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“Is super day of how our youtubers out there doing i got a samsung galaxy galaxy s7 i m gonna be taking a trip to the ecoatm and see how the machine will offer me for it it s got cracks in the back. This thing s been good like glass. And it s all cracked in the back. Just wanna.

See if it will offer me anything at all and also today sponsor of this video is our sky soft toolbox they re a company that helps you delete your data android or iphone. You can also transfer data between phones computer. You backup restore you can actually repair any issues. You re having with your phone you can even unlock.

The phone without even having this it s pretty awesome. I m gonna have a link in the description and you can click there for more information they have it free download. You can download the program absolutely free you can check it out i ll leave a link at the bottom you can go on there and download their software you hook your phone to it with your laptop..


And it s pretty fun to play with it s pretty cool well i ll see you at walmart heading over there right now to go and sell this phone. See what we can get for it. See you then this super dame here. Again have a galaxy s7 edge the back is cracked the glass on the back.

We re gonna see how much we can get for this phone at the equal 80. So let s begin first turn on your device and make sure you keep it unlocked. So i can get you the best price next make sure you have your photo id with you i ll need to check it later if you decide to sell your device. And i want to give special thanks to our sponsor of this video you can visualize guys so keep your smartphone and be pretty yourself just top.

Okay i have programs. I ll get to what that can unlock transfer data between your phone. Whatever you got please not the type of device you d like to sell if you have more than one how would you like to price your device top..


The carrier that your device was tell me about your device. So i know please tell me. The condition of your device. Top.

The condition to see a more detailed description. I don t even know the disappears. It s not really worn out let s go crack here. I guess you could say broken top.

The cable type that connects to your device. If you re not sure now. Let s get your device ready for your eco appraisal..


By removing any pieces or screen protectors that might confuse my sensors. I m printing out a label that will help you keep track of your device. Please place it on the back of your device. Now unlock your suite you then look for the cable with a green connector next tap allow so your phone can communicate with you if you don t see this on your screen tap.

I don t see it perfect now let s make sure i can talk with your phone. So i can give you the best price. Great work now just have closed door. And i ll begin your eco appraisal and don t worry you can still get your device back.

If you change your mind later and we re off. I m currently evaluating your device to determine the model memory size for the features and condition. I work fast so this won t take long and i ll make sure..


It s recycled responsibly well you can see me they won enough for me ten dollars. It s gonna return the device. And i want to say thank you to my sky soft toolbox for sponsoring this video. The link will be in the description.

There ll be a link there for you to click on or you download and keep in touch. Oh there s an update don t forget you grab your device before you go once you disconnect your device from the green connector. I ve got it to let me know it s okay to ” ..


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