T-Mobile @home Bluetooth phone review

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“Guys so what we re looking at today is very interesting devices. It s a a tmobile at home service home phone it s called the t mobile vt. 5146 it s interesting it s manufactured by vtec but it s for t mobile services that they re at home service. Which offers a lot of connectivity and offers bluetooth built right on into this very fancy device.

Now. It s not a very ordinary phone you can tell from the design standpoint. It looks very high class and so when you re sending you on the table or anything. It looks like a piece of decoration on the phone is conquered conquered which means that it s kind of the samsung galaxy s.

You re going to be looking at something that s curved which is better on the company says when you re putting it to your face and calling someone to microphone is better positioned. It also looks pretty cool. But you re going to pay a price of two hundred dollars. That s pretty expensive for a home phone.

It does have built in bluetooth. Technology. That it indicates for a very special feature that we ll talk about in a second so from the hardware perspective. We ve got this base.

It s brushed aluminum and it s really different cuz. It s a really long base and like most bases here s an here s an example and it s really it s just really small in general. It s really streamlined. But it also has a fully functional a base up backlight in this blue.

You can see the t mobile logo on the top. There it s interesting because it has a full dial pad..

Which that means you can call people directly from the home base. The base in itself is like a phone. You can call people there s a built in microphone. There s also a built in loudspeaker.

So you can call people. There s also you can also view their contacts by you can go through their arm go through the informations like their cell phone. Number let s call. The whole calendar in here.

People can also leave voice messages and when they leave messages. The message brendan of course flashes red. So it s basically just a normal base. Except.

It s also a foam combined in one what that really means for the user is that because this is a phone you can also use this as a intercom with the actual base with the actual phone. So when we place the handset downstairs or anywhere in the house. We can also talk to the base. Two people can come on different rooms and talk to each other which is pretty interesting like walkie talkie technology.

So there s a foreign aggregation toggle. All the buttons are really easy to press on to what bluetooth means. I this device can really easily connect to your cell. Phone.

And once that what i mean when your cell. Phone rings or someone calls your phone..

You can answer using the base or using handset. So all in one system. You can also connect this to a bluetooth headset. So when you re calling somebody you don t have to just call from the phone.

You can call us call someone press call. And then somewhere using a bluetooth headset to actually talk to someone so it connects to bluetooth headset. Just like a cell phone you can call people at home in the style of using assault by using a bluetooth headset. So it s very interesting.

It s got a lot of features going for it taking a lot of the actual device. It s also abnormal because you ll notice that there is a whole entire lcd display on this color and you ll notice that to have a live home screen. The animations are actually moving that s pretty interesting battery life is also really abnormally long just like the design design is really act really excellent. And really elegant.

It s made of this brush aluminum um. It s got this nice finish. You have 89 style keypad. The sweep at is dialing it s all on blue backlight it s also got chrome buttons marking the speakerphone the home the off the volume controls and the select and the two soft keys.

Now what you don t know right now is that there s actually hitting lcd buttons actually below the chrome edges. It s not as hard to imagine. But it s like the chrome is actually invisible and when the lcds come on the backlight on the device. How you access those features is that in addition to playing back your messages.

And having a phone book. There s also two buttons marked home and cell phone..

The pressing the cell phone. It can exert device directly to your cell phone after you set up. Which is pretty easy to set up. There s also a button for home to directly call home.

So it s really easy to exercise feature and when you re accessing those features and then you want to proceed to to set up and set up your cell phone. If you want to press. Know then you press. Know if you want to call home.

And you can access that feature and you can say no i don t want to cancel and if you want to set up stuff. When you re setting up on calling home and stuff. It actually flashes home on the home button on here. The chrome edge the button.

The light underneath actually starts flashing red. So it s got a little edie on that underneath here and how we be underneath here that you can t see at the moment. It s hidden if we set that up who can click the menu and connect and find our phone taking a look. The menu system of the handset itself it s a pretty easy to dial a you just style people and it comes up as a nice large button so anybody can see it and you can call call someone it s voice dialing.

We can press it off and tells us how much seconds with we ve called the many menu system is also composes of the phone book of a call log a voicemail with an intercom and what s interesting what we told you about was the pictures pictures you can also look at different images on the display. Which is quite interesting. There s a lot of pictures. The processor doesn t lack that much you can use it as a picture of your if you want to there s animations.

Which is a live home screen. It s like the butterfly you ve got the fireworks..

The thunder and the bucs fighting so again just a lot of details overall to a very experienced. Very akin to normal cell phones having bluetooth looking just really elegant in general. I m having long lasting value lies solid call quality. And it goes on the five point eight megahertz on the broadband actually.

The radio signal. So it goes on an exclusive signal that is technically going to be interfering with less wireless appliances. And it s going to be more clearer sound quality. So when you re calling people to send the sound quality is a lot better as well so for a very interesting home phone that does a great job at calling people it does a lot of extras like if you want to connect it to a bluetooth headset.

If you want to have intercom. If you want to if you want to connect this to your cell phone. So you can call people and answer people using a more comfortable method. If you want to call people using just a home base.

It s just a very multi functional. Very smart device this is the the t mobile. Vtem vt. 5146 at the at home service by t mobile.

It s going to cost you two hundred dollars please get our for review on our website. Thank you for ” ..

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