s pretty fast the movie started already pretty awesome let s go back home just wanted to show you all right go back home. There we go all right so let s go we re gonna go to hulu seven minutes already look at that again i m sorry for the background noise from the pool and all that good stuff. But it is what it is okay so let s do this down. I live right let s just do that as it comes on we ll turn it off we ll copyright purposes of course hey by the way um i got mama instant pot on black friday.

I should be coming. Today. So look out for a video for that if it comes..


I m leaving tonight. So we come about lunchtime. I ll do a video as you know who lose another paid subscription and they have even though you pay they still have commercials as you saw right there and then i m gonna go to youtube and then we ll conclude this i just wanted to show you guys real quick. How how this works.

It works. Just like any other rule cool tv at home. We have a tcl roku tv. And though.

It works. Just the same way as that so if anyone wanted to know you know comparing this to a tcl roku. It s the same difference to me now this is youtube. I signed her into my account for one of my accounts not my cooking channel.

So right here we can go through subscriptions. We ve got a subscriber to the view and seventh day adventists stuff with seventh day adventists. My parents are my son s channel. So she can watch a grandbaby and of course.

My channel. Let s click on one. Oh god commercial. Yeah.

Hey yeah. When you see this don t hit skip. It..


Skip ad let it play. Because the longer you let it play i get a little more extra change for the video. But if you hit skip i still get paid. But i ll get left so all who love me let it run.

But i m gonna skip it for this video and that s all i got guys i just wanted to show you guys real quick shots on my kitchen gadgets with proof on facebook. If you re ever wondering about the rca you know 32 inch. It s good to go i recommend it it s a nice price you can get at walmart you can get at qvc or you can get it at amazon doesn t matter alright. They like if you liked it remember to subscribe the same thing.

Thanks for just even looking at my video yo. We out. Oh yeah. One thing.

I forgot to tell you guys this wall mount won t fit the new tv. So i have to buy a new one and my parents have a friend of the family that comes in to do you know stuff like that like repairs around the house and fix up things so they re gonna come i ordered up bracket on amazon. I ll leave a link into the description. So you guys can pick it up.

But this is basically what the manual says just in case maybe some of you don t have the manual yeah. I ll let you see that cuz. I can give you the full breakdown. So there it ” .


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