Robber Baron Armor Guide – Kingdom Come Deliverance

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“Youtube and welcome back this is nico. And you re watching dare to game. Today today were playing kingdom come deliverance and we re doing a fan requested armor guide. One was requested by brax over at discord and he wanted to see a robber baron guide.

Now i don t know if he wanted me to make one or me to just do the one from the game from the robber baron quest. But i just did one that looks a lot like the one from the robber baron quest with a few you know creative decisions are like where it could have been one way or the other side chose the one i like better. So this is i guess my robber baron inspired by the robber baron. So let s get into it with weapons.

So as you can see the weapons. I think. The robber baron and the aim had a good choice stingers a great short sword of course you gotta have a dagger and then i got a heavy shield and i chose to use the i call it the flaming heart variant of the heavy field. So that s the one i went with so that s it for weapons let s head over into clothing.

It s far clothing. We have you know pretty standard looking stuff i kind of picture this being what a robber baron road. Where we have a bavarian gamson the black hood padded coif patched hose quiet dark shoes got to be quiet silver neck..


Chain silver ring and silver spurs. A lot of silver this guy s vampire hunter in spare time so that s the clothing. We re looking at like i said i wanted to go with stuff that seemed durable enough and not like terrible. I didn t go with all the really crappy stuff.

But you know because he s a robber baron you know he has money it s just not legitimate money. So. Let s add the armor and see what it looks like then so with all the armor. Added.

This is what we have so the armor is the kooten burg kuras the bassinet with clap pfizer mail. Tosses sacks and composite tosses. And i chose the ones that have the little blue here. And it s more greenish here riveted pauldrons.

I went with the dark brown variant male coif short common hawberk and the composite gauntlets. So as you can see that s our robber baron. They re pretty pretty good looking..


I think you know it maintains an unassuming look you know it s not something that is gonna you know bring all the nobles going ah. But it s still decent you know you know appearance wise so total value we re looking at ten thousand nine hundred nine point five grossing. So pretty expensive actually and it has a total a arr average armor rating of eighty three point two five making it pretty good you know not not top tier stuff. But again we re dealing with you know.

This is captain the guard level armor or robber baron level. So let s test it out on the unexpected citizens of previous hobbits. People are gonna be like why yeah we slaying people in previous hobbits well maybe. That s what i like doing there don t have so.

Many questions where should we start first today. I think we ll start with our clucking hens oh and this guy well they run quick they don t trust their bailiff. They know they re not allowed to have any gatherings of more than three people that s considered a game. There we go took care of her these are the pretty slav.

It s bloods or crips. I don t know come back here you oh here we go oh not today junior gonna have to back up and let our stamina recharge. There we go punch oh he pressed me good poke..


Poke side bottom doesn t do what i tell it to do sometimes that bothers me oh black beat up with a poke. Another box black coke. Marry you keeps getting right out of reach mike yes. I m used to using long swords.

Which you know as the name would imply give you better reach there we go should have poisoned my sword finally. But i never add bows to films like this let s just fast forward through this fight. Mary s finally got that guy now that was annoying. I don t see if we can t find someone else.

That s a little bit easier to take out the ones running around as if they ve got somewhere to be it s pretty slaw that s where could you possibly be going to the latest nightclub that opened up here. He is oh i thought he s gonna stop for me rude. Oh. That was me who was this guy.

He s dressed all fancy like its hood bunch of washes drinking in the middle of the day. Adam come back here. My said they just kind of collapse and i think last..


But not least we ll treat our swordsman to the sword. He think. Oh my god what a rare treat home and after that first kill. I was expecting more.

But that s it that s all the killing me now that s all the killing. We have so i hope you liked the guide again this recruit was requested by brax over on this card. So we ll see you next time congratulations on making it to the end of the video. If you did i can assume you like the content and hopefully you ll subscribe and turnout in the notification belt.

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