Sony a6000 NEWEST LOW PRICE! – Black Friday Deals 2017 for Sony Alpha APS-C

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“What s going on hybrid shooters. It s your favorite gas master jason wang back back with some amazing black friday deals for the sony alpha aps c. Cameras for best full frame deals click up here the black friday deals have already appeared so let s go ahead and hide. Some of the sales that you can take advantage of right now i won t talk about every single deal that is out there so be sure to look in the description box below as well as the comments for the full list and links to the stores that you can purchase them we are now entering a new low price for the sony a6000.

It s 50 off from what we re used to seeing before currently you can get a sony a6000 with two lenses for 700 or just the one lens for 500. If you or someone you know who s getting into photography. This is something to consider as a photo camera. It is still fantastic for the next couple of years as a video camera not so much you might want to consider the a 6300 or the a 6500 instead both of these cameras have improved photo capabilities.

But the improvements are much more substantial in video mode now both of these cameras have improved video capabilities. But the improvements are much more substantial in video mode both the a 6300 and the a 6500 are very affordable..

4k cameras. Right. Now. It has a mic input as custom picture profiles.

Etc. So be sure to watch my review on the a 6500 for more details speaking of the a 6500. It is 200 off being h right now with a sandesh 64. Gigabyte sd card.

The 1200 price tag is the lowest price to date. It s the perfect complementary camera to its full frame..

Brothers. The a7 r2 and the a7 s. Whether you re shooting. Photos.

Videos or both the a 6500 in my opinion. Is the best hybrid camera on the market right now now for that price. It doesn t come with a lens. So i would highly recommend picking up the sony.

18 to 105 f4 lens. This well rounded lens will get you by any photo or video situation for additional lens recommendation..

I highly recommend checking out my best aps c. Lens. Video. Most of the sony lenses are currently 50 to 100 off for the new a 63 or a 65 hundred users.

If you re coming from canon. You might have some canon ef or sigma ef lenses lying around if that is the case get the sigma mc 11. Adapter. It s back down to its low price of 149 now just a quick warning if you re adapting lenses just keep in mind the autofocus performance will be subpar compared to the native lenses.

So i would only recommend using this during your transitional period. While you slowly grow your sony email collection in the next year or so now the reason why i don t recommend the adapted for the a6000 users is because that performance may not be as good as if you had it on the a 63 or the a 6500 in any situation..

I would always recommend picking up native so many lenses do not adapt for the best performance. So these are just the camera and lens deals. Obviously. There will be more deals that will unfold within the next couple of days and accessories.

We still gotta look out for accessories like monitors lights mics em. Bows etc. So be sure to subscribe and enable notifications to be alerted when these deals come out and if there s an amazing deal that i missed that you feel like we should all know about let us know in the comments down below. But don t paste the links.

Though because youtube will flag that as spam so it just let us know the product the deal and the store that s currently offering them thanks for watching guys i ll see ” ..

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