Sony Unveil A8/ A8H & 48-inch A9 OLED TV with X1 Ultimate & 120Hz BFI?

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“Ces coverage is sponsored by richardson s manchester. Called. Oh. Triple.

Tree 900. Wat6 for for the best prices and expert advice for tvs. Av and hi fi. Hello.

Everyone from hdtv tashia. I m here at sony s stand at ces 2020. And i m sitting beside the new sony a hitch. Olek television.

Now in the uk and europe. I believe that a bordo number is going to be sony a without the h at the end. So. What is different from the g8 from last year.

Is that the sony a or h will be receiving..

Many of the top tier features of the master series a 9 g. Or a g9 all a television. Including an x1 ultimate chipset that has really superb gradation and also pixel contrast booster. Probably the best upscaling on the market among oled tvs and also new for 2020 models.

The sony a or h. Who will be receiving the x motion clarity for oled technology. Now. Without delving into the details.

I believe that this is 120 hertz flat for insertion or variable intensity roughly insertion technology. That lg display has actually introduced for 2019 models. But subsequently poorly. But i think it has made an appearance on the 20 20 panels later on when i receive a review sample.

I ll be certainly going through the expulsion clarity. Because the theoretical benefit would be to provide the increase in motion resolution without a significant darkening of the picture because they can actually find hue and adjust the frame interval of the black frame that is actually inserted to increase the motion clarity and the other upgrade over last year s a g8. Which obviously. Only has a x1 extreme chipset is a new ambient optimization board.

Now if you have watched my other videos from other manufacturers..

There are several parties have actually invested in technology to try and improve viewing in brighter rooms. And it seems that sony has taken this on board as well i don t know how all these different companies. All come up with the same idea at the same time maybe. It s just a low hanging fruit.

But sony s version is called ambient optimization and it will optimize the picture depending on the ambient lighting. That is detected in the room through the light sensor now let s talk in terms of the design of the television. You can see that it is a very slim oled panel with extremely thin bezel as always it uses acoustic surface audio technology. Which means that the sound is actually being generated through actuators from the screen itself and new for 2020 models.

Including the aaa and also the h. There will be two subwoofers at the bottom to give significantly more bass and weightiness to the sound. And because the sound is generated from the screen. There is significantly improved localization as well from objects in various parts of the screen.

You can see that it sits on a fairly low profile stand that is slightly angle outwards near the end of the display. But if you wish to place a sound bar. If you already own a samba sony has very considerately designed a stand that actually can flip vertically such that it actually can lift the panel slightly for you to actually fit a sound bar at the bottom of the. Tv now let s talk about hdmi 21.

The current status is status quo..

So the only hdmi 2 pi. 1. Feature that is going to be supported on the sony a hitch or a will be er core enhanced audio return channel. It won t be supporting 4k 120.

Hertz. It won t be supporting forever refresh. Rate. It won t be supporting auto low latency board.

But sony does point out that there is a notification that will pop up on the top right of the screen. When you connect a game console. For easier management. And also the ui has received a slight improvement as well in there when you scroll through that you are there will be description with some graphic to illustrate what the settings actually.

Do but there is no hdmi 21. No at hdmi 2 pi. 1. On the sony hx5v you ki europe.

They are called af..

9. And a g9. So what i think has happened is that because the premium features on the master series has actually trickled down to the eight series. Which is the eight and therefore.

The lines are beginning to be blurred between the step down model and the top tier model. So i think for many people out there this actually makes more financial sense. Because it will have x1 ultimate. It will have pixel contrast booster and in addition you will have x motion clarity and ambient optimization.

And i think what you are losing from a g9 would only be the remote control and also the center speaker board now at this event. Sony has also announced a new 48 inch model this will come under the a 9 banner and it is actually a master series. But they don t have a display here for me to look at. But you will also have x.

Motion clarity. You will also have ambient optimization and certainly. I think it will be very appealing to some of you out there who cannot actually fit a 55 inch oled in your living environment if you found this video useful please click the like button and subscribe to the hdtv test youtube channel for more videos like this thank you for watching. And i ll see you in the next video you ” .


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