Running a GameCube DEVKIT (NPDP-GDEV testing)

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“Right so this is my nintendo gamecube development kit it s an mppt dev and and there s also an mp dpg box and the difference between that one and one is that that one only relies on this cartridge slot and those cards are pretty expensive and were mainly used to just distribute belts throughout a game studio. I guess. But this one as i suggest with dev was actually used for development. So you get a pci card.

Very proprietary rare hard to find hardware that was delivered with this particular deaf kid. And i was very lucky that this one that i ve bought came with it because usually you don t really see them that often people don t really know what they are that they even belong to this difficut. So i guess they if they throw it the old pcs. They just kind of throw out the ones with the it s called the odum card as well so.

But yeah. Luckily enough i got it with this deaf kid that actually it looks brand new it s in really good condition. So i got quite lucky with that and yeah. So i picked up his old pc well i really picked up i had it shipped from the uk.

I m in sweden. And so this cost me like 55 pounds for shipping and like 30 pounds for an actual thing and i really couldn t find anything in sweden. So yeah just uh whatever. This is a pretty nice pc.


It s pretty like a small form factor. I guess for the time pretty clever design pretty cool and yeah so it s running windows xp and it has the card plugged in and if you can see that a cable. There that s that s what it connects throw them into so you get a little program. It s called odum serve.

If we load that up it s just gonna say that the device is part off now. This is already good because that means. It is at least recognized that there is a device actually if you don t install the drivers and or something fails it just throws like an exception so this is a good sign so let s power it on see what happens so it s gonna tell you it s checking. Which basically means that it s just seeing what listening for connection.

I suppose we re in a program now it gives you this program. So this is the optical disk. Emulator and yeah you get a couple options here open close cover err emulation seek them emulation pretty cool little comments pretty cool the lycans. I think very 90s early 2000s like that so now.

The checking has gone as well so that s a good sign. But there actually is gonna run this from the command line so there were a few demos supplied with the deaf kid first one is the dodger demo is actually made by a company called radical entertainment. And they are pretty well known for someone air getting to games. So it s pretty cool that they made this demo and then there s also the other demo.


Which is the n dd or nd demo and this is basically the princess peach castle demo that people have already shared a few times so let s run in front of my line or gonna call program called od run and they re just gonna hit enter and see what happens there you have it we running on the desk. It has the let me turn off the light here. It has the red or entertainment logo and a little character looking around so i found that uh taking controller here if i spam a it throws these little you know rigid bodies to the character so it s a little physics demo there s a few other things as well if you press l2 with gifts your dislike dump of render information and a couple of other things memory stuff pretty cool. So you can see the frames at that time.

I guess if we throw. It is that s gonna increase a little bit. Yeah see zito ghost is like skeleton to you i m not maybe. There s like collision.

I guess. It s collision. I m not really sure what this is i think it s collision and then our two gives you like this static camera. That you can like move around with the with the joystick great job here.

But it s also inverted for some reason yeah pretty cool now let s see start seems to just reset. It and yeah other than that b doesn t seem to do anything x and y. Doesn t seem to do anything you got the d pad rotates. The camera yeah pretty cool old mo.


I think look at him cool alright. So let s try out some of the the things that we can do with this i haven t actually tried to set all. But let s see let s see what happens if we go if we go back to the program and then click disk error emulation okay so nothing happens there fail error. Nothing okay well we can try it out then the deaf kid as well actually let s see if we click like error.

No nothing. I guess the program is just like not handling those errors. I just fine. We ve got to try to done a few more times.

I guess. But um yeah let s click reset here. And let s try to get a demo. As well.

Let s see. Which one is it here we go travel idea gamecube world. So i think this should look familiar to some of you it s i think it s publicly available this demo haven t see much about the auto demo. But i just want it s pretty well known here it is our guy.


We can go to some rooms not let s see i guess said render modes. Actually changes things in this case. Things look slightly. Better.

Yeah. Let s go to the main menu and check out some of the demos here maybe like the cave is pretty cool cave local lighting. Yeah so pretty straightforward cool little demo. This is of course just the tip of the iceberg.

Because there s a lot more stuff that i want to document like stud that the profiling tools and the debugging tools and whatnot. All the stuff that came with it that people never have really took the time to check out or there s a couple videos of people showing off their deaf get. But no one actually using it so here s a first pretty cool to see that this run still after all these years ” ..


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