Sky+HD 2TB Unboxing

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“Guys i as promised. I am just going to do a quick unboxing for you you of the two terabyte sky hd box so if you ve watched the other which i ll put a link in the description regarding my sky q install sadly it did not go ahead so instead i purchased the slightly better model which is the two terabyte sky hd box because that will fit into my existing setup and will work so we re gonna have a quick look through this unbox. It and yeah. We ll go from there so it does come in a obviously plastic bag which i have removed.

It s got my address on and this is what you get in the box. So excuse. Me obviously are the one is a sheet from sky. Which is ties to the artem code.

And what it is is just quantity one and that s the return address. If you need to return it back or if it s faulty. Then you obviously just fill out this form at the bottom and send it back. But shouldn t be monthly.

So awesome as well you get a obviously install guide and them again these are pretty self explanatory all you pretty much do is plug it into your existing setup size all your differences between the satellite comes in that as a returns label and this is actually for ivan. If you want to return it or if you want to send your old one back. There should be a little sheet inside which i tend to do that and interspace. It tells you what you can expect from the sky guide.

But as i ve used it already i know it s gonna be exactly the same so i don t need that absolutely can just tell other box. What it is it s got the who know quite big letters everywhere obviously. It s the two terabyte version and basically it s gonna be exactly same as my old box just with a bigger hard drive. So obviously pause live tv record on demand.

All that kind of stuff. But the main reason. Why i got it is this so we can keep more stuff and not have to worry about deleting. All the time now this bit here is new my old box hasn t got this again.

It s fantastic to have a few if you don t have a wide connection. But for me i use f in it so it doesn t really affect me in the slightest there in pal format. Obvious got subscribe brandon and stop there and pretty much tells you where it is and i ll be care yeah. Bradley blah.

I m gonna see just tells you some of the icons. It s got there so it s got wps set up wi fi obviously heights tomorrow. David digital. That s pretty much it there on the back you ve got obviously the branding against the sky hd tt era by and you know stores up to 350 hours of hd.

Which is fantastic. There s a lot of my things i have is hd..

There s scott there to the box. But it is a box that is what it is designed to do like the hit obviously got the barcode there just got wishing my model there so it that s the moment of it which is the lightest one from sky and obviously the barcode there for the guys. The warehouse to know what it was contents in the box saw versus sky hd. 2 terabyte video recorder with satellite receiver new remote then the remote is slightly different i ve got both of them here so welcome currently i ll do a comparison.

I hate him i need again not flush because mine s kind of already integrated in mains lead with molded plug and and 2 aaa batteries for the remote and user documentation. Cool and and last not least on the bottom of the device again it just kind of tells you a little bit about it. And there you go. That s he can then restock your own one that s where looks like so let s get this bad boy open.

I have already for easiness because i m one handed cook this type forrest other locker. So i lift the flap up open it up and i someone i ve got we ve got inside so help the environment by retain your unwanted box now i would do that by i m giving my old scratch hd box for a friend because we ve got one of the old thompson ones. Which aren t brilliant um again just kind of goes over like you know minimizing your environmental impacts. Which is standby mode and stuff.

I m electric information by oh here we go some specifications it kind of goes down a little bit white does not the proper specifications button. There we go it has got usb on the back. But i think on my last. One did other yeah got us bell back.

And doesn t do anything yeah. There we go so the box itself. Obvious is pretty straightforward. If the flat there which how s your hdmi lead and never an issue the pink.

One goes into the back of the hd box. I ll keep that for a spare. There s a pop mat. I don t really use it we ve got our slightly better skype hd remote there so it s black instead of the silver one which will do a slight comparison to eat in a minute.

But it s exactly so just at a slight paint job without side. We ve got some duracell batteries. Which is always nice at least. They include some decent ones and not the cheap ones.

Which is always nice down here. But the plug so take this little thing going here huggies just stand. There. Let s have the box out name so take the nice little that supply and put that aside sky hd t s and c s okay.

I m not really going to read that and then you ve got your plug. Which is kind of resided there so again..

I ll put that to one side. And i ve already got one again integrated ready to go and it s gonna be exactly the same so it s no qualms then cool so i ll put that aside all this packing. Let s have a look at the sky box itself so as you started your design from the last one. And it s got like a a brewer kind of glossy effect on it so we re just going to unbox this okay.

So this is the sky. 2. Terabyte hd box now it s from the same. It does look visually.

Different. If i just bring in the slightly older sky box. Here and has got a matter of fact let s put them on so you can see form factor. Wise.

They are exactly the same obviously the bottom one has got a slightly different design. Which is always nice. It s a glossy effect later that s how you can kind of tell. Teddies apart.

This is the sun and how hd box. Which everyone pretty much gets now and the bottom. One is for people who want to plan the extra for the big storage. And then kind of whizzing around it while i would look around it so i don t look on the front pilot itself.

