Star Wars Resistance Coming to DVD No Blu-Ray?

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“Official star wars website. Recently announced. The season 1 of star wars. Resistance is coming coming the dvd on august 20th of this year.

But one question has been a of our minds. Where is the blue rake. There are a lot of theories going around as to why it s only on dvd and the belief that the blu ray will be announced at a later date. But i don t think so it s no secret that resistance got a lot of negative pushback.


When the trailer was released online last year. It got thousands and thousands of dislikes and there was a ton of controversy around it currently right now. The general consensus seems to be that resistance despite being a little more kid friendly than the others is not as good as rebels or clone wars. But overall not bad once you watch the first few episodes did the initial backlash and rejection of this show result and the dvd release only maybe.

But i believe there are a few other contributing factors. As well. Let s consider the fact that resistance is already available digitally you can buy the season pass on itunes or amazon and get two episodes added to your past as soon as a new episode airs. If you watched it when it first came out i know a lot of us prefer a physical copy for our collection.


But is it worth it for disney to manufacture so many blu ray copies of the first season. I don t know. According to wikipedia. Who gets their information from show buzz daily the ratings of resistance are lower than the previous animated series and i m definitely sure disney looks into this from considering home releases love it or hate.

It a dvd is cheaper to manufacture than a blu ray this very thing happened last year. As well the free makers season. It only got a dvd release the first season of it it got blu ray and dvd as a treatment. So it seems like this is just a trend.


That s that s good. Another thing worth. Mentioning is that sam stone has already discontinued making blu ray players they re out of the game for that. And they re.

The number one distributor of that they are number one and so if they re pulling out there s some cause for concern. And with streaming becoming more and more popular sales to climb more and more for physical home media. I really do believe that blu ray and 4k will end up being a novelty similar to how final collecting is nowadays. But if you are the type of person who enjoys bonus content.


Then the dvd is gonna be your best bet bonus features on the dvd. Our path of resistance. Where the supervising director and cast of resistance have a special look at the past present and future of the show. There are cast audio commentaries.

There are bonus shorts and as well as resistance rewind. So if you didn t catch that it ll be on there for you so are you planning to pick up season 1 on dvd or have you already switched to digital entirely let me know in the comments below it has always thanks for hanging. ” ..


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