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“Guys. It s bottle warrior back with another video guys i am back on pixel pixel survival. 2. And i am with a bunch of people right now apparently from i know these should be all my fans here.

I told everyone in my discord that i m starting a video and anyone that wants to join can join. He is there free to join and right now. I m with all these beautiful people as you can see they re all overpowered. I don t know why i m not even one of them is like half the gear.

I am. But they re all better than i have all the better gear than i do guys you might be wondering where s my volcanic sword. Now i might have recently just like five minutes ago when i was opening mikey s like my silver keys i might have thrown it in the garbage okay guys i might have thrown the garbage but at least i have this candy cane sword. It s actually really opie i love it a lot and it s really fast that s why it s really open as you guys can see i have a lot of gems.

I have 286 gems. I don t know what a bible with them for short. I m probably gonna ask these guys because they look like they know what i should get you know what let s just get straight into this let s see what we can do and we re going. And how we re going to this player.

Yeah. Everyone s saying how many gems they have now cuz. I just mentioned i have that many gems pretty sickening. I see all the queen.

We have the queen on right here. Who s ready to fight the queen..

I am surely not i m actually really downgraded to fight this queen. But you know what i m just gonna be the healer. This is like the old times where i was just healing everyone while they were taking all the damage and stuff. But as you can see i m not taking any damage.

They are i m safe yeah. And they re doing them damage. Oh. I want that gold give me that gold gave me this precious gold.

Thank you thank you very much sir okay. There we are oh there we go we got it didn t give us anything good. I m ready to go down. Let s go we already beat the queen.

So i m pretty sure we can be anything in here hi guys i want to show you something i got i bought santa claus clothes and it costs two thousand three five hundred i think that s a ripoff even though i m like i don t even need it because i m not gonna use it but i still wanted to buy it because it s christmassy and i felt like buying it let s go down here. But bobby s like disconnected or something oh no no no no no no mercy mercy i m gonna live i m gonna live i m living through this and never mind alright we ve been saved by a ninja. The ninja has saved us oh. He s gonna die.

He s gonna pop okay. No. He healed himself there yeah. There s for eyeballs.

I m not surprised. He s i m surprised he hasn t died yet..

There s so many eyeballs here look at that oh my and we obviously killed them all easy peasy no no this guy died. I must save him we must save him there you go bobby left the game. Yes yeah i thought he crashed and i was correct. He did crash let s go down here.

Oh that s a lot of that s a lot of stuff down there okay this guy can t handle it i think i can t obviously i m really low i m gonna die yep okay let s see if he can survive how long can this guy survive pretty long. Time looks like he can take a bunch of hits on him. He survived so much hands. There.

No the king you know man. If we. Defeat is a queen. You don t stand a chance watch that king give me better loot in the queen.

Oh. There you go. He actually did give us better loot in the queen. What s over here.

What what what wants to surprise me a hand navi ball and a beautiful chest. Give me that no i died he saved my life. Thank you. Sir oh.

No kevin died kenan. I got you i got you buddy there you go anthony saved..

My life once again let s go to hell okay. This is where stuff should get hectic. Okay. Everyone s in everyone s ready everyone s ready to die.

I don t know what this guy is doing. But i mean he s going all in it that s what he s doing and so am. I i m gonna try to take as much as damage so he doesn t take the damage because if if he dies. We re all gonna die so far.

We re surviving we re doing really well we re doing well we got this everything is gonna be a okay. Three witches stand no chance against our team. Oh no my god you kiddin. I got you bye dude.

I don t know if i m butchering your name or not. But i still got you let s go let s go you might die. Though. Oh no dude.

I m pretty sure. Anthony oh. 1. Hp.

Yeah. I think he might be low no world..

I just thought anthony died. Everyone just popped right away i knew those gonna happen but anyways guys. I m gonna end this video hope you guys did enjoy if you guys did please slap that like button slap. It real hard and slap.

It that it will have a bruise or something i don t know and subscribe to my channel. If you guys haven t yes yet because you re gonna see more content like this and guys check out my discord channel. It s pretty easy you just gotta go down the description down below and you ll find it pretty simple and if you guys join my discord. I might play with you i will usually play with people but sometimes i don t sometimes i m really busy.

But i will most likely play with you guys. I told everyone here. I m gonna start making a video join if you want and then i sent out my uid. There and everyone else play with me so these guys kind of found me on discredit think not gonna make any assumptions.

But anyways guys hope you guys did enjoy and i ll see you guys. What s do in the next video. What is that what what is that egg anthony got our christmas ball. I want a christmas ball.

This is a christmas bowl. And it s really bad and he he kind of sold it for 20k you you you ” ..

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