Sony BDP-S7200 Blu-Ray player unboxing

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“Guys and back again first video of 2015. So happy new year to everyone and and just back with a quick unboxing really pick this up today. It s the s top of the line and blu ray player. So i got this for 179 pounds.

So. It s obviously smart blu ray player does all sorts out the box. I always pick up the top of the line stuff. When it can and blu ray also for sony.

Because i like them really. But the earth. They invented the technology and you re guaranteed good build quality. So.

This is the blu ray disc stroke..

Dvd player. B. Dp. S.

7200. And as you can see there there s all sorts of stuff. That s on the sony entertainment network. Youtube pci player netflix for kpop scale swimming ring dual core you know let me it does all sorts of stuff.

But i mean that s basically what hifi and gave this it s product of the year for this category. So. See you got a good endorsement. There so let s unbox it and take a quick look shall we as you you re quite haphazard doing this single handedly.

So i m just going to cut it for a second..

Okay okay so as if by magic everything s out of the box is player forgot the instructions and fell here. Which compares to my qualifier is irony. But it s about five six years old when they first came out this thing is absolutely tiny. Okay.

That s not the the batteries in there. So that s just uh. Let s take this off and cut back again okay so here we go. That s the top of it.

Like a brushed effect. Quite. Nice. Actually.


Oh yeah. So you pull on that show you in front. Here. Again.

The most of the range of so many blu ray players of a moment. Have like a faceted sort of annual top on the design. She s i don t mind it well not massive fun. But i mean this is the one that that stood out it s the top of the top of the line from sony.

It s always a good thing and we just run and show you the back shall. I okay so here see the rear of the machine i barely got it coax digital audio one hdmi out only one heats your eye out yeah so not two but one. But i want to use one. But saw me not like that okay usb that s it now the powered is built in actually.

It s not a plug again which i m not such a fan of but you know it s not a big deal really i m guessing just being fussy alright..

So that s a quick unboxing guys. So i mean if you think they get that blu ray. A little bit more information on this this player. Then yeah.

Hopefully. This will help you out so that s just a quick unboxing of the sony blu ray player at be dp s 7 200 right thanks for watching guys on there. I ll see you soon take. ” .


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