Samsung Galaxy Note 8 – Zerolemon 10,000mAh Extended Battery Case

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“What s up everybody. It s your boy floss back again with another video and. And. Today we re gonna take a look at the zerolemon 10000.

Milliamp extended battery for your samsung galaxy note. 8. Now you can buy this on amazon i ll put a link up in the description. The price 60 bucks alright.

So let s check this out now. If you watch my videos you see me review. The 5500 milliamp extended battery case. This is a big boy right here.

It s gonna last you all day long with heavy use 5500 milliamps 40. Bucks add an extra 20 and get. Ten thousand bill amps. Now you re talking about days.

I would s plural. You re gonna be able to use your phone with max brightness for a few days straight alright. So let s check this out. Typical zerolemon presentation.

You get to 180 days. Zerolemon promise battery maintenance. Now. This is important please charge a battery for 12 hours prior to the initial use for optimal battery performance.

Please perform five to six recharge discharge cycles for all new batteries. That s mandatory. Let me grab a little unboxing knife shout out to the little unboxing light. Look out sucks.

Don t get a haircut rock. Here. We go okay. I ll let inside here s your case.

Alright. File..

Let okay you get your zerolemon 180. Days. Warmer t. Plucking and file.

It weekly giveaways. Blocking and file. It instruction manual pluck it flick of the wrist. And here s your headphone adapter.

I will save that now let me take off the five thousand milliamp case. So we can look at the differences. Now. If you notice with the 5500 melia.

This one is a lot slimmer and a lot. Lighter. Now when you re talking about 10000. Bill amps it s not gonna be that.

Slim i say here s your battery 10000. Milliamps on deck power button here s your usb to usb type c. Wsb. The wsb basically this is just a rubbish shell okay zerolemon brandon on the back matt finish on this no fingerprints necessary necessary all right let me grab.

A galaxy note. And we re try this out okay little drop just behind the camera. I declare my activities now you get this little piece right here. So you re just gonna put one in just like that you want the power button facing the ramp and you re gonna grab your galaxy note drop.

The other usb in just like that then you re gonna grab the case let s slap it right on simple and straightforward now if you tap that button on the back that s gonna show you how much battery you got so right now. I got 75. You got four leds now when you want to start charging or are you going to do is hold down that power button and you ll see a star charging up now. It s charging up simple straightforward now on the bottom.

You know your galaxy note. 8. Has the bottom firing speakers. So if you notice you got speaker.

Grilles on the front. Now..

What that does is fun little sound right to the front and in my opinion. It actually makes the speaker. Sound a little bit better i ll do a little demo now if you want to use your headphones. All you got to do is plug in the little adapter get in there nice and deep giggity and plug in your headphones.

Just like that now the case does have a little bit of raise if ti. But not much now one thing. I did want to mention every time. I do these videos a lot of people leave the same comment and they say what about if you drop your phone.

You don t really got too much protection you got to remember. There s three different style cases. You got protective cases out of boxes. You got your poetic revolution.

Your sub case. Vi. Unicorn. Beetle proles.

Big giant protective cases. Then you got style cases. The feather case is the leather cases they re really really thin cases that don t offer any protection and then you got functionality cases this this is a case right here that s built for function not for protection. Not for style because if you look at it.

It s definitely nothing sexy about this let s check. The fingerprint sensor fingerprint sensor duck that activity got busted got busted with the thought activity fingerprint sensor. Does work. Let s see how hard it is to get to your s pen.

I might at the end of that down that was some nice buns you could get to your fingerprint id. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah s.

Pen the buns got me all out of my mind. You all. Right. You can get to your s.

Pen real. Easy..

Oh listen let me take let me lock. That everything a little screenshot of that so i don t lose that page all right all right let me get focused like i was saying. This is definitely not an attractive case. This is not winning any awards for the most beautiful case.

And it s definitely not the most protection because look how easy if you drop this the case can just pop right off now me personally i never rock these as fashioned cases and i don t rock them all day usually i ll just have my galaxy note. 8. In my pocket or have a different case on and if i m going out somewhere. I m going on a trip.

And i know i need some more battery. Let me. See how easy this is to take off just like that alright. So basically what i do is i just have my phone in my pocket like this well.

I got a regular case on now if i notice that i m working 9 00 to 5 00. And it s 6 o clock. I m on my way home. And somebody calls me yell let s go to happy hour or i want to go out on a date.

I don t got time to go home. Now i need some extra battery then i pull this out of my bag slap it on and start charging the phone now that s why. The thin woman would come in handy. If you using this for day to day activities.

You d only need four thousand five hundred milliamps that s four five thousand five hundred that s pretty good what would you go on on vacation are you going camping you re going on a trip you re going and you re gonna be stuck in the airport. What a long layover and you want to be using your phone on beast mode. And you don t know when you re gonna get to that hotel. Then you get the ten thousand milliamps and trust me.

When i tell you i ve been using these cases for years this one right here attempt to shut up deserts. Ten thousand milliamps. This is gonna last you maybe about three days now with my 5511. I m getting a full day easily easily anyway these are the zerolemon 5500 milliamps forty bucks ten thousand my lamps sixty bucks do the math for yourself these are 100 mandatory for me now addendum for the iphone or denim for the lg s basically any phone that they make it for if you got that phone.

I got a video for that one too trust me i stand by these cases anyway. Look. Let s see if we can uh wirelessly charge. Xerxes tail lookout zerks.

Anyway hit me up in the comments. Let me know what y all..

Think about this i got to get back to the buns shoutouts everybody bracken will be on facebook foursquare twitter google shout out to all the google gangsters i see i hold him down that facebook page shout out to everybody hit me up on boxer and a special shout out to everybody rockin with me on instagram y all. Know that s where i m. At full time. 100.

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I see y all. In the comment section. Early hashtag salute. Oh.

Yeah. One more thing. Almost forgot. Fellas.

Ladies. Say. It. With me all y all.

Haters. All y all. Close. Close your eyes.

And picture. Me. Rollin. Support floors up.

Map deuces spark one to beam up energize. ” ..

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