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“My harmonies will come back to my channel. If you re new here. My name name is anthony and today. I m going to be show you guys.

And i boxing the video okay look. I ve been meaning to get a new mirror right like a new vanity mirror and the one i have is like kind of broken and it s just old and i really want to invest in a new ones mirror that i got was from amazon. So this took basically a week because i ordered it last monday in today s well. I think i ordered it sunday or monday.

But either way it took about a week that came just on time and i m just gonna do an unboxing and first impressions and just like everything about the mirror. You know and i really want to put you guys on with this affordable mirror or get started make sure you guys like this video and subscribe to my channel. So you re in the harmony and let s get this video to a hundred likes because that s like my going out to ali s gay. Each of my videos to 100.

Likes and that ll mean a lot to me. So yeah. I m about to get started my receiveth happy that you came from ups. I believe it s this big.

And i heavy at all y all. Probably don t care about that. But i m just trying to show you all the details bennett a mere with led lights and it s like self explanatory. I m not gonna do this okay.

I like it and all you have the mirror can t with like many mirrors to like the like to show up close to your face like these type of mirrors..

And it came with another one. But it s like 10 times. So this one was five and this one is ten. And it has suction cups on it so you can put on them they re like this is perfect for if you want to do your iris or something that s another reason why i got this mirror.

Because but the price of this mirror is literally like unbelievable. And it came with those two little mirrors and those mirrors. Because in like an extra twenty dollars or something. It s really lightweight.

Oh gosh alone. I like to see mm oblems messing behind all that but basically it looks this big. It s just like tall and i came with this so you would have to plug it behind and hold on let me i want to back up don t mind my hair. Yeah.

She leaves babies. They just plug this into here. And this is good if we re like if you re moving you can just unplug this and wrap it in my bubble. Wrap and like everything will be good.

I. And why because my desk or vanity is white dan yeah. And also i was like silver on like the sides my old mirror is silver which i m gonna show you guys and i m in it but let me clean all this up it s just this is too much so i ll be right back. I m gonna show you guys how my desk is looking right now then i m gonna show you guys when i take off like my old merrick put on my new mirror.

So yeah..

I m so excited to show you guys because i ve been waiting for this i ve been debating. This is the riken. Es. Me.

I ve been having for a while now. And it is a like a little bit dirty and it s just like really old and i don t even use these 2 04. Because it s like so bright with these kind of light bulbs. And i just die and every time.

I use this i get a freaking headache every frickin time. So yeah. This gotta go and the water is like so messed up like i have to keep adjusting getting stuff in order for this to work. I do like how it has this part because it looks like pretty fancy and stuff.

But yeah. It s just old like maybe if it was like fixing stuff and i had better light bulbs. Then i ll probably still use it. But other than eyes just it just gotta go okay.

It s just too old. I don t think i mentioned this yeah. But the mirror is 360. So you can like yeah.

Where s the little magnifiers looks like with them so you just like but mostly this is what the mirror looks like when i don t have the ring light on or anything just like my normal lighting and is this tall..

I love this mirror okay so now i m gonna turn it on and i also really really love how this mirror is like a touch screen. So all i have to do is turn it on by doing this and yeah look at this it s like so freakin fancy light it comes with one two three four five six seven eight nine wait one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve light bulbs. This is like perfect for like if you have like a really small infinity you can also change how the lighting is if you wanting a cold tone or if you wanted one tone. So all you do is do that but most likely.

I m gonna have it like this and you can also make it brighter by holding the often on buddy. So do that and you ve won it whoa a guy in dimmer. But if you want a brighter does that so yeah. This is the mirror.

I love it so much i have no regrets with buying it at all it was only 50. Why would you pass this up. I read reviews that lasts. A very long time.

So you don t have to worry about the light bulbs messing up or anything because this would last a really long time and under this. I was like a black like type of grip underneath. So it s not gonna slip or anything like this is the perfect manner like i keep saying it. But it s so freakin perfect and this mirror.

Does not require no type of batteries. All you have to do is plug it in like oh. My gosh like god i love this mirror. I definitely definitely definitely highly recommend you guys purchasing this mirror.

I ll leave the link down below for you guys to purchase it on amazon and i finally listed my amazon website to where i got my ring light where i got my camera and just all that good stuff so make sure you guys check out my amazon website..

And i ll also have this mirror on my amazon website. Also so make sure you guys check it out like this miss 50. Only 50. Freakin dollars and the tax for mine was like 3 or 2 dollars.

So basically all together the mirrors. 52. And this is usually like at least a hundred dollars. So make sure you guys get yourself a hollywood vanity mirror to take some bomb selfies to your makeup to your hair check yourself out.

And yeah. So i hope you guys enjoyed this little unboxing and review first impressions video and let me know if you guys want any more videos like this for me. Because i would definitely do that i love filming. Unboxings and just putting you guys on and comment down.

Below your thoughts and opinions on this mirror. Would you personally get it would you give it like i said give like let me know down below. And don t forget to subscribe to join the harmony and click the button interesting when i know vacations for me every time i upload a new video and i love you guys so so so much thank you so much for watching. And i ll see you guys in my next video you ” .


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