The buttons are pretty much later. I m going to take this plastic off which could be might help us look at it a little bit bad. It s going to pull that on off there so it the actual boxes ourselves look pretty much identical both got the same now the differences for this one. This is a black panel.

So you can t see the led kind of layout. But i haven t already used it before one of these and they are exactly same obviously this one differently. Only on the front panel here is this one the top one doesn t obviously have the wps button. But that s because my hd box at the time didn t that there wasn t out then.

It is quite getting on a little bit. So the obviously here we have the panel s which is where your skies. Even card goes in and i just have already put mine in ready to go that s pretty much exactly the same now. I m going to turn one round now please excuse.

It was yours well look like this and i ve just couldn t be bothered to put mine back together properly as i did try to grade the hard drive. And it which didn t go fantastically well on the side of the that one is a fan and i can t see behind it so then may well..

I think there is a fun one i was i m sure i ve seen one of the kind of tear downs. All of these i m pretty sure. It s the same now the rear is where it all pretty much happens now as you can see it s pretty much exactly the same and if we kind of go down. It there s some differences have changed so obviously on the left on side.

There we ve got this you ve got this yellow white and red and these was the old fashioned ways to get it to your tv. The new bottom box has got rid of that completely because most people who have got this watch in hd. Those connections are irrelevant again pretty much exactly the same no you do you lose your aerial connections. Which is interesting.

But again never used it so i don t really care you ve got a new one here. Which is an i o port again not sure what that s useful. It s probably for like on some kind of engineering port again i won t be using that the hdmi an ethernet exactly so you can see every years of me trying to put them in the back blindly as alstom to scratch. They still worked really well and the bottom ones are brand new so i m going to keep them nice and clean.

I still got a scar twiddly i mean who uses scar. I don t really know again the whole purpose of this is usually in hd. So i won t be using that usb exactly the same again never used it you lose the esata port. Now again the one at moscone from excit couldn t actually use it so it get is pretty pointless and also you lose your telephone line.

Which is interesting so you did use it at one point. When you use multi room have that plugged in all the time. I ve got rid of that and obviously your rs 232 port again for engineering. It s exactly the same so no difference is there and obviously the wings themselves obviously the side comes out kind of like it keeps it extended a bit.

Which is always nice something let s see basically when you push your box. All the way to the box. Always the back that stops it that hits the wall through a load cables to still hang out without damaging. It which is always good but pop of my cars.

It s pretty much exactly the same so i m going to worry it off my level look at the indicators themselves and i m pretty sure. It s gonna be exactly the same okay so that subjects is a look at the remotes themselves. Now they pretty much are exactly the same obviously bought a couple of features now for in fact out. They are exactly the same one obviously.

The one on the left hand side is the older one which is kind of worn and that s the one for the standard sky hd. Box that one on the right hand side is the one for the two terabyte box. That s a quick way of indicating whether someone s got it obviously how about that remote for years and as you can tell it s not actually that badly worn apart from that little pause button only a couple of volume controls have moved off a bit it looks in pretty good. Nick obviously.

The new money s immaculate as expected now the only difference. I ve noticed really is on the back of them so one thing you ll see if you can garden..

If your pick up well on camera. The left one has got a bit more of a hum. They do look slightly different on the back as well very very minor and one thing. We of nervous as well the brand in here.

Which tells you who makes it as disappear. This one as well so that s pretty much it guys. That s the only real difference. I ve noticed of them they both look exactly the same and that s the quickest way to tell which ones which so that s been a quick look guys at the remote we re going to jump in now and have a look at my setup itself and how it works and what the indicator light look like ok guys.

So the skybox is now installed as you can see it is glossy civ benches a lot of reflection off so you can tell if it s 2 terabyte. Is it tells you in the bottom left over there and the indicator light. Some sales has changed. So the green button looks like oh.

It s got a little bit of a better design. There and as you wps button. It s going to show the front pi indicators. If i pause something so it is variable.

Because my box is just turned on it s going to switch to my tv and then try and pause. It there we go so the pause is now on and so you can see is a little bit bad if we don t apply that s how it looks like we re then pressed record again that s right looks like press record once there you go i ve several guys you just look a little bit bad formance wise. It does seem very very nippy as if i just whizzed around see what it looks like very very quick and nippy. Which is always nice at planner wise.

This type put something already and as you can see i ve got quite a lot of walking dead s on there and we are 98. Obviously we ve got one point five terabytes worth of storage. There so that should last me quite a while now and yeah guys that was it really a lot nippy er well hopefully. That s because it s got better hardware or just.

Because there is nothing on the box itself. And because this has been a look at the sky hd box. 2. Terabyte version.

Any questions let me know. ” ..

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