Star Trek Adversaries – All Good Things Must Come To An End

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“Everyone boom here and welcome to what is unfortunately a rather. Sad video. Today is is january. The 10th 2019 and at 7 14.

About two hours ago. Uk time posting was made regarding star trek adversaries on the public discord and the reddit and it reads so the following announcement has been provided by cbs to be distributed to the star trek adversaries community on january 10. 2018. Puppetmaster games.

The publishers of the game will not be adding to this official statement at this time star trek adversaries will be shutting down the game servers on january 31st you can continue to play the game. But after january 31st the game will no longer be accessible. We thank you and our fans for your support and for playing the game. Very short and not so sweet statement shall we say from the game devs and from cbs themselves.


But if i m honest i could see this coming an absolute mile away the main reasoning. Behind. It would be that well there hasn t been an update since september in reality. We ve all been waiting since september for the romulan expansion.

It was just kept being put back and put back and put back and really no word from the developers and word to pretty much any developer. When that starts happening people start thinking the worst because usually they re going to be right so very unfortunate. I would really have loved to have made more content for the game. I thought that it was an excellent potential addition yes.

It borrowed an awful lot from the hearthstone style game that we all know and love. But it also added a few things to itself it had its flaws. But what game doesn t and in reality. I think that the i think that the world gaming is certainly star trek gaming is going to be a lot worse for this game.


Not being around certainly because star trek gaming on the whole is incredibly lackluster shall. We say in terms of a lot of the titles that are on offer. I would say that probably hasn t been a game that most players could consider even half decent since i d say probably elite force. 2 and in reality star trek adversaries did scratching it i know it got quite a few people including a couple of subscribers to my channel onto trading card games or collectible card games.

Whatever you want to call them and of course. It s always sad when something that so many people have put so much time into essentially comes to nothing. So. Even though this would be a chance for me to i mean originally.

I was going to speak a little bit about i was gonna make a video about about what i felt the state of trading card or collectible card games is currently with hearthstone still very popular. But actually dwindling somewhat in popularity and magic. The gathering recently having put out arena. Which is absolutely going gung ho at the moment in fact.


It s actually got me back into magic a little bit so you know if it can do that for me. Who hasn t touched a magic card in oh goodness probably close to five years. It has been since i played a since i ve actually played a real world game of my then you know it s actually done an awful lot and to be honest. I am contemplating putting some of that content on the channel.

I m not sure how much my core core fanbase would actually enjoy that but if it s something that you guys think you might enjoy then i will quite happily produce such content for you again. One of the great things about star trek episodes. When it came out was i thought that it could provide a little bit of a maybe not a gap. But a bar gap filler.

I suppose because as you guys know i do like to edit my videos. I don t like to just put out raw gameplay. Because number one it s not transformative so you re leaving yourself open to the youtube copyright copyright and brigade and the second thing is that if something isn t transformative. I really can t honestly say i own it and i honestly like owning my content.


So that s essentially where we are and it s very sad. I won t be getting to make any more content for star trek adversaries. I have boss played all my packs now and cashed in all my latinum just for a load of legendary s i built the deck that you are seeing on screen. Which i think is a great way to do a little bit of a send off you ll see that i m doing a load of stuff.

Which feels extremely random on the screen. But there is a there is a method behind the madness and unfortunately. This is something that we won t get to see any further in the future of course. I probably should have also mentioned artifacts when mentoring ccgs.

But that s probably left best on set at the moment anyway guys here s something to sign off on might as well sign off with a queue right and this is a complete one hit kill from 30 that i m about to perform. And so thank you very much to you guys for watching thank you to pmg and starts to capitation for providing a very enjoyable game. While it lasted and hopefully i ll see you guys shortly on the channel and thank you very much for watching guys and this has been star trek atlas ares thanks very much guys ” ..


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